: Hey, I appreciate the feedback! There are a few things here I can take back to the team for discussion. Regarding audio, there will be new SFX on Q, W, E and R. As noted in the original thread, E and R are not on PBE at the moment, nor are the SFX for her recall. Her AAs will sound similar to base, but will be different; at the end of the day, they're both metal swords!
Any chance the E AAs will be more similar to Aetherwing in function than Base?
: Hunt of the Blood Moon game mode available shortly on PBE
I personally believe you heavily missed the mark on the champion list. I don't want to criticize the champions you did add because you clearly have your reasons even if I disagree with a pick like Ahri. But the champions you excluded? : Aatrox, Fiora, Graves, Irelia, Jarvan, Jax, Kled, Master Yi, Nidalee, Nocturne, Quinn, Riven, Twitch, Warwick, Wukong, and Xin Zhao are not to be seen? You have basically said, Nocturne ult was annoying, and the lack of cc made Master Yi W annoying. Meanwhile Yasuo, Shaco, Rengar, Pantheon, Lee Sin, LeBlanc, Kennen, Kassadin, Fizz, Elise, Ekko, Diana, Camille, and Ahri can all interupt his W. The ones who can't are Zed, Talon, Kha'Zix, Katarina, Evelynn, and Akali. 14 champions can interupt it, and half of them can do it very reliably. And if we want to talk about people like Jarvan, Jax, and Wukong being too naturally tanky, why are we including Ekko, Pantheon, and Yasuo?
: You've actually hit upon one of the pain points of just generally anything affecting Akali. There's a bunch of stuff on the backend that means that work on Akali has been hard to justify because someone is always like 'I'll totally update Akali - I swear' and then nothing happens and then... I sympathize with you on wondering where fixes or interim fixes for your favorite champion has been. After all this time, I honestly *still* don't have a great answer for that given that I don't work on specific patch to patch tuning. Apologies - it's not much of an answer. I can poke around about it - but given that the last couple of times of 'no - there's totally going to be an update' kind of thing going - it's just kind of a frustrating situation and I imagine it's even worse for you.
Akali has lost her luster since her W got changed to move speed instead of armor and mr, basically every other ap assassin has outshined her since. The only thing that kept her around as an assassin was how well she sustained with lifesteal and spellvamp. With that disappearing she is going to disappear. She has always been my favorite champion to play, but honestly it feels like she only gets hit over and over with the nerf bat while champions like Ahri and Katarina sit on her old throne. There is literally no reason to build an assassin Akali any more. Once you nerf out her tank build there will be no reason to play her at all without major changes being made to her kit. But no matter what you do, once you remove her spell vamp build she will never be anything more than another AP assassin to throw into the mix of "which is strongest?" when you decide to pick one. Ahri, Akali, Diana, Katarina, LeBlanc, and Nidalee will just go through a cycle of play being that whichever is the strongest that patch is the one being played, their builds are going to look nearly identical, and the only thing determining their play will be possible counters and which has the best numbers.
: **Edit:** **One of the most agreed upon posts and it's completely ignored, you won't even provide us some numbers as an example or say anything to alleviate any worries. When mage items were initially dumpstered in price and stats the post wrote that you guys were more than willing to change or go back on anything, yet you're just compounding it with more nerfs, after despite near all the feedback saying the nerfs were far too much. Near every topic about it was ignored. Why aren't the hundreds of thousands of games of statistics enough to make you change your minds?!** **Why am I not surprised? The typical Riot "We are always right and we know what is healthy for the game and good for you" attitude continues. Because this game is so much more healthy and fun than it was in Season 4 right? No, it's not. Your model of what efficiency is fair for a mage is absurd and your stubbornness to acknowledge that or your mistakes is best described as disgusting.** **In any other industry this attitude Riot has would lead to instant company failure, but because of the foothold you have and relative lack of competition you just carry on doing whatever you want regardless of the opinions of the customer base; which at best you just get offended at and ignore unless it's something you can easily dismiss in a few lines based on your ideas rather than anything real or proven through thorough testing. Even if your ideas are statistically proven wrong you continue with them and call yourselves "overly correct" or similar insanity instead of ever admitting a mistake.** Original post: Why is AP being so heavily reduced after it was already heavily reduced while the crazy costs are still beyond unreasonable for what they provide? Mana regen removed in exchange for a negligible amount of mana? Why are you guys nerfing mages AGAIN so heavily? None of the mage ratios make sense anymore, they'd have to be dramatically increased at this point to compare to what other classes do. At the cost of 2400 gold for Banshee's tanks now really can ignore mages even if they have no resources. YOUR PRESEASON 6 CHANGES WHICH STAYED MADE LANING SLOWER AND MORE BORING while simultaneously ensuring that ~~tanks~~ any class with Banshee's/Visage can easily 1v1 any mage essentially gimping them. THESE CHANGES ARE GOING TO MAKE LANING EVEN MORE BORING/PASSIVE and make mages worse than trash later in the game. Whatever your intentions might be, which appears to be yet another all-encompassing nerf to mages, you're going to definitely make the laning phase a lot more passive. There's NOTHING in any of those items that's a net gain for mages, those mana amounts cannot possibly compensate for losing mana regen entirely and mage ratios are now a relic of the past which make no sense. CAN WE PLEASE SEE SOME MATH BEHIND THIS?! IN THE PRESEASON YOU GUYS CLAIMED YOU DID A MATH PASS WHEN DUMPSTERING MAGES, SHOW US THAT MATH! I honestly don't believe for a moment that you play mages otherwise you'd know how horrible they feel to play right now, and you'd find out very quickly they're chump change compared to all other classes in the game. I started playing sometime in 2011, with these changes I think I'm actually done after ~5 years, I think that's a wrap, I quit. If you showed anyone the Season 6 changes in S5, which was a disaster itself, they'd think it's a joke. Look up the stats of how many old accounts are going inactive this season, especially after these nerfs go through.
I have to agree. I think we are going to see AP disappear from mid lane with these items. They make AP top laners extremely viable, but make mid lane mages useless. I honestly believe AD is going to dominate mid with these changes. Varus, Zed, Talon, Quinn, Ezreal, Corki and Jhin are already seen mid. Rumble, Vlad, Lulu, Ryze, Swain, Teemo, Malphite, Nautilus, Maokai, Kennen, Kayle, Lissandra, Kassadin, Heimerdinger, Ekko, Elise, Evelynn, Diana, and Aurelion Sol are already seen top. And these item changes facilitate all of these playstyles from what I have seen.
: Strange Rengar Bug
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2hLDT9ZbFE&feature=youtu.be here's a video on how to reproduce it
: 0.0 Please check if it's live first before doing that; what happens if its exploitable like the Riven bug a while ago?
Doing that right now EDIT: Does not work on live, thank god.
: Strange Rengar Bug
Alright, I found a way to reproduce it 100%. I'm uploading a youtube video about it and posting it on reddit too.
: Was able to replicate it pretty consistently.
I can't get it to recreate this way. Are you sure that's how you're doing it?
: Happened to me too. You can spam W as well.
Do you have any way of recreating it properly? I can't seem to get it working every time.
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: The scaling on her Q is 1.30 actually, a lot of people are quoting her Q damage and scaling wrong. its 12% max health shred with a 1.30 bonus AD scaling... yet its weaker than the old Q for multiple reasons.
No, it's .65 bonus AD. You are not going to hit both parts of your q all the time. "Having 100 AD and 50% crit chance does not make you have 200 AD."
: As a old poppy main back in seasons 1-3 Im absolutely in love with the new poppy, it is a little frusting what they did with her personality but new poppy is just as likeable... Q is great IMO, maybe a slightly better scaling ratio, a 1 for 1 would be great but maybe to strong since its mainly just an AA reset. W is also great, maybe more visual clarity E just as beautiful as before And I love the new ult so muchmore than old ult, it has so many different uses, it could use some QoL buffs but still, it is intended to be used in a variety of ways, peeling, evening 2v5 fights, long range finisher, short range aoe knock up. Only thing Id say is make it true damage.
The scaling on her Q right now is .65 bonus AD, if they made it simply .65 TOTAL AD it would make it more balanced.
: Easy: get rid of the enemy front line so your team can destroy their backline.
I can see that working.
: Okay i have to admit. Riot should really do something with her W. I mean the damage on it makes no sense at all. It only does damage if some tries to leave what? I was thinking. What if you activate it and Heroic Charge can trigger the damage? Sorry if someone on another forum already said this idea. just sayin. Now ask for her Ultimate i can see great utility in it if done right. You know like Bards ultimate. IF YOU USE IT RIGHT. Your god tier. IF YOU USE IT WRONG. You suck the ult sucks and everyone hates you. And if some's health is low enough when you ult them it is hilarious to see there bodies fly as they die especially Karthus. :D Now when it comes to her ratio's i have to agree her damage is very underwhelming and look i KNOW she has the whole %Max Health Physical damage thing going on but honestly seems a bit lack luster. And when it comes to her football tackle I THOUGHT riot said that they were trying to make that easier to hit....guess they said forget that huh?
I just don't see how it's useful offensively. Bard can ult the enemy team while they get in position since it's a ranged ability, and is also a bigger AOE. Her ult's knockup zone is pretty small and since you can't react to it until AFTER they land, it's basically useless for wombo combos or anything offensive.
: I agree with all of this for the most part. Her W is terrible passively, it gives Poppy barely ANY bonuses armor and mr wise. If the scaling was better it could be a decent ability (the active is good(wish the movespeed buff lasted longer like prework poppy)) Also her Q is really weak, it used to 1 shot people, yet now it feels like its not even reliable for damage. I like that her ult is so useful for disengaging and escaping aswell as 1v1s or duels where you can use it as a HUGE knockup, but for the most part it isnt good for teamfights or engaging. If the ability could knock the enemy the same way it hits them (liuke suggested above) then it would be 100% better and it wouldnt be that broken(if at all) {{champion:78}} Another HUGE issue is Poppy's Identity and Character. This has been touched on ALOT by others in the community, but Poppy is not the same Battle hardened, merciless warrior anymore. She is an extremely modest yordle and thats not like her. The only change to her character that Ive liked is that she finally knows some jokes. But she isnt the same Poppy we know and love.
Honestly, it's good to keep a mindset of having a clean slate (kit wise) for Poppy. She's extremely broken (not in the good way) on live so comparing her abilities on live vs rework isn't really viable. I do also agree that her lore and personality is a bit lame. I just wish they didn't change her joke. Poppy isn't supposed to know any jokes. http://puu.sh/lyMBH/5a9b150d10.mp3
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: Two (2) Poppy Bugs
It's just the animation being cancelled. If she ults anyone that is already dashing, it will apply a knockup but not actuallly knock the character up visually. Riot should fix this as I'm sure they already know of it.
: [Bug] Poppy
This existed before her rework, therefore it's not a bug.
: Poppy Titanic Hydra bug
This is technically considered a melee attack with enhanced range. This is most likely how it's intended to work since if they classed her passive as a ranged attack, the item's passive wouldn't work at all. It's a unique situation that I doubt will change, but let's see what Riot says.
: Hi i know EXACTLY what you are talking about. Just over and over. And i think i found another but as well. I'm not sure though. Poppy's ult is suppose to send the opponents flying but i think it's bugged because when i try to launch them they barely go anywhere. they just stop mid air and come back down. Am i missing something? If so please let me know. thanks. :)
No, if you just tap it without charging it for at least 2 seconds, it'll just be a giant knockup.
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: Sion Champion Update on the PBE!
My thoughts on Sion, as playing him a lot the past few days has been interesting. His jungle clear is amazing, therefore camping jungle till level 6 is a good strat. He dies in his passive way too fast. The speed buff is also very bad, hard to stick to anyone since your item actives/passives don't work. It should either last longer, or allow actives like frozen mallet or phage to proc. His max charge Q is hard to hit, I think the slow on his E should be a little better (50>55>60>65>70) so it's easier to hit people running away. Since 99% of people I try to charge up on can just sidestep it easily. Possibly another thing would be make his minimum charge Q do more damage. I also feel like his ult is very hard to use unless you're like in a lane. It's impossible to use in the jungle, or anywhere other than lanes and river. His turning should be a little more lenient, and possibly make the hitbox for him hitting walls a little more forgiving. It's going in the right direction but I don't think he's quite there yet, take these into consideration :)

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