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: Ping spikes?
What the hell is happening? Same thing happening to me... like 20k ping in a few secs window and suddenly can't move, talk or do shit
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: Failed to connect issue is still NOT fixed after maintenance!
It's happened to me 3 f*cking games in a row. They need to fix this.
: Can't connect (Error: {{errorCode}}})
Same problem here. I've also tried restarting the computer and nothing. RIOT PLS FIX IT {{sticker:cass-cry}}
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: Maybe because the gamemode Odyssey: Extraction wasnt supposed to be permanent and it's time is already up? Duh
The missions say it still has 10 days left, and the message they sent you when you logged in for the first time after they placed the gamemode it was that Odyssey lasted till the 8th of october.
: Augments for Odyssey Are Missing?
I seem to have the same problem.
: Im disconnecting on every game I enter in PBE every single time
The same has been happening to me the last few games in the PBE, the games loads normally but when I open shop there's a bugsplat.


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