: 2 spirit of the ancient golems on summoners rift
I also experienced this. The TT quillcoat and SotAG seem to be purchasable on summoner's rift.
: A few thoughts from first looks: Q - I'm not entirely sure whether the Q now has a max range of 1300 or that the damage just doesn't ramp up anymore from 1300 range onward, it's a bit foggy as far as that goes. Additionally, the Takedown damage seems a bit wonky to me. 13 base damage at rank 1 for taking risk, but then having this weird scaling up with ranks, I think a damage scaling of 15/40/65/90 would be a lot better (as a base) because this seems rather unrewarding for a rank 1 ability. W - The current health thing is ridiculous IMO. Taking a trap is going to gut you hard at any stage in the game, especially since Nidalee now has access to six abilities at Level one, allowing for a lot easier damage at Lv3 - Javelin and Bushwhack into Pounce, Swipe, Takedown, Pounce. Considering you just took 10% of their current HP - which could be 10% of max HP just as easily. A bit of math includes a base rotation of 70 +0.4AP from human form - which seems a bit underwhelming from two abilities - in addition to 10% of current HP. Then Cougar form deals 180 +1.7AP if I'm not mistaken. That's a whole lot of power from stepping into a trap which Nidalee can now easier spam due to a lower cooldown and a lower manacost. E - Good changes. The heal was too strong, and even though I don't really agree with the base heal increase because it still carries a strong ratio and a relatively low cooldown, but oh well. Swiwpe seems good, but the Pounce cooldown thing in combination with a 700 range Pounce seems very very strong, that's a really long jump there. Just my two cents, I guess.
Note that takedown is also an auto attack reset. So despite adding little damage at rank 1 it will still drastically increase her catform burst.
: AP Bruiser Nid seems all the more tempting with these changes. Grab a{{item:3116}} and{{item:3151}} to allow traps to burn over 40% of a champs current health, plus the added gap-closing effect granted from spears giving 30% movement speed and a slow from Rylai's. It may even be possible to go {{item:3025}} now. Seems really weird compared to the normal glass cannon, but with the reduced ratios, it may be better to take advantage of different items. That said, could {{item:3124}} finally have a home? It was always "okay" on Nid due to her use of the stats, and she can keep up all of the stacks pretty safely, but who knows.
Iceborn gauntlet is a very popular item on the current bruiser nid build. All of these changes seem to buff her scaling with it. I'll probably build iceborn, magic pen and tank now, maybe still botrk, but the w resets might be enough sustained damage now.
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: Xerath rework now back on PBE
As the battle cast Xerath skin, sometimes the E doesn't display, it goes on cooldown and stuns and deals damage if it hits, but its impossible to see it.
: Flattened Beaver were you playing only with bots? We know there is an issue with vision when playing bot games which others have reported as well (eg http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/epNGxP5w-able-to-see-the-enemy-champions-in-the-fog-of-war). We are trying to figure out a repro internally as it seems to be unrelated to the champion you are playing or the bots that are in game.
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: [bug] one for all items not showing in postgame
: Mayor Bug, Nocturne can't attack Inhibs
I can confirm that with Jayce he can attack inhibitors in ranged form, but not in melee form. This is the case on Summoner's Rift, Twisted Treeline and Howling Abyss. Wukong has an interesting interaction with this bug. I tested on twisted treeline and there are four spots around the inhibitor (at the top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right) where Wukong can hit the inhib with normal auto attacks. When Wukong uses his Q which increases his auto range, he can hit the inhibitor from any angle. Wukong cannot hit the Nexus at all with normal autos, but can hit it from anywhere when he uses Q.
: Yeah, the hovering may be impratical under pressure... So, what about this: The circle show only when the towers are desactiated, because it's when it matters the most, and so replace the range indicator?
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: Team builder suggestion
I would like this too. Hopefully it would mean more people queue with an "or support" option. So far I've had to run double jungle and double mid.
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: [Launcher] Disabling menu animations while logging in -> unable to log in
I've just tried to reproduce this bug and failed. I disabled login animation and music then logged in fine.
: [Heimerdinger] Turret aggro mechanics somewhat buggy
I've just tested this and there is definitely and issue here. About 50% of the time turrets will change target to use their laser and then may or may not change back to their previous target afterwards. I've so also noticed the turrets switch target to the minion that's attacking them.
: [Heimerdinger] Suggestion about turrets
I've just played rework Heimerdinger and I agree that while his turrets' range indicators are great, he needs indicators for turret deactivation range. The deactivation range on mouse over would be good, but I've also had another two ideas for possible solutions. 1) Show the turrets deactivation range as an extra blue circle, but only when heimerdinger is near the edge of that range. The advantage of this is it would let the player know, even if they didn't have time to mouseover the turret (e.g. in a fight). The disadvantage is that more circles could be confusing, the screen is already bordline cluttered when Heimerdinger has 3 turrets up. 2) Show a circle around heimerdinger, outside of which the turrets deactivate. I'm not exactly sure of the range of deactivation so this would either be shown on the main screen or minimap. The advantage of this is that you would always know how close you are to going out of range of a turret. The disadvantage, again, is too much information, when you don't want it.
: major bug on noctrurnes Q
I just tested Nocturne's Q at all ranks and also tried other variables that affect movement speed such as boots and static shiv. I didn't encounter this bug at all. Could you be more specific about the situation under which it occurred?

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