: I think this is what is happening. The two damages are ticking together to make a "crit" strike. So the 132-51(from cinder)-43(Sunfire)=38/2=19(your level...almost) So I'm assuming magic pen must have a factor in this? Or just due to some weird rounding and some messed up coding when the 2 tick at the same time we are getting additional damage? Don't really know, just throwing some ideas out there. :) EDIT: Also, are these two even supposed to stack?
I had no Magic Penetration (Fulltank runes and masteries to get the 8k HP without the bladed armor since it would have falsified the result) and I was careful not to get the 4th dragon before recording. They are not supposed to stack since the passives are unique and have the same name. It would be logical if the damage would equal cinder+sunfire but the problem is that it's twice the maxdamage of cinderhulk (being 66 ingame even though it shouldn't be) so 66*2=132.
: actually tried this and it happened as described I played as mundo and bought both sunfire and cinder and let the minion wave build up around me and at full stacks it was doing 50 damage about 4-5 ticks then on the 5th or 6th tick it would do 122 and then every once in a while it would tick twice immediately after the first tick (like 50-50 then wait a second 50 next second 50 then next second 50-50 then next second 50 then next second 122) wish I could get a screen shot or video but my recording software is on the fritz I guess lol
I managed to get a good recording of it :D. Did you have 2 different ticks of 50 damaging the same target within 1 second AND the 122s? The damage I saw was ticking in normal intervals, it just had this double damage.
: Maybe it was the damage from the new gromp after you smite it.
That might be something but the problem with this theory is that the damage was completely inconsistent, without set intervalls and actually dealing the "crit" damage in an aoe aura fashion simultaneously in a minion wave I tested that with. That shouldn't work with the gromp buff since minions do not attack simultaneously.
: Bard Champion Feedback Thread
Just a short question: Bard's ultimate is currently has no effect on Dominion Towers. Is that intentional or simply not put in yet?
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