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: Cursor Update on PBE
My problem with the cursor is that right clicking can sometimes be a little off since the hitbox of the cursor is a little bit clunky (old as well as new). This can sometimes result in autoattacking the wrong target when you aren't using the attack move key. What I wish to see is an option to permanently switch to the square cursor that appears when you give the order to attack move click (pressing a or x by default). The box shape is way more symetrical and feels way more accurate. I think this is a good timing to bring such change.
: What Kai'Sa Build do you Enjoy Most? Here's Mine!
{{item:3006}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3139}}
: But you need to understand, its worthless to have in the game since most parties use Discord, also they would most likely have a mute button.
"Most parties" ? I wouldn't be quite so sure about that especially when you just add someone. Like it isn't the case that everytime you're adding someone new they'll instantly vc with you. The new vc system is really nice imo and it really supports teamplay. Good idea, nicely excecuted. It makes it really fun to play with people from a previous game with vc. I am actually not sure if they should enable it for soloQ. Flamers are probably going to stay mute and insult your voice but well. Riot in general needs to take more actions and excessive toxicity, especially in higher MMRs has to be picked out. I'm refering to the bad stuff that goes beyond dropping the n word or excessively cursing at teammates. Even intentionally not giving their best or not doing the most efficient play when they are fully aware that they aren't, just to harm you, is not detected (and it's really difficult to do so due to insecurities and the risk of banning innocent people)
: for real did you see the damage diffrence before commenting ? leaving her as she is now is ok even tho she's garbage but going through with these Q changes might aswell remove her from the game
I think she rather needs a shift in where the damage from her kit is coming from. Right now you can still dish out a lot of damage by having an empowered auto attack with {{item:3100}} when you hit your bubble, but not your Q. Basically you are still rewarded although you don't hit your Q. That being said I think Riot should decrease the damage coming from her passive and put a part on it on her Q. Pressing R and auto with lich bane hurts, and it's not difficult to execute and it gets worse when you hit your E as an example. The other thing I'd be worried about would be her E, not the damage part but the skill itself. You can use it completely out of vision and you are rewarded since you can't really dodge it when it hits you directly into your face from 300 miles away (using terrain)


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