: New Celerity does nothing on Katarina.
Ok, so I just tested Katarina with Celerity, and it seems you are correct. Initial movespeed off of W with celerity (level 1 W, no boots or movespeed items, no movespeed from outside sources such as runes) was 485, movespeed off of W without celerity was also 485. The tooltip however did say it was giving movespeed bonuses and showing extra distance traveled.
: > [{quoted}](name=BlackNails,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=XlQEx7Oh,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-01T10:04:42.935+0000) > > For me it works just fine. Both heal and Kat W procs celerity speed increase. I just triple checked because of your comment, and no, they don't add any speed increase whatsoever. Then I wrote them down. As Kat- With Celerity: Heal - 437MS W - 485MS Total Distance gained when using: 0 Without Celerity: Heal - 437MS W - 485MS Maybe you can share what values you get instead, I get these values. Edit: The 'extra distance traveled' tooltip also seems to just not work, until about 2 minutes, and then it claims I'm gaining extra distance despite the exact same MS values. So at first it does nothing, then it calculates bonus distance falsely. Edit2: I just checked {{summoner:7}} (1s) as Ekko. With Celerity: 437MS Without Celerity: 437MS What bonus are you getting? It seems that if the steroid is too short, you get nothing to me. Edit3: I just tested as {{champion:121}} with Void Assault(1.25s MS steroid) and confirmed, it is completely ignored. Void Assault with Celerity: 475MS Void Assault without Celerity: 475MS (1.5s) Dravens Blood Rush with Celerity: 453MS Dravens Blood Rush without Celerity: 453MS (3s) Kayle Divine Blessing with Celerity: 408 Kayle Divine Blessing without Celerity: 400 See the problem?
> So at first it does nothing, then it calculates bonus distance falsely. Either that or it's falsely failing to display the movespeed increase but correctly displaying the bonus distance traveled. Your interpretation is probably more likely though.
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: [Bug/Feedback] Shield Bash and Mordekaiser
I noticed this when testing Mordekaiser as well, but I was able to get damage numbers off of it just using his passive. Specifically I was attacking a target dummy while under an enemy turret to see if getting more passive shield after the passive is removed via damage procced shield bash, and as far as I could tell it does. I forgot to take screen shots though, so I may come back with those soonish... As far as balancing is concerned though, I basically agree with you. I think the way the rune should work is either you get a proc every time you gain passive shield or only when you are at non-decay threshold/lower (or entering combat) does gaining passive shield give you a new procc. And as for how much damage it deals, it should probably either count all passive shield gained while continuously in combat since the last time shield bash was procced, or maybe just how much shield was gained with the highest shield gaining single ability (so probably E in most cases). Even if the rune was changed to work best case for Mord he still can't auto enemies very often, so it couldn't be more than a moderate buff anyways.
: Can't help but thing W being a placable ability would give you more options for trading/mobility, IE, doesn't drop it at feet, instead drops it at mouse cursor (probably same range as shunpo)
She already needs to make so many decisions so quickly and has such a high APM (actions per minute) requirement to play, that she really needs a non-targeted skill like W. You already need to think about when to use W for dagger location+movespeed boost, who to throw dagger at, when to shunpo, to what target, and where adjacent to that target, picking up daggers, when to use/cancel ult, and etc.; and then, you add in the reset passive so that you need to potentially make all of these decisions multiple times per second in a large fight. Needing to also think about where to place her W (and move your mouse there, then back to other targeting decisions) would be too much. Additionally, I believe it would give her too much control and unpredictability to give it that much range; if it were changed to be targeted, it should only be within a couple hundred units from her current location at most.
: Can you please do something to her Q or E her laning phase is much worse now (her previous Q hits several minions and pokes the champion) now it only hits 2 minions and lands and does no damage. If you hop in to activate your spin, you have 3 seconds to hop out. The CDR is too high to risk going in because you will get CC or hit. What I want in her Q is Q does damage when the dagger lands Q does damage + provides a slow when the dagger lands (so you can punish your enemy for being near your dagger by landing on it and spinning and since they are slowed they cant escape without using a ability. E make it to 100% CDR at level 1 so you can hop in and out without waiting 3 seconds to hop out. I honestly prefer her Q to do damage when it lands, a AoE damage.
It's 2.2 second wait (10s cd, 78% of 10 is 7.8, 10 - 7.8 = 2.2), not 3, at level one shunpo on the dagger reset. Also, if you are finding difficulty with being punished by enemy dmg/cc in those 2.2 seconds, try using your W immediately before shunpoing to the dagger you threw, then using the movespeed from the W to dodge/kite away from your opponent while waiting for E cooldown.
: Nidalee Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread!
I have 2 things to say in feedback so far (light testing only). 1. The hunt debuff doesn't really give enough time off of hitting a spear (although it's fine from the traps). 2. The cooldown on her heal shouldn't be increased without a corresponding buff to the duration of her attack speed steroid. Either don't increase it's cd and just decrease the base values of the heal even more (possibly with a mana cost reduction to not make it even less mana efficient), OR increase the duration of her attack speed steroid by ~1-1.5 seconds. I agree that she is still too safe, but I don't think that the only utility she has left (aside from granting vision with hunt) needs to be nerfed, especially since base healing and cd nerfs to the heal are already quite strong nerfs to bruiser nid's early lane phase and splitpushing potential. Tl;Dr: 1.Please increase hunt duration from spears 2.*Don't nerf the uptime on her attack speed steroid.*
: Rip Nid ap... Now she's more of an ad ;-;
> Rip Nid ap... Now she's more of an ad ;-; lol. If you mean RIP glass cannon poke queen nidalee, then *that's kinda the point*. People are sick of that crap, it's so unfun to play against a champ that deals huge high ranged damage from afar and *can't be gapclosed on*; then if you try to poke her back *huge healz for teh winz*. Sure her early lane phase is a bit weak, and you can punish her teamates in an all-in if your teamates haven't already eaten any poke from her, but there's *virtually no way to fight against nidalee herself* when she just pokes and plays safe. Also, skillshots are meant to be dodgeable and landable. What if someone told you the counterplay to ziggs was **dodge every single skillshot over and over even though he never runs oom**. You'd tell them *BS, I can't be expected to play perfectly, even in lcs people get hit by puns of damage... I mean skillshots*. It's not that you can't win games against nid, it's just that there is a serious lack of interaction with her as the game progresses. You either dodge all spears over and over and eventually punish her team in an all-in, or she pokes you down and does whatever the hell she wants. Basically the toxic part about nidalee is that she can poke heavily from afar, AND has amazing escapes, AND has spammable strong heals. You can never be expected to actually poke or catch out a nidalee unless she randomly decides to play unsafe; at the same time you have to pay tons of attention to dodging spears over and over and over. **It's simply not fun to play against.** Nothing to do with OPness or whining because I can't dodge a skillshot or some BS, it's just that the lack of interaction makes the game less fun. Actually a good way to put it is this: if I see a nid on the enemy team in ranked, I don't suddenly think "oh noes, this game will be hard!" I just think "meh, that's gonna be annoying as hell, hope she sucks!". However, if I see a nid on the enemy team in a normals I think: "*why me?!?* of all the champions, there has to be this one on the enemy team :/".
: These changes are cool and all but now the sniper essence of nidalee will be gone. Nidalee will end up being more of an upfront champion and it kinda sucks losing her sniper essence as there really is no other champion in the game that is built around sniping people and picking them off. Some of these changes are good but it upsets me to see nidalee changed in such a fashion {{champion:32}}{{item:3070}}
> These changes are cool and all but now the sniper essence of nidalee will be gone. Nidalee will end up being more of an upfront champion and it kinda sucks losing her sniper essence ***as there really is no other champion in the game that is built around sniping people and picking them off.*** Wut... How can you possibly say that. Did you forget about Xerath? Or maybe Lux? Those both easily fit into the pattern of sniper class champion. And if you're talking about a semi-sniper champion who lands skillshots to deal damage from afar then engages for the finisher: **THAT'S WHAT THE NEW NIDALEE IS!**
: [Suggestion] Featured game mode: lvl 18 full build start (5v5)
I think that a gamemode similar to this would be good... in order to help balance out late vs. early game champions, you could just make it so that everything gives 2, 3, 4, 5 or whatever amount times as much gold (and xp, although maybe a different multiplier) as normal (including passive gold generation, *everything*). Also, stacking champions like Veigar, or Nasus could have their stack gains increased as well. This would allow ealier game champions to still be viable, while keeping the overall theme of "test out full build x & not having to wait as long through lane phase."
*Mundo punches where he pleases.


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