: I can't reproduce it.
Idk it was probably just a random bug for me.
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: That is not a bug.
Well why is it healing even when it is being attacked?
: Tahm Kench Bug Thread
**Tahm Kench and Gromp Bug:** Gromp heals when attacked out of its camp. Note: I don't know if this works with other champs that can pull gromp out of its camp (such as Blitzcrank), but when I discovered this bug I was using Tahm Kench. If you have vision of the Gromp camp, and Tahm Kench does Q+W to devour the gromp and spit it out in another area, when you start attacking the Gromp, it will keep on healing - even though it is being attacked and it is not in its camp: **Video** (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktbK8zWuUc8) **Reproduce:** 1). Pick Tahm Kench 2). Ward Gromp camp or have vision of it 3). Q+W the Gromp out of its camp 4). Start attacking Gromp after you spit it out somewhere else 5). Notice how it keeps healing
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