: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Aatrox Prestige Edition!
Not related to the amouth of prestige skin or the theme (many already said the global feeling about them) but, I feel like to get rid of the "golden chroma" aspect of those skin your team should double down on the unique splashart. If you really want those skins to feel unique, they need their own pose and all, not just a recolor splashart (they reminds me too much of emerald taric, swamp kennen,... the way they are now, and we all know those skin were poorly made)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Solar Eclipse Leona!
As much as I like the dance, I feel a bit uneasy when staring at it (probably because of some sort of stroboscopic effect)
: Thanks again for the feedback. Seems like most people think both Leona and the Pajama variants are both really cool but the pricing on the Pajama Guardians feels off due to the limited changes. I will personally look into this to see if there is anything we can do.
back animation base on a pajama party (pillow, candy,...) should be a must have imo, if you really want to play on that theme
: Other than the discount on purchases they work like stand alone skins, so they can drop in loot like any other skin. Players that already have the SG can either craft them or re-roll them like any other skins.
anythough of them giving a set amounth of OE if you reroll 3 skin shard and get one while already having the other version? (to fit the 30% from shop)
: Introducing Variants: Pajama Guardians & Solar and Lunar Eclipse Leona
solar and lunar eclypse leona is a good pick, remind me of lancer blitz so not really new ( now you have open de door for lunar/solar eclypse diana, get ready for the spam :p) the star guardian on the other hand feels cheep as hell, it's an outfit on another skin and it opens a door nobody wants to take. If my champion has 3/4 skin theme and none of them fit me, I don't want the next one to be a reuse of one of those theme. If the goal is to give artist creativity in existing skinline then go hard and make everything new, make sure original skin and those share nothing because selling those at 1350 rp (instead of 950) where you basically just add a pajama on an already complete skin (vfx and stuff) sounds just like easy cashbag (As someone who own all purchasable skin and use hextech now, I will not see that 30% off anyway)
: K/DA Kai'Sa Prestige Edition
One feedback I would like to give is that, if you want to make prestige feel like more than a chroma splash wise, maybe giving her a different pose than normal k/da Kai'sa should be considered (to not have the kennen effect of despise being different skin, the lack of difference between splash give the chroma feeling in the end)
: Looks real nice, if the price is Just 1600rp for the pass and play frequent tô get a rare skin for 2500 tokens
Even more that the pass give you 22% promo on all the other stuff you can have with it
: Thanks! glad you like how the skin came out. And I hear you, we are going to be monitoring token gains and how people use those tokens really closely on this one. We have never done a giant event like this worlds one before that last so long and goes through so much content so we absolutely want / need to keep an eye on the balance and apply changes to future events. I believe it was really challenging to adjust the design for the skin to feel as valuable and rare as intended with the event length, and I do believe that having that choice between prizes for players that aren't playing a ton is intended from the design.
Dunno if you can answers this but are golden chroma for championship skin only unlockable this year? I would understand 2018 world emote and icon to be this year exclusive but for chroma, i feel like bringing them back each year wouldn't be a problem (except for ashe who was advertise as exclusive to 2017)
: The initial plan is 2500 World tokens hard. Then it will only be available if it drops for you via Loot. We might adjust that later, but currently that is the plan not to have it come back at some point arbitrarily. Balancing out that issue between something never being obtainable again and the desire to access a specific champion fantasy with a skin was precisely why we created the Prestige Edition concept, so that you can all still get the base skin, K/DA Kaisa, any time you want to experience K/DA. So the rarity being specific to the Prestige Edition only. We'll be looking at the balance at the end of the event and consider other options for future Prestige Editions, but having to make that conscious choice is precisely what makes it rare, hard to get.
Is there a possibility to do the opposite for skin like king rammus? Would love playing with that phantasy while keeping the original one exclusive to poeple who were there during that time
: Yes.
Finaly owning all skin lootable with hextech will pay of :p
: Nexus Blitz PBE - Patch Notes and Feedback
As all champ were heavily compensate for dfg removal, I give the item 1 week at best before it's remove from the mode :p
: This is intended. Smoke has the property of obscuring Akalis. It has nothing to do with team.
does it also obscure ally spell on akali like ori ball or taric E?
: Akali Gameplay Feedback Mega-Thread
I like this kind of post, is there any chance that you do a "part 2" with this time the perspective of playing against akali. (what it feels like, what are you option in case A/B/C,..) Usually when there is a new champ/rework we have a small text about how to fight the champ but that wasn't the case for akali. As of now, I can see that your goal is to "abuse" her pre 6 but after mid to late game she doesn't seems to have a window that tell you "now she is weak you can fight her" Should we try to 1v1 her, should we fight as a team and take the risk of her bursting a squishy from obscured? Those kind of insight could be usefull to help make a good champ (for exemple, if the counterplay you imagine during developpement is doing X, but doing X don't work in the end it should be worth testing it at least on the pbe, even if launch will give more data as usual)
: Akali Bug Thread
Sashimi akali seems bugged, she doesn't use a bill during her recall and for some reason didn't eat sashimi either. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: New versions of Zombie Ward and Ghost Poro arrive on PBE
Now that ghost poro will have a cd on it, can you assure us that the bug of him detecting an ennemy while there is no one will never come back? It was pretty annoying to use the rune only for it to activate for no reason, now that there is a cd on it, it could be even worste in case you need some contexte, here is an old vid of the bug (you hear the ping sound and the poro vanish before entering new bush so it's not the "switch poro form bush" mechanic, just him procing for no reason) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rxrux58cxI&feature=youtu.be As i don't use it anymore on 3v3 it's a long time since i spotted that bug but, as it wasn't mentionned in any patchnote bugfix section since that time, I guess the problem is still there hidding somewhere
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Icon/Wards Collections
is the "show unavailable" only for stuff who will never come back or is it also for legacy stuff. If it's for the first case, is there a chance to add it to the skin tab too. (so we can see what is still left to unlock without seeing stuff we can't even unlock anyway like past victorious skin) I like collection but, seeing that forever 9/10 blitz skin for exemple is tilting. As I currently have all obtainable skin except medieval twith and grey ww, I would love to have champion "count" free from those never comeback stuff
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Gun Goddess Miss Fortune!
Ok, so far there are at least to thing concerning about that skin gameplay wise. First, it's again one of those back animation where the champion model goes way outside the recaling circle, making it confusing for skillshot use against it (your instinct want to hit the champ but the game want you to hit the empty circle) Second, I usually don't suffer from flashy effect but, at least for scarlet fair and royal arm, loking at visual effect for her passive and ult make me a little unconfortable. I wonder if this will not be problematic for poeple who suffer from those kind of effect really easily (for recent exemple, SG Gnar morphing phase or bullet angel kai'sa death animation)
: Honor Season 2018 on PBE!
I know it's far from now but, will end year season reward follow the same patern as this year for honor content? The ward in 3 color bring a problem of, if the version you like the most is in a lesser level, you were kinda punished for being an honorable player. As there was no follow up after the concern was brought to light by players (just some "looking into it" if I remember right), can we assume that, this year too, we will not be able to chose a lower tier reward if we end up honor 4/5 ?
: you're right! Some of these were small enough that I didn't count them, I should have put Galio and WW though. :)
galio perma taunt and ww perma fear, gotta love that :D
: I know this is a craaaazzyyy and weeeirrrd idea for riot since "nothing is free", but this is not New, it happened before few years ago once ! What if instead of the useless icons we get from finishing missions, that almost NO one use after a week or so....what if we have 3 missions each reward one of those skin, ppl get to choose which skin they like to follow their missions and at the end each account win 1 skin only ! I mean almost every skin riot create now a days is either epic or above ! I don't blame them for wanting to make lots of money but I believe if they did this, it'd be fun, suitable for the new arcade themed rift map and will be much more meaningful than the useless icons we win and almost no one uses, example...kayn or xayah & rakan icons....etc, this way we get to REALLY use our prize for change :)
Icon are good reward tho for mission^^ The problem of not seeing them is solved now since you unlocked them right away and not a month after the event like in past harrowing. So yes, you see them during the event. The problem of not seing them anymore after is another case that, imo, come from the fact that the more icon you own, the more is the chance they lost themselves in the mass. To be fair, being able to select 8 "top icon" who will remain at the top of the list till you remove them from it could be a nice feature to add to that system
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Battle Boss Brand!
For a boss skin, the pink color seems really of, can't take him seriously
: it's already been mentioned in [the reddit thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/6pfocx/pbe_preview_battle_boss_brand_malzahar_and_ziggs/dkox1k2/), but i'm gonna echo some of it here: the Q looks really similar to ezreal's Q, and it's hard to actually recognise this skin as brand. brand's other skins have a lot more flames/fire (his hands are glowing red hot / he has flames and embers all over his body / etc), this one barely has any.
I feel like the problem to recognis this as Brand come from the fact that, with that heavy armor, he seems bulky as hell were usually brand is one of those few small build guy When I see this model, I see a gorilla in a robot armor :s (metaletemon?)
their is also the multiple mini rework rek'sai heimer rammus cho'gath leona? amumu shyvana? singed lux(ult cd) probably other I forgot and, in term of rework, I think galio and ww weren't there last time URF shows up
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Lancer Zero Hecarim!
So, when you say loot exclusive, it's with the gem system or the box system (twitch/ww skin)?
: Instead of changing the global volume of pings /w the sound sliders, you can individually select individuals to ping mute, just like the regular mute. There will be separate buttons on the scoreboard and chat commands to support this. You won't hear, see, or get chat messages from any pings coming from ping muted players.
still no answers about this but I think we really need this info :( will I get a chat message when someone mute both chat and ping coming from me. Will I know if he isn't able to see call? please, please, respond before it goes live :(
: Why the Sejuani Rework is disappointing. Thoughts from a long time Sejuani Main.
As we are near the end of the cycle (unless it's a 3 week patch) I fear they will change no more thing in 7.9 regarding any of the new stuff aside number. To be honsest, I really hope than, when this version go live, there will be a discussion in the usual board with the community about how they think they accomplish the initial goal (not 5/6 month after like they use to). One thing that bother me, and that is not really gameplay related (I give up a this point, will just play amumu for a satisfyng ult as a tank jungler) is that the new visual they make for this update aren't even that good when it's one of the purpose of class rework. There is this porblem with the passive who is really hard to see on some skin (poro rider being n°1) that the shield icon should solve I hope (if it's not masked by other same color). On the note of unique particle, I find also strange that only bear cavalery got unique stuff when poro rider had space for proper particle (E passive, shield passive, even the ice of frozen could use some more poro related stuff) But the most offender of all, in term of visual, is obviously the new W animation. I told that on many tread already but, this w just turn her into a monstruosity if she change direction between W1 and W2. I know this is too make cavalery them stronger (bristle move while she do stuff) but it isn't a reason to break human anatomy basics, there is better way to do that (using only her arm for the w2 animation and shapeshifting the weapon instead of her spine)
: Did some iterations over the weekend to cut down on the number of forced mechanics that point to jungle. (Even though we want her to jungle, it probably can be done a bit more elegantly than having multiple jungle only interactions) **Compared to the old '4/23' changelist** Passve Icebreaker now always deals 400 damage vs monsters instead of max 400 W W1 knocks minions and monsters back W no longer deals bonus damage to monsters E No longer has reduced cd vs monsters Limits the number of jungle specific interactions to 1 (Icebreaker damage, which was already there anyway). I'm pretty confident these changes make her jungle significantly safer, would love feedback from less skilled jungles if such people exist here :p **Full 4/23 Changelist** Passive Frost Armor no longer broken by minions or small monsters Icebreker Damage: 15/20/25% -> 10/15/20% Icebreaker Damage vs monsters: max 400 -> always 400 W No longer self slows, not worth W1 now knocks back minions and monsters CD: 7/6.5/6/5.5/5 -> 9/8/7/6/5 1st hit Damage: 12/19/26/33/40 (+0.01HP) -> 30/35/40/45/50 (+0.02HP) 2nd hit Damage: 48/76/104/132/160 (+0.04HP) -> 40/80/120/160/200 (+0.05HP) Bonus damage to monsters: 20% -> 0%
Was finally able to play a game in practice tool with her and they are several thing that bothers me. On a visual aspect, i was using the poro rider skin and I find that the difference between "with" or "without" frost armor wasn't clear enough. Still on the poro skin, the frozen visual could use the snack, just like how bear rider was change to match the weapon. For global visual now (because i guess it's not only her poro skin), her W when she change direction is very, very ugly to look at, it's like she is spinless and she become a spagetti monster. For the ability themselves. Like i fear, she stop moving during E cast time, that kinda ruin the cavalery theme while also creating space between her and the running away champ. This will make her very bad at chasing poeple so she need to close the fight really quick. That bring the second problem, if she engage with ult, there is little chance that she will have enough power to be a real threat during all the team fight, so it's better for her to keep it for the fleeing target instead of an engage tool like it's should be. Another concern of mine is that she is pretty bad at doing epic monster, as all the damage are in her E and there is this huge cd target on it, you can't use it to do those quickly after a move with how much HP they have. She will always be weak to steal and invade as all the jungle rooster have better execute to secure/steal monster That lock out from E passive itself make the low cd on the spell unnoticable because, as you can't use E on more than one camp monster anyway, the 1.35 cd is just frustrating as you can't use it either way. I feel like, as her early is clearly no that great, she need to scale a little better in the late game, maybe with reduce mana cost and E working on small monster/minion too. She definitely need something for big hp pool monster but, with the removal of the 20% damage amp, I feel it will be even worst now to do them (dragon beeing near "classic" ranged lane will certainly not help)
: Hey thanks for the detailed feedback! The next changelist should address most of what you brought up here but wanted to talk about the Permafrost change you pitched. It was actually the very first iteration I tried in testing (although the very first one procced off slows instead of melee attacks), it had a number of issues that caused me to move away from it: The spell lacked the feeling of intent, both from Sejuani and the enemy. The were numerous cases where Sejuani stunned someone (while looking at someone else who also had stacks) and went 'oh that guy got stunned?' (or worse, didnt realize it) and the enemy felt that he got stunned 'collaterally' It was immensely powerful when it did work out (rarely). Even though the current one has a minuscule cooldown on it, the power difference between a simultaneous stun (on a basic) and a staggered one was massive. Sejuani was encouraged to hold it for the multi stun, but was consistently frustrated that her allies could not get the stacks / stacks fell off (and we were unable to let Sejuani herself reliably stack multiple targets at once for power reasons). This led to Sejuani just looking for the single stun, which was not fun for anybody.
> [{quoted}](name=RiotSolcrushed,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=54XUoGEF,comment-id=001600040000,timestamp=2017-04-22T09:51:15.143+0000) >This led to Sejuani just looking for the single stun, which was not fun for anybody. Was just wondering, if that wasn't fun in this itteration, what make it fun on the pbe version? They are kinda the same unless there is no possibility of big stun. Ennemy will not feel outplayed if they end stun because it's a point and click (all chat "press E" spam incoming) and, as you cannot really messed it it's not like you play better than them either In what situation a sejuani player should feel rewarded on the new version (aka what's the move hard to do but that win you the fight). I feel like there is no high moment in this current version if she has no ult to follow on a first stun (catch on a lonely target)
: I do feel you are overrating the uniqueness of a tank who DPSs. I would argue that tanks who DPS are the norm, and the bursters the outliers. Amumu, Nautilus, Maokai etc. tend to be very dps based. Also, Sejuani still deals quite a bit of sustained damage with W, while the icebreaker is definately the 'flashy' part, her damage (vs champions) in testing has generally been split 50/50 between physical and magic. Which means Basics + W = Q+E+R + Icebreaker + Sunfire and stuff.
that sound kinda meh. E doesn't make the champ flashy at all. It's a point and click so the ennemy will never feel outplayed when you proc it and you can't really messed up so you will not get the same satisfaction that the old ult bring (god play with 5 man, bad play with a miss) For a rework, even if it's tank, I think there should be clear scenario where your feel like your move make the difference in a fight. Here it's not her move who make the difference, it's just her sitting in the middle, she is just an aura who press E sometime Tbh, my biggest concern with this rework is that it was sell as a way to express her cavalery and her leader aspect better, but it didn't show that much. The cavalery part, from what I have seen, isn't always there as she stop for casting some spell (need to confirm E and R but practice tool is bugded atm) The leader also could get some love. When I heard about the melee interaction I was hoping that, as a leader, she will lead them to the fight (giving them better acces to it with ms in her aura zone or toward champion hit by her Q for exemple) but she just use them. With or without sejuani there is no change for melee champ where, as a "leader" of that kind of champ, it would make more sence if instead it was like "yes we get our leader with us this game, doing x action would be better) A good leader is someone you can depend on, not someone who depend on you :s
: Midseason Durability Feedback
Adaptative helm sems like a Killing blow to teemo
: Hunt of the Blood Moon game mode available shortly on PBE
How will you balance matchmaking? As a non assassin player and with little to no champ I can play good on that list, I feel this game mode only target a portion of the community. What I mean is that, if the first game I play in the mode, when I discover a champ, I face a one trick lee/yas/zed/... (we know they are a lot of them) I will not enjoy the mode and will probably don't play it a second time. So, earing it can make his way to RGMQ, I feel like there will be weekend were only few chosen one will get a nice candy. On the other hand, if you manage to make a matchmaking who assure that mastery 6/7 of those champ play together and don't face mastery 1 right from the start then maybe I can see it as a "for all the community" game mode. What are your thoughts in general about the accessibility of this mode to the whole community? Am I the only one who think this is the first mode where not every style of player can shine (main sup/tank will have a hard time) ps: if it stay in RGMQ, then I want my "mana user only" mode :p
: Hey, that's a good point! I'll ping the animator today to see if he can slow down the animation so it doesn't go quite high - or somethin'! Update: Okay! The updated recall should be in the next PBE deploy - he's still on his Poro sleigh, but he doesn't zoom way off into outer space anymore!
Great thanks for the quick reaction {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Santa Braum!
Well, still not tested it but, something bother me in the available video as I will probably face that skin soon. As much as I like the back animation, I think it could be very unituitive for ennemy to land skillshot on him during the last second (back immune to interupt if 0.5s left if I remember right) as usually you target the champ as a reflex, not the blue circle. It's not the first time I taught that (and the 2 camille back kinda sufer the same issue) but in santa braum case I think it's way to fast and away from the actual back point that it give hidden power to the skin
: [Assassins] - Mini Updates Discussion
can you give us resoning behind Edge of Night active? The assassin update was here to give opponnent time for some counterplay (1 sec at best was what you told us these past month) but isn't that active, with such a low cd, kinda negate that effort? If the guy can just put pressure every 30 (20? don't know when the decay start) and negate the first spell, usually cc or burst, during that 1 second, what's the point of having more time to react if the first thing you do just don't matter. In a way, only champ with escape will gain something, the right to not die by running, the other gain nothing from these small window with that item. Was counterplay only running and not retaliating?
: [6.22 Alistar changes] Context and feedback thread
tbh I think alistar R should be more tactical (I personnaly think actual R is as txic as old poppy R) with 2 different damage reduction one stronger than now and one weaker For exemple, in a scenario of a dive under ennemy tower, if the last damage he receive before using his ult was coming from a champ, he will get a stronger damage reduction agains all champ damage but lot less against tower shot if he get the agro. On the other hand, if the last damage was a tower shot, he will get greater damage reduction against the tower than against the ennemy champion. As of now, when he hit 6, it's just diving time without much thinking, making the champ a little to powerfull when the number/meta is good for him (pushing out other similar champ like leona)
: No. Why? CS Riven was advertised as a LIMITED skin, it was the last in the CS skin series that was labeled as limited all after here (thresh, kalista...) were labeled as legacy. Riot now wants to sell Riven again to get some more money out of the skin (the demand was/is freaking high for her) so they need to come up with something to compensate the people that bought here for the limited standpoint (sound crazy but some people buy/bought skins like that as a investment).
seems maybe dumb but, to me the crown and particle in game are enough for that, while the border could be a line thing. I like consistency, like when they add the first strike border for yasuo so he isn't alone in that line, border to all "first strike" championship skin sounds good to me
: This border will only be there for Championship Riven, as we wanted to commemorate the original and first Championship skin. We also forgot to mention, that all original owners will be getting the Vintage Summoner Icon that has been given in years past too.
then, as a feedback, I think the II should be replace with something else, maybe the crow she get in the vintage skin (cause the II lead to expectation for III, IV, V, VI)
: There will not be RP compensation this time around. We know this is a different approach, but we wanted to offer a way for existing owners to be recognized in-game and honor the moment in our history that her initial launch represents. Thus, the added crown, particle and custom loading screen border that is only available for those who originally owned the skin.
will the border be a thing for all the championship skin line? I feel like giving only season 2 this treatment when it could be apply for all season is a step short from the perfection (or maybe you can't track when a content was purchase?)
: "Nemesis Draft" for rotating game modes now live for testing on PBE.
will this be addressed before the mode goes live? _ "Note: There's currently a bug which prevents you from earning key fragments if you're playing a champion you don't own. This is unintended, and we're working on a solution."_ When you don't chose the champ you play, like in one for all, getting the "you can't earn key" message after a hard win is pretty meh
: > the fact that his silence will now jump to targets that haven't been hit This is exactly live functionality Update allows you some amount of control over who it bounces to with W
a question about that bounce, does that mean 1/3/5/7 will land on the drain guy? also, if the bounce is tie to the drain, wouldn't it be better if the ability target in that order Drain Targets > new champion attacking fiddle after drain cast > New Targets > Any Target
: Pinkish red/white is the color thematic for the Challenger line, and it's the antithesis to the Championship line - start of the season v. the end of the season. It doesn't mean that it's only for female champions by any means, it just so happens that it's been two female champions so far. As for the Beast Hunter skins, nothing has been announced in regards to what they are and what the price may be, so I can't spill the beans on that one.
That pink/white theme, as great as it is for the two skin, kinda limite your choice each year for the challenger champ. This skin line, such as the championship one, is not really a "funny" skin line, it's more serious and epic. While the championship line use color who both fit male and female champ, this one would make male champ not look really serious :s The option for them would then be red/white when a male champ but then the line would use the same color as the blood moon line, making them less unique.
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
> [{quoted}](name=RiotRepertoir,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=PE1LJTOM,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-10-28T18:18:29.343+0000) > > ____________________ > _Closing PBE Thoughts 11/3_ > > Hi guys, > > As I tend to try to do with the Champion Updates I work on, this update to the post is to wrap up all the feedback you've delivered in the last week or so, and give everyone a heads up as to where Quinn functionally stands as the patch is locked down. > > As I mentioned in the 11/1 update, the version of Quinn with the ultimate that has been on PBE is going Live in 5.22. That said, we will be also be doing a follow-up test period on PBE for the 5.23 patch cycle, the changes for which we have begun testing internally already. > > For those wondering what to expect from Quinn in 5.22, she will be mostly what has been on PBE for the last few days, but likely with the addition of a small nerf or two to her Q, a spell which ultimately we thought was doing too much raw damage. Knowing that we intend to test follow up to these changes very soon, we didn't want to give players the impression that updated Quinn is more fun or a better character by virtue of raw damage output in the snowball case, so we decided to mitigate the late game burst provided by that spell before it became an issue. This isn't to say we expect her to be strictly weak in 5.22 from a power perspective, but more that we thought she was erring on the side of too strong without damage adjustments and the R cost adjustments that hit the PBE yesterday. > > Now let's talk about what we're looking to test in the 5.23 PBE patch cycle. I definitely haven't been at a shortage of feedback in Quinn's time on the PBE, and I'm thankful for everyone letting me know what they think. That kind of feedback has helped me to be able to identify which changes were causing excessive unintended pain to players, and which were actually necessary to help move Quinn in the direction of the gameplay niche we envision for her. > > To get to the point, I'll note this isn't a complete revert of all the changes, and that we will be keeping the new ultimate and its visuals. I previously mentioned that I'm really sorry if that ruins the champion for you personally, but we do firmly believe this component to be a definitive step in the right direction for Quinn and Valor. > > Outside of that, however, we're exploring some change options outside of the R that we think will be exciting for Quinn players. First off, feedback has pretty consistently been that too much damage is loaded into Aerial Assault, at the expense of damage from Harrier. This resulted in Harrier damage feeling much less satisfying to players, especially in lane where they were used to those hits being really meaty and important to take advantage of. Second, and perhaps more importantly, we agree with the pretty-consistent feedback that Q as a pure damage tool may not fit on the character. Currently, we're exploring a version of Q where it loses its execution damage and cooldown return mechanic, but pretty dramatically reduces the vision radius of the primary target hit (akin to Graves W or Nocturne R). We hope that this will be a decent way to give back some of that utility and outplay potential that Quinn players like about the spell, without using the actual Blind debuff effect that we feel is overly punishing to melee champions and pushes her hard toward being specifically a top lane bully. Functionally, the spell becomes "line missile that Harrier marks and reduces the vision radius of the primary target, and deals damage to everything in that area." We may additionally explore some changes to spell names and R tuning (it may be going overboard on its overall power budget contribution at the moment) as appropriate. > > Please do keep in mind that none of the above changes are final or guaranteed, but more that they are what we intend to test out in the weeks ahead. We'll then likely gauge how the feedback on those changes goes for that PBE cycle, and make a decision as to whether to update the Live environment with those changes in 5.23, or stay closer to the version that's going Live in 5.22. > > Since I'm sure people will ask the following questions,I'll answer it up front: > > * Why are you shipping this version to 5.22 instead of keeping Live Quinn if you still intend to test changes in 5.23? > * First and foremost, we do strongly believe that the 5.22 version (the one that is currently on the PBE) is a step in the right gameplay direction, and getting players access to that version (even if it may change meaningfully in the next patch) at the beginning of the preaseason sets them off on the path to familiarizing themselves with and mastering a champion most similar to the one it will be for the foreseeable future. > * Second, in this update, Quinn's Passive and E have actually undergone tremendous restructuring and fine tuning under the hood (much of which has resulted in really positive feedback for these components of the update), and that this juncture, it wouldn't really be possible to rewrite all of those improvements into the old scripts in a way that doesn't severely compromise the quality (from a functional perspective) of the patch. > > Thanks to everyone that gave feedback on the update to Quinn and Valor for this PBE cycle. You can continue to play the champion and give feedback as you please, but for the most part, the build needs to be locked down to ensure its stability at this point, so I can at most do minor bugfix and feel improvement changes. Hopefully we can continue to push the character in a positive direction in the weeks to come. > > See you next patch, > Repertoir I understand the new goal of Quinn but, for me, as the ultimate chase/roam adc, the fact her ult is so easy to negate is very confusing. As the spell has a cast time, if in a teamfight or a 2v2, I manage to place myself good enough to cast my entire spell, it should no be insta pop end denying me from escaping /chasing the low life target. When you cast the ult you chose to lose 2 full second of chase/escape, it is not worthy enough if it cost you the play who come after (locking the ult as a moving tool only) Here me now, I don't mind the ult being forced off if you take damage, serve you to take risky path to your target escape (even if a gap closer is nice in that case for some use against range aa champ), but a 1/1.5/2 second of "foced out" immunity base on the rank of the spell would be nice to reward the right use/timing of Tag team during a fight (the immunity being accessible only if you were in a battle less than 4 second ago, to not giving it for free either)
: We are aiming for her to be optimal as a mid laner, since we feel that this is where Tag Team becomes most interesting/valuable for her team. I know this will be quite a departure for players that played her mostly top lane, but we are hoping you still get to do more of the Quinn stuff you enjoyed doing from top lane in mid lane, except for some of the fighter bullying.
a nic buff for her to go midlane will be lower cooldown on W (midlane isn't as safe as toplane or botlane, and ult no longer insta cast hit her hard I think), did you try that during the change?
: Nope. If you basic attack from Tag Team, it will fire the basic attack, fire a Skystrike, and cancel Tag Team.
doesn't this remove all the "play as valor or play as quinn" that use to be the keystone for that champ. Now, this just sound like play as quinn who use her pet as ulti to do thing (valor is no more a champion but more a thing like tibbers or bristle) Also, with the removal of her blind, can we expect some range change as she need to be less safe to farm and her escape mechanics (ult) now beeing not instant?
: Hey PBEDrakari, We were talking about it too! In the fantasy of the fighting game the UI wouldn't flip, the cursor just moves around both sides, while the images of champions change to match the selection, which is why we decided not to flip it.
But then wouldn't it be better to not only switch p1/p2 in the splash selection but also change the color of the indicator (so p1 is always red in both splash and p2 always blue, or the other p1 blue and p2 red)
: Skarner PBE Changelist and Feedback Thread
With the new change, the spire still need one of these 2 thing. - they can only be captured when neutral by skarner, and give no gold at that time (so he give free gold if he want to play the invade game only) or - they are movable by skarner if he invest his ult in it (no timer to drop them after) another big concerne is, what if they are 2 skarner in the same game, they share the spire or the number of spire is double?
: Skarner PBE Changelist and Feedback Thread
If this crystal thing go live, just allow him to rellocate them one at a time by using his ult on it.(no timer, just press r again to drop them) So he would have no ult but boosted stat (without mana regen) when he carry them but can place them safer in loosing game. In addition, put a cho'gath mechanic on it so that the cooldown is halved when he drop them
: Well, your task is to find a teammate that can prevent him from being kited. If you can do so, you'll probably win the game. Good luck!
easy, i take him as a tanky support
: HUD Changes for 7/24 PBE build
can you bring back the option in the chat without the need of using "/all" ?
: We actually made a bunch of changes directly based on feedback and outlined them in the announce post: * Teammate ult timers * Teammate summoner spell timers * Teammate mana bars have returned * Persistence - if you open champion stats or latency display during a game, it’ll persist between matches. * Level up ceremony - we added a bunch of animations and sounds to make sure you know when you ding. * Spellbar clarity - made some pretty hefty changes to the shape, color, and animation of cooldown, loss of control and out of mana to improve readability. * Minimap changes - game time feels like it belongs near the minimap because timing is usually related to map objectives, but ultimately playtests and feedback have shown it's a more natural fit in the top corner. * Visual style - we’re all for minimal, but we may have overshot it. We’ve since tried to squeeze in more magic through texture work and animation. * Accessibility - added camera lock and options buttons back in. If all you wanted was an off switch, then you're probably going to be disappointed, but we did act on a bunch of feedback and suggestions and will continue to post-launch.
any chance you bring back the ping buton near the minimap? I only used that since I play the game (2 years now) and the fact it's the only click tool who disappear hurt a lot (not good with too many hotkeys to use/remember)
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