: I'm guessing this is intentional as variable attack speed doesnt help garen (lethal tempo, hail of blades). However base attack speed increases do.
I thought press the attack and lethal tempo do increase the number of spins? If they don't that makes me think the whole ability is bugged, not just the item. Because they definitely increase his Q animation speed (since it scales with your attack speed.)
: Runes being randomly changed
Bump, wanted to try out the new conqueror, but the game wants me to take Grasp of the undying instead {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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: Guinsoo's Rageblade changes as a Kayle main
Imo % increases to AD or AP kind of hinder champs who build rageblade more than help. The % attack speed increase changes are good though because most champions who build rageblade are going for an on-hit build. They do not end up also buying lots of flat dmg items (IE, Rabby, BT, etc) so the % bonus AD/AP does not really benefit them; instead they buy more attack speed items (BoTRK, Wits end, Runnans, etc) to proc on hit effects more often.
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: Launcher Error in Japanesse.
Change to Korean, log into the Korean server then exit out. Change from Korean to Japanese and log in again.
: [SOLUTION] Japanese Voices/Language.
Yes, I can confirm this works, Good job figuring this out!
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
With these changes all I can think is Dragon = 6% damage..... Mord + dragon = value of an ADC in bot lane, so that must mean Mord - dragon = worse than an ADC bot lane?
: Garen PBE Changelist and Feedback thread
I really like the idea of having a "market target" that you need to bring to justice upon them, however having it be the person with the most kills seems a bit out of place. The enemy with the most kills 9 times out of 10 would be a squishy mid, or adc, that being said the extra % damage upon attacking said enemy champion doesn't seem to be really needed as they are already squishy enough. I admit Garen is a tanky champion and should be trying to get into the back lines to deal damage to his marked target but it seems its not really fitting his tank style. With this in mind I feel like some change should be made. Either something along the lines of: "The person with the most kills deals reduced damage to Garen (instead of Garen dealing more damage)" This would help Garen survive fights longer due to the nurf of his shield armor/magic resist. Or something like lowering his damage a small amount, but to compensate: "Garen's Q marks a target (some amount of cooldown before a new target can be marked) ...this marked enemy receives more damage from Garen... etc" In this way Garen could pick the target he would want to focus, that being a squishy back line or get a larger effect of the % damage against a tanky foe.


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