: After trying it out I would have to disagree. I would say he is pretty similar to Nidalee. You can either go AD for more sustain damage or AP for more burst damage. Plus he does so much flipping base damage it doesn't really matter what you go. This champion already needs some tweaks.
If I had to give an actual review of AD Ekko, his main problems lie in the fact that too much scales with AP on his kit. I am losing out on several defensive capabilities like shields and health when I go AD (not to mention Zhonya's), and his damage scalings are are pretty steep (0.7 AP on his passive). Also, I think AP Ekko's DPS is higher due to the passive alone, it just really isn't worth it. *** That aside, this is a joke post, and shouldn't be mistaken for an actual review of AD Ekko (which isn't a thing).
: Can you tell me more about Vel'koz? lol
* Non-AP scaling true damage * Two self-Peeling moves * Ult for when you can't get close But most of all, * The best auto-attack animations ever.
: [PSA] AD Ekko is NOT a thing
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dino Gnar!
**[Bug]** When you teleport as Dino Gnar, Gnar begins his recall animation. I haven't tried this is mega gnar, but I assume he is the same.
: He isn't the cause. I've seen it happen in my game and he isn't in the game. Also, my team is currently Dcing like hell
Do you know what it can be then? Visuals are seriously messed up right now
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback: Headhunter Caitlyn!
I love how the bullet wavers in the air, giving the gun a bit more of a unrefined finesse. For the **W** traps, will you update the model? the cupcake feels so out of place, how about some meat, or a weird alien thingy.
: Some sound effects on new SR too loud
lol, QuietwWorld But yeah, I agree that turrets are waaay too loud.
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: New Audio Engine On PBE - Continued Testing This Week!
Ah, that explains some inconsistencies. I know I'm prob bothering you, but have you fixed {{champion:266}} 's 2nd attack noises for blood thirst/price for 4.10?
: These are the things i've noticed, Recall's buff doesnt have a pic just a blue square and same w/ jungle camps. their pics are just blue squares w/ their level in it. unless their splash is pending that is. also when i got into game, i had homeguard which i was actually really confused at. Also just my opinion, but when a tower is destroyed, there should be some kind of remains of the tower like maybe the staff or w/e it shoots from and some limbs. (i am hoping these links show pics) i also noticed that towers donot have their fortification (i think thats what its called). the buff that blocks dmg on a tower until the first 8 mins are up. i had 1 tower pushed up and the t2 tower was almost down in bot lane within the first 10 mins or so. not sure if this is intentional or bug. so i post. lol [](http://puu.sh/9ypkI/83e2a7da01.jpg) [](http://puu.sh/9ypnT/df66b5d9d2.jpg) [](http://puu.sh/9ypqS/1fdd515f1b.jpg)
Upvote this, pretty much covers most bugs I've found so far as well.
: I agree with you there, buff circle upgrade would be great. I mean, it's not like there is something wrong with them, but since League is getting more and more visual upgrades and reworks, then something, that is so long around like buff circles, should have an upgrade too. I'm sure that Riot can come up with some great new designs. I don't want to make a new discussion about this topic, since you already made one, therefor, I'm going to post my idea of this rework right here. Before anyone judges me, remember, this is my personal opinion and idea, that shouldn't be taken as statement. * Red, blue and Baron buff should have a visual upgrade. * When you're having more than just one of these buffs, let's say, blue and red. Then a different buff circle could replace those two, with different color ( let's say orange or yellow ) and with different visual particles if you want. * Same goes in combination of Baron buff + blue or red buff, different visual particles that still are similar in one way due to Baron buff. * And lastly, All 3 buffs together. In that case, there could be unique visual particles and color. I hope you got my idea. Some of you or even Riot may think that it will be too colorful, but in the end, It actually going to be more simple. Since 1 ring around champion replaces 2 ( red and blue becomes yellow or any other color ). And champions no longer going to look like a walking planet Saturn. Feel free to discuss and share your ideas.
I feel color combinations make people think too much, though I do agree that with all 3 buffs you should have a unique particle. Right now, I am ok with Saturn rings, but the rings themselves should be prettied up for the update.
: About to hop on and confirm myself. Will edit with results.
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: [Critical Minion/Monster Bug] Some Jungle Camps Do Not Attack or Regenerate.
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: [Bugs] Vel'Koz, the chat, and the mini-map bugs.
I can also confirm chat bug. Very annoying
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: Thank you for your Yasuo feedback
Totally happy to help, can't wait to help test newer content! On the side note, it would be nice if someone, Riot or otherwise, would start some customs (Maybe advertised publicly? dunno) where we can test out the new champs/content and try to unravel the myriad of bugs, because it's a little hard to test early on with customs under lockdown due to the influx of players. I may have missed it if you did, but you didn't, just a thought.
: [BUG] Yasuo ultimate
I can confirm for the 1st bug, was about to post.
: To my knowledge the dmg is on the regular attack the knockup of the tornado is just the bonus effect and isnt ment to apply dmg but I could be mistaken. It is like anivias Q where the dmg and stun are 2 separate things which is why you can only block one.
The move itself is doing damage a split second before the twister actually appears, which could kill someone even if they could have dodged it otherwise.
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: Yasuo's Passive does not state the amount that it shields
That could help, but the amount is stated on his resource bar.
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: [Bug major] Yasuos wind wall


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