: [Assassins] Rengar Feedback Thread
I feel like if Rengar's first swipe from Q doesn't hit any enemies, he shouldn't get the follow-up piercing attack from it. Don't know if that's doable but it seems a bit reasonable on an unempowered Q.
: Since Riot is apparently making Akali more autoattack-reliant, I'd like to see her E get reworked into an on-attack effect that hits in a cone in front of her. This would grant synergy with both her new passive and for proccing her Q, while still retaining the important bit of the AoE for waveclear.
That's a great solution to the problem. I hope they try that out.
: [Assassins] LeBlanc Feedback Thread
To start things off, a question: Is R->R bugged? Whenever my R is on cooldown from mimicking an ability, it locks me out from casting R->R, but I can R->R and then R->any other spell without problem. Overall the new leblanc feels a bit clunky. I think the only thing I truly enjoy is W->Q to clear a wave out. I think there are some things we can do that can help the clunkiness though. 1. Let E passthrough minions, while marking them with the new sigil. This would help lane trading, which feels fairly bad now. This would be a big buff but one I feel could be executed on this rework without too many adjustments. 2. Have the R mimics automatically walk in the opposite direction that Leblanc is. So if the player moves north the clones move south, etc. Having the short window to try to control the clone is a lot more awkward than the old passive clone, so it would be nice if the clone did something a bit more believable until manually issued orders. 3. The W lockout nerf is an incredibly reasonable one. For clarity's sake to the player, is it possible to not have the distortion return pad appear until the spell is ready to jump back? Maybe with a little audio cue for the leblanc player? I feel like that would help adjust old players to the change with some visceral feedback, along with helping newer players learn how the spell works without having to search hard for answers.
: [Assassins] - Mini Updates Discussion
The biggest problem I feel faces Kha'Zix right now is that he is an assassin that can't reliably assassinate anyone. All of his damage is locked into his isolation mechanic, so if he is playing against relatively competent opponents they can clump up together, near minions, or under towers. The obvious problem in this is that Kha'zix can never get an assassination without his enemies playing poorly or scattering whenever he shows up. Straight to the point, my suggestions for Kha'zix would be to make his W apply a nearsight/smokescreen style blind to enemy champions similar to Quinn/Graves. Then, when champions are "blinded" by Kha'zix, Graves, or Quinn, they are considered isolated if they can't see any friendly champions. The blind should last a super short amount of time (like .75 seconds) when its not evolved, but the evolved version should last longer (1.5 seconds) and hit 3 people (with the 3 missiles). With that I would also recommend removing the slow on W but making his passive slow stronger, with a possibility that his passive slow becomes even stronger when he's "fully evolved" or when he evolves his ultimate. He could also apply the nearsight blind to jungle camps/minions similar to the way Quinn does, letting him avoid damage by cancelling their attacks. I feel like this will give Kha'zix the self-reliability he needs to be an assassin in today's cold unforgiving world. He'll be able to jump onto someone at the edge of a fight, blind em, taste their fear, and then [hop away](https://youtu.be/M2gFj3oFRcI). **TL;DR Give kha'zix a "nearsight" blind on his W** Another suggestion that's been around since the dawn of time: let his Q do damage based on how far away a target is from their ally (30% isolated, 50% isolated, etx). This will stop his damage from being a binary yes/no mechanic, but could result in a more boring playstyle. Thoughts?
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: Why does his royal crabness have fioras sword?
I'd like to think it's because he won. He disarmed Fiora and stole her noodle sword. Then triumphantly commissioned a statue in honor of his acheivement. That statue became our ward.
: Ryze Champion Update Feedback and Discussion
I feel like the champion minimap portrait for Ryze is hard to distinguish between him and Shen. Maybe it's just because I'm not used to it, but i kept thinking it was Shen when the little announcements came up.
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: MYMU - Zyra discussion
Hey Faux! I know you said [here](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/dGijBlXB-mymu-zyra-discussion?comment=00080001) that you were worried about overlapping plant range indicators being messy. I wanted to make a suggestion regarding that. My idea is to bring back the range indicators, but to only have them show the outer-most ranges of the outer most plants. So each of them have their own range indicator, but remove the overlapped portions of their indicators... I feel it's hard to describe what I'm talking about in text, so I made a picture: http://i.imgur.com/OUCy2HA.png The left side is a mess with a bunch of overlapping range indicators, and the right side is my idea where any overlapped areas get removed.
: Re: 3, we're going to try a version where passive seeds will wait while Zyra is hiding in a brush, spawning when she leaves or casts a spell / attacks.
As in a "burst" spawn fashion? So if she waits long enough to "spawn" 3 passive seeds, would they all spawn as she left the bush?
: [Planned - 6.9] Mana x MP/5 x AP x MR Item Pass [Updated - 4/11/2016]
Seems pretty neat, I'd love to test out this new itemization with my moon lady {{champion:131}} . Also throwing out these names for your elemental-themed hextech items: Hextech Conductor, Hextech Immolator, Hextech Glaciator. I like the simple naming thematic to that XD.
: I'm okay with tanks end up picking up some of these items. They have a good chunk of AP - so someone like Nautilus won't be as efficient with it as someone like Gragas - but I think I'm okay with them feeling like they can use these items effectively.
I'll have to remember to test these out on {{champion:113}} , she seems theoretically good with some of them XD
: @Riot from Quinn Mains: Context, please
I'd like to just chime in that I agree with this post.
: Cancel the opening animation from the chests
I agree that you should have the option to skip them.
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: Poppy Update Feedback Thread
We should make Poppy's shield a bit more predictable for the experienced Poppy player. Her shield should bounce away from the target an equal distance from how far she was when she threw it. So if she is pointblank range near a target, her shield should clunk down right next to her (or on top of her if RNG is on her side). If she is at max range from her target, it should bounce away to max range. This would be even better if the shield decided it bounce distance on contact rather than on throw. So poppy could throw a max range shield, then W or flash into an E and catch her shield as it bounces off. That would make her shield a lot more interactive than it is right now.
: Poppy Update Feedback Thread
Can we make the head of Poppy's hammer a bit bigger? Right now I just feel like its too much handle with not enough hammer.
: > [{quoted}](name=FlashnFuse PBE,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=ws9yeTyQ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-11-22T22:43:30.242+0000) > > Quinn's ult isn't cancelled by damage over time abilities. Since the trap applies damage over time, I believe this is functioning as intended Copy pasted from 5.22: DIRECT HIT Taking champion or turret damage causes Quinn to swap in How do you interpret this? DOT damage is still champion damage.... IMO either they should fix this or clarify "champion damage"
I can't find an official source on this, but part of the early PBE changes Repertoir made was to make it so that damage over time abilities don't cancel Quinn's ultimate or channel. This was mostly in addressing the headache that came from Death's Dance on her, but he mentioned at the time that he also changed Teemo's mushrooms so they were functionally tagged as a DOT ability so they wouldn't cancel Quinn's ultimate. This was all during a livestream of someone playing Quinn on the PBE, and unfortunately I can't find a VOD of it.
: [BUG] Quinn Ult (Bird Mode) does not disengage upon walking on Nidalee trap
Quinn's ult isn't cancelled by damage over time abilities. Since the trap applies damage over time, I believe this is functioning as intended
: Thanks for sending these in! Some of these might be bugs with our system overall and not just Illaoi, but I'll check them out to be sure they aren't more prevalent with her. I'm looking into a fix for her spells visually casting in the opposite direction. I can't promise when we can get this in, but its absolutely on our radar. Thanks!
I wanna add my 2 cents into this one. The Illaoi Q vs Quinn E thing appears to just be a visual bug. I've still taken Q damage even though illaoi visibly strikes the opposite direction.
: Quinn's Passive is making her deal less damage
Quinn's harrier proccing attack can crit, the base damage multiplies normally by crit and then harrier is applied on top of it without crit.
: Can we please have teambuilder back?
I agree, I miss teambuilder a lot T_T
: Er, okay ... Thought he was saying that he just had to Vault, harrier and THEN AA to proc, not that Vault AA proc'ed instantly. Well, that's a bug, okay =D
: [Minions] - Anybody else noticing minions not loosing aggro at all?
Ya I definitely felt this in a few games earlier today. It seemed a lot more problematic with caster minions.
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: [Majour Complaint] Keep Quinn's R Name as Tag Tam
I don't think it should stay as Tag Team because it doesn't really make sense any more, they're not tagging out now, but this definitely sounds worse and possibly makes less sense.
: Quinn's new blind can be kinda awkward (for the enemy)
Probably just not coded right at the moment, I doubt that it's expected behaviour.
: POSSIBLE: Bug with Illoai's Q and Quinn's Vault
I've experienced this on Live with Talon where his Rake does the same thing when Vaulted by Quinn, probably a problem with Vault.
: Thoughts on Quinn Changes on PBE(11/12 build) @RiotRepertoir
The damage on Q isn't actually much lower though, they need to be at roughly 60% HP for 5.22 Q to do more damage. Overall the changes to give her utility and move damage to her passive makes her more reliable while on Live you live or die based on if you hit your Q and if all you can offer your team is damage there is no reason to want Quinn because almost every other ADC offers either more damage or more damage and utility. Quinn needs this to be healthy because right now she just snowballs out of control or never gets off the ground and that's a terrible place to be.
: [Jungle Shyvana] Bad recommended starting item
I'm going to have to disagree with you. Whenever I play Shyvana I feel like I'm oom all the time, even with blue buff!
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
Hey repertoir, for the "vision radius blind" can quinn get a circle around her enemy indicating what their reduced radius is? It would be very helpful to know what her safe zone is.
: [Bugs] Quinn "Infinite" Harrier Glitch
Is it just a visual bug on the autoattack? Or does it actually apply the harrier bonus damage to the other targets? Similar things would happen when attacking an inhibitor on live, but it was just a visual bug on the auto attack.
: Please let the QSS active remain a niche and not something everyone buys!
I disagree. Buying a QSS in season 5 has always felt like a gold burden that delays your build from being better. Now it's something that can be a core item. I think that it being core is a good thing. It's literally the marksmen equivalent of a zhonya's hourglass.
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
Triple proccing Harrier feels amazing in to do, but the damage doesnt feel good when I manage to pull something as risky and cost intensive (mana, inherent danger) as a triple harrier proc off.
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
@riotrepertoir What does new Quinn bring to a teamfight that old Quinn doesn't? You've increased her damage a lot but you didn't address the problems Quinn would have in the late game where she couldn't reliably get in range to get her damage off without getting murdered. I like her movespeed on her ult, but what can this Quinn reliably do besides shove multiple lanes at once? What is my play pattern supposed to be like early game? Mid game? Late game? What do I do when I can't straight up out-damage an enemy in a fight? How do I outplay them or disengage to safety? I feel like a lot of her play pattern now is triple proccing harrier, which feels **GREAT** to pull off... Until I look at the damage I just did and realize that I barely made a scratch and I'm down mana/cooldown for Q and mana/cooldown for E. What can I do to someone if I miss my Q? What does skystrike DO?
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
My current impression with this Quinn is that I bring nothing but meager damage to a teamfight and my super-mobility-in-midlane-with-damage fantasy is better fulfilled by twisted fate and kassadin.
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
I'm having trouble getting into a PBE game so I will try to withhold judgement until I have more than 10 minutes of playtime as new Quinn.
: > [{quoted}](name=ProphetiCxPbe,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=PE1LJTOM,comment-id=008e,timestamp=2015-10-29T12:27:31.894+0000) > > So is Quinn's best role Mid lane or Adc > > Also is jungle Quinn a possibility now ? Jungle Quinn already is a thing, and it's pretty powerful. Give it a shot before this rework goes through, it's wholly underrated but a ton of fun.
It won't be possible without a blind, the blind let's Quinn mitigate a lot of jungle damage. She's too squishy to survive without it.
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
Idea! So live Quinn's biggest use for her mobility (vault and sometimes her ult) are to run away from ganks and bad situations. Since we have her as a scout and we probably want to retain her ability to fly away, can the channel time for Valor coming to pick Quinn up be lowered by 1 second per mark of harrier thats on someone on the field? Something that ties into her highly mobile fantasy that also gives her some of her old slipperiness?
: Not to mention how important it is for her to land AAs in order to pop her passive. If you fail AA when someone has a passive mark on them, you just lost out on a good chunk of your damage. This should never happen accidentally. For this reason, if anything, her AAs should err on the side of being more difficult to cancel than other marksmen. Not easier, as they currently are.
To add to this, the harrier proc AA animation is even easier to cancel than her regular ones. Alarmingly so.
: This is.. I can reliably cancel any auto attack in the game through pure movement. This is a feature intended to be in the game. You say Quinn's autos are too easy to cancel, but apparently you have issues cancelling them on purpose? edit: All champions have a certain basic attack time frame, Jinx Rockets, Quinn, and Vayne all have notoriously slow attack frames, which Quinn and Vayne suffer from having a really hard to see animation, making it easier to accidentally cancel. However, if you play a champion enough, you should be able to master the attack frame of the champion and reliably auto attack without any accidental cancels. Then you get exhausted and hate everything.
Go into a custom game and test out intentionally cancelling auto attacks for Quinn and any other 2 marksmen(I think i tested with Ashe and Jinx's minigun). Quinn's auto attacks are notoriously easy to cancel, as easy to cancel as Jinx's rocket launcher. This is a problem for Quinn because with an incredibly low auto attack range that makes kiting and attacking an even more inherently risky ordeal than usual, losing damage that you accidentally cancel yourself is just insulting. The video was something i made a long time ago to emphasize the point.
: > Well then why not just get rid of Skystrike? I was actually in favor of this approach for quite some time, but we thought it was something that players would be attached to, and that keeping it around at low power budget would be best. > Also, question on the side, does W still work while using Tag Team? Yeah, W still works during Tag Team without cancelling Tag Team. You can also cast Q and E from Tag Team, but they will remove you from Tag Team.
I'd be happy if Skystrike just applied a harrier with the damage. Either only on champions or only if there is only 1 target.
: > 1) How did you decide making E immune to cc effects (e.g. Tristanas Rocket Jump)? She still isn't immune to cc effects during E, but she does now dash faster, making it somewhat more difficult for opponents to knock her out of it. > 2) Does Vault still apply harrier even though Q does aswell? Yes. > 3) Did you change Harrier: Cooldown, target selection? Harrier has an 8-second cooldown that goes down with Quinn's Crit Chance. There have been some updates to Harrier's target selection (please let me know if anything feels off about it). Valor will now also immediately mark a nearby target when the passive comes off cooldown (unless there is already another mark in the world).
> [{quoted}](name=RiotRepertoir,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=PE1LJTOM,comment-id=000c0001,timestamp=2015-10-28T19:27:28.860+0000) > Harrier has an 8-second cooldown** that goes down with Quinn's Crit Chance.** There have been some updates to Harrier's target selection (please let me know if anything feels off about it). Valor will now also immediately mark a nearby target when the passive comes off cooldown (unless there is already another mark in the world). This part both worries and excites me.
: What specifically about her auto attacks?
https://youtu.be/qHHXmoezSus they're too easy to cancel compared to other marksmen
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
1) Does her W have 2 charges? If not, we really should add that in (parity with Ashe and Kalista's scouting tools) 2) A lack of blind will make Quinn completely incapable of fighting anyone unless the damage boost on her passive and Q were huge. Harrier was all of Quinn's damage before, is the total AD ratio better or equivalent to the previous base + 50% bonus AD? 3)I REEEEAAAALLY have to stress the blind here. I can tell that ult gives my virtually global mobility, and seeing Valor carry Quinn into battle is awesome... But what good is getting carried into a battle that I bring nothing too? I have some low skystrike damage (balance reasons it's obviously going to be low at 0 cooldown), no blind, and my vault which can get me killed if it's on cooldown and their jungler shows up. 4)Vault still applies harrier right? 5) Has harrier's application animation been sped up? Q applying harrier is nice, but there have been times where i haven't been able to get my harrier proc off of vault due to a janky animation. So getting the golden combo (Harrier proc -> Q -> Harrier proc -> E -> Harrier proc) could be tricky to pull off. 6) Does harrier still have 1 cooldown that resets if you apply a new mark?
: Kindred Bug Report Thread
Someone had a problem where their Q stopped working after using teleport on Kindred.
: Splash art: wolf's mouth looks really strange to me, notably the glowing portion. It looks like glowing goo is coming out. I'm not artist, but it seems like it would be best to tone down the glow inside his mouth and lighten his jaw. In-game: other people have mentioned that wolf's mask does not have ears. It would be cool if it matched the splash. Love the champ overall. The voice over is amazing. Well done.
This is also how i saw it, it wasn't until i saw [this post on reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/3l66l0/i_was_confused_by_wolfs_appearance/), that i was able to see it for what it was supposed to be.
: Kindred Bug Report Thread
My game will occasionally go into a mini lock up when Kindred comes on screen. Like the old buy and item and the game mini freezes bug.
: Kindred Official Feedback Thread
With how strong her passive is, I suggest changing it's assist bonus to be more in line with the timing that Katarina has for resets. To get a stack from your passive 6 seconds after you've died trying to kill someone feels just a little too strong.
: When i was playing, i tested it on cannons and red and blue buff. It doesn't stun you then. Thanks Fuse for recording this for us.
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