: Nerf vayne's stealth to 0.99 seconds
I don't think Vayne will be a problem with that item. She is an AA champ. If she wait 1 full second to get that passive, she may lose a lot DPS from AA and W. Kha is a melee champ and has his skill cd so he has a good reason to wait 1 second after combo.
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: What's the point banning the reworked champions
People don't want to test. I played one Poro King game. I was the only one who picked these reworked assassins (Fizz) when only Kata was banned.
: Okay guys this is super janky but it will get you in... After you press launch click on Kog'maw. It turns out the UI is missing for the EULA agreement. We are working on a fix but that should get you in, I tested it out myself :)
Working for me. However, not exactly Kog, just click anything you can.
: 什么时候能开放测试末日人机啊
你们总偷塔不正经玩儿,拳头不想给你弄 (Hes asking for Doom Bot)
: [ Suggestion ] Remove T1 and T2 runes permanently + low level matchmaking changes
Disagree. Its far from useless since you can get every T2 rune you want after one game. T2 runes have about 80% stat of T3's but basically free. New players need IP to buy champs but full page T3 runes cost a lot. If I had one smurf, I wouldn't buy any T3 runes until I had some champs. BTW: Do you know all T1 runes have been removed and all T2 runes are 1 IP now?
: Ekko nerf PBE 20-5-2016
Wait, is it allowed to use champ name as summoner name? I heard people with the future champ name would be ask to change their names after that champ released.
: I'm sorry, my english is quite mèh so i can't express myself properly :\ I wanted to say that, like you said, AP Ekko get a nerf until he reach 200 AP, and you need a couple of item to do this ( like Morello + Lich bane + Runes, but is just an example), until you get those stats your Q is nerfed, but when you get more AP you get just a small buff, also the Q outgoing damage is not so strong, so having a little late game buff is ok. The ulti instead when you reach late game becomes INSANE with this buff, with a full build(and so a Rabadon) the damage can be really REALLY HIGH, even right now does a lot of damage. Moreover, they HAVE to overtune the AP scaling to compensate a nerf that is almost useless for tank Ekko. Just leave the spell as it is, wait about Q changes, and if is not enough nerf the base damage/slow of the passive or the % healt regeneration from the ult. They are really risking to overtune his scalings on spells to nerf tank Ekko right now. They probably have to do this, but at least do it on the right side, 50 AOE damage every 60 seconds(more ore less) are not the main problem about Tank Ekko. Just don't touch what is not strictly necessary, and at the same time hit what IS strictly necessary. Anyway, I really don't like spells with more then 100-120% AP scaling, unless are over time damage that you can escape/interrupt(kata for example) or need to be channeled. Maybe is just me but just reading on a spell 1.5 Ap scaling gives to me a feeling like " WTF? How something like that can be fair?! " xD
Even with 600AP, his ult only deal 600*0.2-50=70 more damage. AP Ekko's ult wouldn't be a problem if you think "50 AOE damage every 60 seconds are not the main problem about Tank Ekko" AP Ekko's QWER are all nerfed before about 250AP since early patch. I doubt that he even has a mid game after so many early game nerf and the mid-season mages update. EDIT: btw, Viktor's max E deal 410+1.2AP magic damage.
: About Ekko's changes.
Whats your actually point ? He need 200AP to get same power on Q, while 250AP on R. Both are nerf to AP Ekko's early-to-mid game. Why you think the Q need some buff change but R is too powerful?
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: Yeah they cost RP for me too. But they just gave everybody 3500 RP to test the new RP/IP scripts, not like it matters.
Anyone have RP problem on PBE? I have about 100K RP/IP, not even realizing that 3500RP.
: [5/12] I just want Vel'Koz proc'ing his passive again with his ultimate =(
Then they must remove his true damage on R and revert its ratio. "because that was the fun to the ability" Its not fun, its powerful.
: Remove Ban's in Urf on pbe
I played 3 games yesterday. Taliyah was never baned.
: > [{quoted}](name=Fizz is not Fish,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=e0Pddzeo,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-05-02T15:46:35.797+0000) > > " custom " custom or not, the bot was intermediate, level 18 with full build, some health from rylai's, and some MR from abyssal and all i did was press E on it
Math time: Viktor's E full damage is (230+0.5AP)+(160+0.6AP)=390+1.1AP It deal 390+1330*1.1=1853 damage with 1330AP. For any human player who has 12MR from runes and 50MR from Abyssal, the true MR after M-Pen runes + boot + Liandry >= 30+12+50-8-15-15=54 (54+1.25*18=76.5 for most melee champs) The damage after MR reduction is 1853*100/(100+54)=1203 It should be a little more because of your Masteries and Elixir but wouldn't make too much difference, since every lv18 champ has more than 1800 HP with 0 HP item. It's basically impossible to one-shot anyeone with just 390+1.1AP ability in late game.
: If you want to make your point, arguments work better than caps lock.
: i think that it is weaker than earth and especially fire. 10% missing mana is a lot because you can blow out mana and stay with 50% while with 50% HP you probably go back to the base or use a pot. so your missing HP reg will never work that well. 5% of your max HP at best in sustain situations every 18 sec? Warmogs regs 54% if your HP in the same time out of combat. And It doesn't need to be even close to warmogs OOC reggen, that would be way too storng. But my main problem for this patch is less the balancing. That will probably come with 6.10 and later. The main problem is the water dragons second buff and that this one is even worse than the first one. 100/150/300% power instead of 100/200/300% power which means the second one on water drake is worse than the other second dragon buffs (and first and thrid) while the third one is stronger (% stronger not total).
I can understand the second water dragon problem. However, comparing water dragon to Warmogs is not fair. You need 3k max hp AND be OOC to get Warmogs' passive, which is very different from water dragon's forever passive. You cant recall when enemy want to kill you but the random 10% missing hp may change the full battle. Say, both enemy and you have 100 hp and just AA to death. Suddenly, you get free 100 hp now. Dangerous Game : Champion kills and assists restore 5% of missing health and 5% of missing mana. I know many people have been saved by Dangerous Game, and im expecting same thing with water dragon.
: fire one is pretty crazy just played a custom where i got three infernals in a row and then elder was playing viktor with scaling APs, sorc boots, liandry's, hex core, rabadon, rylai's, seraph's, blue buff, AP elixir had 1330 AP. Literally one shot 100-0'd level 18 enemy fiddlesticks and karthus with E
: New Dragon buffs and an inconsistency
WTF you think Water one is bad. 10% missing HP/Mana is a lot.
: Guinsoo Rageblade
I think its the point Guinsoo only get AS from stacks, like the old two. Maybe they will change the item path.
: Zac on One for All
Anivia can self-TP her egg. Aatrox is untargetable. Zac can be TPed.
: Rageblade Vayne = Early S5 Devourer Vayne
WTF, can you give a PVP video? This is Vs.Bot game and you are hard feed.
: An over hour in PBE queue, is that normal?
If any special game mode is up, its normal for Normal Game. I have never wait for more than 3min when queue as One-for-All/HexKill/PoroKing.
: The difference is that the phantom hit effect on guinsoos is going to be gated behind the stacks. The phantom hit will proc for the 1st time on the 8th basic attack so assuming 2.5 attack speed it will take a minimum of 3 seconds for any champion to get the passive. I think that if phantom hit can exist in a balanced state in lol this is going to be the best bet. For vayne specifically the item will never be 100% gold efficient on a pure stats level because she has no ap scalings so it is unlikely to be picked up before a major attack speed item and a lifesteal item.
assuming 2.5 attack speed it will take a minimum of 3 seconds for any champion to get the passive ---------------------------------------- {{champion:96}} Hi
: Guinsoo's and Vayne (and other champions)
You know the price and its new stat, right? 3600G: 35 AD + 50 AP + 15 on-hit damage After 6 AA: 53 AD + 74 AP + 48% AS + 15 on-hit damage + Rage Passive. New Guinsoo's AP does nothing on Vayne. THE CHAMP YOU SHOULD MENTION IS {{champion:96}} . Its very easy to get 6 stacks with his W.
: Fizz E doesn't have a casttime tho... And it kinda always feels like 1 second I guess 0.3 seconds is more reasonable then. Enough time to dodge stuff if you're good and not too much to be untargetable all the time like Fizz is.
Untargetable time doesn't simply work just as it tells. It will cancel the casting ability on them and you need another casting time ( most ability ) to hit them after they reappear ( point-click AA/ability especially ). Its the reason Fizz's E feels like 1 second. Even 0.1s untargetable will make everything different.
: Kassadin Idea
Really bad if you know what does 0.5 second untargetable time mean. (Fizz's E is 0.75 second.)
: 180% mana regen is an odd and random number
: assassins unbalanced
: We need more RP!
I think I only need RP when I want to change my summoner name.
: Illaoi in Aram
They don't care anything on ARAM.
: Why does PBE not refill the rp anymore?
idk the detail but why you want more rp if everything is 1 ip?
: Poppy Spam Speech on low health
Rioter Comments
: Rageblade Math
: What is the difference between spell damage and ability damage?
**MAYBE** ability damage is champs abilities damage(passive+qwer) spell damage is anything that trigger spell vamp, which are champs abilities (on-hit abilities not include) damage + {{summoner:11}} + item actives(gunblade) **MAYBE**
: April Fool's still here, Rito? I can see Ekko players just taunting their opponents while running after them with that passive, there is no way to get out of the passive, especially because his dash and Q can proc it.
> [{quoted}](name=SKT T1 Redi,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=Zn8Ur3Qw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-05-14T02:05:09.849+0000) > > April Fool's still here, Rito? I can see Ekko players just taunting their opponents while running after them with that passive, there is no way to get out of the passive, especially because his dash and Q can proc it. Yes, I just think it's an April Foll's joke when I see the notes on ss@20. So I check it on this board..but wtf..
: AD Akali anyone? Max E for ultimate troll?
> [{quoted}](name=TrollinTrollN00B,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=8bbAghsg,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-05-05T00:15:08.802+0000) > > AD Akali anyone? > > Max E for ultimate troll? yes, ad tank akali. max e first, build as jax (tf+brok+..)
: Thornsmail bugged to do more dmg than intended (Ashe Rework)
>During the flurry attack, Ashe will Crit (from her passive) and Lifesteal, but will only apply on-hit effects like BotRK and Braum passive on the first arrow of each flurry attack I think only on-hit to first attack is ONLY FOR BALANCE. It's coded as on-hit(because only on-hit dmg apply lifesteal), but this will make flurry too OP if you build brok. so they just remove the other on-hit effect.
: Ashe cannot critical strike anymore. The tooltip screenshot I attached explains it clearly. If you noticed the 100 base magic damage, that IS the bonus damage from the {{item:3087}} passive. The critical chance from SS should only beef up Ashe's autoattacks if they have already been slowed by Frost Shot.
My Bad. Expecting bonus dmg from SS passive at the first attack.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Xypherous,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=bgEQXtEu,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2015-03-05T22:42:43.998+0000) > > I think I should have this down for the next ship as well as a fix for the UNLIMITED WARD WORKS bug. I love the idea of the mandrake ward, however, aren't they a little too similar to Maokai's {{champion:57}} saplings? Is there anything in the works for a change of visuals for the ward?
> [{quoted}](name=TheOldOnes,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=bgEQXtEu,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2015-03-06T05:35:29.047+0000) > > I love the idea of the mandrake ward, however, aren't they a little too similar to Maokai's {{champion:57}} saplings? > Is there anything in the works for a change of visuals for the ward? {{item:3508}} was blue {{item:3072}} {{item:2139}} was blue {{item:3087}} They may give it a new visual days later.
: Swain Buff
yes, let's buff a top 10 winrate champ.
: Will of the Ancients will become inferior to Hextech Gunblade.
{{item:3146}} : 3400G, 80AP, 20% Spell vamp, Active {{item:3152}}+{{item:1026}} : 2500G+860G=3360G, 120AP, 20% Spell vamp, 10% CDR Anyone who has no AD ratio will build Gunblade? EDIT: Buffing Will of the Ancient to be another 120 AP item may be a good idea after the removal of DFG.
: So when are the actual Fizz nerfs coming?
You max W firstly? If not, you can only get that damage at lv13 or lv18. He has to get something from the huge nerf of Q.

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