: I would really like to see some Fnatic logo's thrown into more champions spells. Like, it's not something that was AS doable with SKTT1, or TPA. Like you could have the SKTT1 logo show up in the Zyra ulti which would be cool, or the logo pop out of the ground on her Q instead of golden spikes. And you could have the TPA Nunu ult have the TPA logo in it. The logo could also be in the Orianna W. It's not that much for those teams particularly. However Fnatic has a couple of very unique positions. Firstly they have a lot of skills which can incorporate these things. Secondly, they were the FIRST. They are the original champions of League of Legends. It's a very unique offer to be able to pay special homage to the team which more or less immortalized League of Legends in E-Sports. In the Road to Worlds video's Phreak said, you guys went crazy seeing the 200k viewers at the time. This is who they watched win. Sure the other champions, and teams definitely promoted and grew. Fnatic is the foundation though. Hell I'd pay more for them. You could put them on sale for the first couple days, or have a discount bundle. I'd still buy them all. With Fnatic there is so much to do I think. Janna's ult - under her in the big circle could be like a dark orange Fnatic logo. Janna's shield - Fnatic logo's on it. orange recolor Karthus' lay waste - Little Fnatic symbols under the orb. Recolor to orange. Karthus' wall of pain - Fnatic logos on the ends orange wall color Karthus' defile - having the Fnatic logo spinning around, or a bunch of little ones rotating throughout it. Jarvan's Cataclysm - the center of Cataclysm when he lands could have a Fnatic logo. Corki's phosphorous bomb - the logo could be inside its indicator when its coming down. could color to orange Corki's Valkyrie - when he Valkyries away he could leave little glowing Fnatic logos instead of burning spots. Gragas Barrel roll - under the summoners cup Gragas' Explosive cask - can have the logo behind too, when the cask explodes rather than just the alcohol bubbles scattering from the epicenter it can grow a Fnatic logo outward. It's all probably incredibly overkill, but I think it would be awesome still. Can you tell I am a huge Fnatic fan?? ...Fnatic.
Remember they are 750 rp skins, you are asking for a new whole price.
: I'll just drop this here: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/TmYAjTtk-azirs-w-and-nexus-turrets
Oh, and hearing shurima in every quote gets annoying, just an opinion.
: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands
I'll just drop this here: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/TmYAjTtk-azirs-w-and-nexus-turrets
Rioter Comments
: cant wait to play it seems really fun is this gonna be a permanent game mode or temporary one like urf and will this be replacing dominion
Featured ones are temporal, if I am not wrong.
: Why xerath? It'd be nice to see idk maybe a new boss or something, just saying. (:
If you look at Xerath's title you wil lsee that it's "the magus ascendant"
: We're not out to replace Dominion here, this is our next featured game mode!
Don't you ever dare to replace Dominion.
: Ashe rework ? please share your thoughts.
The thing about ashe is that she is in middle of the table, she is not overpowered, not underpowered. Perfect to learn the game. Perfect to learn basic mechanics.
: Gnar's Hyper, Rage and Runaan's Hurricane
: My idea was maybe we could sacrifice vision for really high damage. Currently his augments give him anywhere from 54 - 99 bonus AP. By moving the augments to the trinket slot, late game Viktor could have up to ~750 ap, way more than any other mage, only short of a veigar with ~350 farm. And come to think of it, Viktor can do fine in lane without having vision of his side brushes, due to his E, which is the 3rd longest poke behind Nidalee's spear and Jayve's q, and his gravity field. If the augments were to replace trinkets, he wouldn't have any vision of his own, balancing out the fact that he would have ridiculous burst. I'm sure it would be incredibly frustrating getting killed instantly by someone you can't even see. No augment switching or any of that jazz. You'll actually have to buy some wards, or have your jungler and support help you with vision control.
That won't happen, I believe Riot still wants to continue with the trinket part and not just change it for the augments. And, that would destroy you as viktor, since having that ward/scouting eye/lenses is very useful in lane (mostly the ward) since you don't have to spend that much money on vision.
: Because they share cooldowns, so they didnt want to punish you by throwing a rock right before detransforming (which is the optimal play since rocks do more damage than boomerangs).
I still believe that my point is valid, since they actually added himt he complexity of controling form, why not just making the REAL complexity come in?
: Viktor rework
The main problem that you'll find by moving it into his trinket slot is that you will have: **1. Yellow trinket** 1.1 Red augment 1.2 Blue augment 1.3 Yellow augment **2. Red trinket** 2.1 Red augment 2.2 Blue augment 2.3 Yellow augment **3. Blue trinket** 3.1 Red augment 3.2 Blue augment 3.3 Yellow augment Which basically will make him have 9 augments, but then you have to ask yourself: * Will he be able to switch between trinkets? * How? * Does that mean that we will now be able to switch between aguments whenever he wants? * Will that be really gold wise? * Is it really optimal for the players? * Is it easy to understand? * Do we want Viktor to be played like that? I don't believe that the best option is to keep the actual 3 augments if what you want to is moving them to trinket slot, personal opnion, open to discussion.
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: I just started to pick him up again and I had a hard time to find out what people evolve these days. There is no way you can find without watching vods of the games. Not sure if this is important enough to integrate this into the history because it is only one champion affected.
Q if you know someone is gonna splitpush. W if you see that they are grouping. E is always upgraded. R if you need to sneak or get focused too much. -The General knows it all.
: Sad Robot Amumu Jung Bug
I believe is a known bug that even happens in live sv.
: Relic Shield
Ranged champ, you have to last hit for it to work. The passive (minion execution) only applies to melee champs.
: I highly doubt that. Unless your source was a Rioter comment, which I also doubt. Riot has been pretty adamant about the fact that they have no intention of permanently implementing any (more) featured game modes.
I suppose that URF will be up the same dates as this season, which means april's fools. Just because of the appaerance of URF is directly related in it's own way.
: Jinx
It wont' be accepted, Chinese restrictions. Too many skulls. DoTA2 had the same problem with some heros showing skulls and things liek that, Valve had to do horrible things to some of them.
: Yep, I'm well aware of that fact. You make that pretty clear. Is there any particular reason that you felt the need to clarify?
I felt the way you said it implied that I did that statement, my bad
: Lol. The entire purpose of The PBE is to improve the LIVE experience by performing some quality control before it hits live. The more difference between LIVE and PBE servers, the less effective the testing becomes.
That was Riot's opinion, not mine
: Improve Customs Games
Riot stated not a long ago, I believe, thet they probably wouldn't do something like that, since they don't want the PBE to be THAT different to the live servers.
: heimerdinger are bugged
But, the turret from the ultimate DOES attack
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Final Boss Veigar
Some problems/things I found with the skin, just some short points. * When using W some of the figures don't really look alike the actual blast zone, which sometiems can lead to an error in calculating the width by the enemy player. * When last-hitting a cannon minion with q itdoesn't do the "explosion", it just dies, don't know if that is supposed to happen, but if it is not it would be nice, since the normal minions have the animation. (Haven't tested it with super minions, if anyone has the chance I'd be very thankful.) * The R animation is pretty huge, compared to the normal one. Don't know if I am the only one that doesn't really like it that big. Didn't find any other "problem" related to it, I really liked the skin and the concept, keep up the great job.
: Nidalee ...
Pick xin, pick aatrox or one with huge gapclosers that offer cc, see her jump, jump on her, free dmg all day long
: Fror me it's great, the only thing I find kinda weird is his bottom jax, for some reason it seems like it has its own life
: Link Issue on Updates
: Upcomming Heca skin or....?
Hm, I posted this in the normal forums long time ago (by that I mean I was the one that did the pics and all those things) and got no answer from red, I suppose it may be the same as Renekton, as someone stated befroe, but the skin has not been revealded yet, Same with zed, it may be a championship skin? Victorious? We will never know until Riot decides to tell us.
: Loading Screen UpDate
REmember that not all champions have animations, just the ones that came later and/or got reworks
: Gnar Login Screen!
Fror me it's great, the only thing I find kinda weird is his bottom jax, for some reason it seems like it has its own life
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