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: Thanks btw! We should have a fix in for this today :)
Kinda just going to hijack you for a second... are you guys aware that Ionian boots in snow urf are giving summoner spell cdr to flash and snowball? I know that every time you bring urf back to the PBE the boots break and grant the summoner spell cdr and you guys change it before release.
: Not Giving Base Armor/MR to all champions is a HUGE mistake
They got rid of magic pen and mr runes... It basically balances out. You cant just give people a bunch of armor and mr as base since the common things people took to counter those things are gone. You would just make everyone tankier than before the rune rework.
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: AR URF Random Pick
Its RANDOM there is nothing to fix.
: Remove Nerfs on Kassadin
Kass in urf would be literally broken if the nerfs were reverted. That would be a .4 second cd on R (.1 second higher than Eve q) with a 360 base damage and 60% ap ratio and a 6% mana ratio... that is ungodly retarded damage. That is over 1k damage per second with only a dcap
: You're missing the point. now imagine gw on top of the healing embargo which doesn't affect AD champions at all.
How does heal embargo not effect ad champions?
: it's not happening. whatever's there is there. either play the mode or don't play it.
Yo retard. You do know that them disabling an item in urf isnt something new right?
: The edge of night is indeed horrendously overpowered on urf, and makes champions that were already difficult and annoying to play against nearly unstoppable killing machines. I would say the easiest option is just to remove the damn thing, but if you truly wanted to keep it around for the occasional karthus than the cooldown needs to be raise to somewhere between 45-60 seconds, and it needs to stay at that amount, not be lowered by the urf cdr.
Literally any ad champion jumps up power tiers with just this 1 item. Fiora goes from retardedly strong but manageable to ff@20 with just this item.
: You're right, being able to do 500-2000 damage to every person on the map every 30 seconds is completely reasonable. Yes, it is a bit unfair for Karthus that anyone who buys Edge of Night can avoid being hit by any Karthus ultimate ever. Good. Abilities with no counterplay don't belong at the top of the damage chart every single game. You can dodge a Kassadin's E and R, you can dodge Katarina's passive and R, you can dodge Jax's E, Nautilus Q, and E, Soraka Q and E, Galio Q and E. You can't dodge an ability that targets everyone on your team whether you are dead or not. But yea, let's pretend that Karthus is weak because he can have multiple instances of Wall of Pain active at the same time. Let's pretend he's weak because he has an AoE machine gun that can crit on less than a 1 second cooldown. Forget he can keep his E on forever, so you can never trade with him in melee range. He's weak. It really sucks that Edge of Night makes it so Karthus can't suicide into 5 people, and press R to win the fight. Now he has to actually play the game like everyone else, What bullshit. When 100% of your opponents are buying a Banshee's Veil, Edge of Night, or Zhonya's you're playing a broken champion.
to do 2000 damage to a champion with karthus ult you would need around 2500 ap with them having 0 mr... So you are wayyy off on your numbers. Also if you are letting Karthus get to that point to begin with your team is beyond bad.
: Yeah it's basically like having another ability. Making it longer should be better.
the only way it should be allowed is if it literally had the same cd as it does normally. 30 seconds is stil short enough to be up for a lot of the longer ult cd's in the game.
: AP Maokai and the new nerf.
They aren't going to buff a champion just because they play differently on URF. Get over it.
: If it was a mistake, it's a welcomed mistake. It helps deal with the long-standing broken K-trio champions in Karthus, Kassadin, and Katarina
are you literally retarded? Karthus? Broken? No. Not even close. Everyone can literally run out of his Q since everyone has super boosted ms, so there is already a major part of his damage gone. Most champs have dashes or blinks so even if you manage to hit a Q doesn't matter because they have a dash on a 2 second cd and will be long gone before you catch up to them from the first one. Unless you mean his ult, that has a 8 second longer cd than zhonyas, meaning that all you have to do to counter karthus is buy a zhonyas because it will always be up for every ult unless for some reason you burn it early.
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: no one ever said the pbe servers would move and why would they? it's not like you need a ping of 17 to test pbe stuff
To reflect the live servers? Thats the intention of the PBE to test things in an environment similar of that to the live servers. Also yes, during all the server relocation roadmaps and Q&A for the server re-location it was stated that while the PBE was going to stay put for now they were going to move them over with the live servers so that testing could accurately reflect the live server environment.
: They never said the PBE server would move, they host it and it's for testing. Not another way to play with all skins for free.
Actually yes, during all the server relocation roadmaps and Q&A for the server re-location it was stated that while the PBE was going to stay put for now they were going to move them over with the live servers so that testing could accurately reflect the live server environment. Also i already own about 50-60% of the skins i dont give a shit about the ones i dont have because if i did i would have bought them.
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: To be honest, I mill miss the old Q because it was so good against towers. BUT I think auto attack resets fit more to the Fighter category, making his Q a spell now makes alot more sense to the assassin/AD caster category, assassins should be more about spells and not about basic attacks.
BUT ITS STILL CONSIDERED A BASIC ATTACK. It's not a spell, you can lifesteal off of it.
: Aye that's true, maybe taking them should just take a bit longer or something like that :) Or maybe that they Split up and after that Ivern can instantly clear them, just like he does with camps where the large creep already died.
Unless it takes much longer to channel, more health and mana, and has a longer time to "mature" then no it is not a fair thing for him to be able to do.
: They should just make the minikrugs hittable.
: I remember trying him when the changes first happened, and It worked that he would have to wait for the first set but all other sets would die once he put the channel down. It still took awhile to to do the krugs, why was this changed?
Because being able to do krugs better than everyone else is retarded? Why should Ivern get to do krugs faster than every other jungler AND get the same amount of gold?
: Then make the small ones pop so he has to wait for a second time? The 4 second channel is totally fine. Obviously it's not as long, but small krugs don't take a long time to clear anyway.
So you want ivern to have to channel 3 times, lose a huge amount of health and mana, AND wait like 1 minute in order to fully clear krugs? You cant attack jungle camps so the only way you could clear the "small ones" is by channeling for each of the 3 stages, paying the health and mana costs 3 times, and waiting the full duration each time (obviously smite bypasses this)
: [Assassins] Talon feedback thread
There is only one thing i ask you to change. Please make Q act like an auto attack enhancer like it previously was. The targeting system we have for it right now honestly feels really bad and actually makes it feel a little slow. I don't see why it cannot be an ability you activate to give your next auto attack a buff that acts like it does now. Not only would this give you another lever for balance on the ability but allow it to feel much more smooth to use.
: But Talon's new E is not made to be useful in lane! It's like Aurelion's E. And Aurelion doesn't go jungle just because his E is bad in lane. The problem is that it is also very restricting even *out* of lane due to the massive recharge timer that doesn't allow him to chase mobile targets over walls. If he gets juked over one wall he already used E on, then he can do NOTHING.
Ummm... he can blink with q (same as how he can E on live servers) or he can flash (same as on live)... He literally has more options open to him now than he did before.
: Yorick Update Feedback Thread
So as a LONG time yorick fan i have to say the new kit is pretty decent, the visuals are fine i (and hundreds more) think he does need a traditional skin with such a drastic change BUT that is besides the thing i am about to say... Graves need to last longer/not disappear when out of visual range. That is honestly my only "problem" from a game-play perspective. Well there are the ai concerns but you seem to be on top of it so i wasn't going to mention it. As for random suggestions/questions i would want to run by you. 1) why not get rid of ap scaling on E and make it ad? I am curios as to the decision on this one since i know in the past you guys have splashed ap scaling on champions so that purchases such as tri-force wouldn't go to waste but with tri-froce now not having ap or Iceborn i dont understand it. As is is now it is just an ability with no scaling since no item Yorick could make use of actually has ap on it. If you don't want it to be a damage focused ability you might as well just take the ap scaling off because it serves no purpose. 2) What was the reason behind making the maiden of mist do magic damage with her "attacks". Was it just to give him mixed damage, or did you not want armor pen to be as effective? I think physical damage for her "attacks" and magic for the %health proc would still be fine. Idk just curious about that decision. 3) So I understand the reasoning for not being able to have more than 4 mist walkers following yorick at once but why if the maiden AND yorick are in an area is it still restricted to 4? If you are concentrating all of your power into that one area instead of pushing 2 lanes at once should you really be punished for it? If the maiden can have 4 and yorick can have 4 why not let there be 8 in an area if both yorick and the madien are there. Then once either one dies, yorick or maiden, then the mist walkers over the amount of 4 can die with them. Or if Yorick thinks he needs to go somewhere else obviously again the overflow above 4 would die since there can only be 4 tied to the maiden. I would love to hear reasons and to discuss these things with you
: Ah, so it's reducing the summoner spells by 15% of their normal cooldowns and not the ones given by urf? So they should actually be reduced to 51 seconds?
Ok so you obviously don't understand CDR works and that makes me wonder why the hell you are on the PBE.... CDR effects the BASE cd for the spell/ability. So on the live servers right now, if you get "insight" mastery with the {{item:1333}} they all stack and give you a 180s cd on{{summoner:4}} ..... In U.R.F. mode everyone gets a base 80% cd for summoner spells (80% off 300 is 60), if you add{{item:1308}} on it adds 15% meaning it gives you 95% cdr for flash, ghost and tp spells (95% off 300 is 15). It isn't a bug it is working exactly how it is supposed to.
: One for all Urf possible to be played ?
Doing it will result in a ban. When it was first discovered how to do it they gave everyone a pass, but stated in the future if they caught anyone in these games they would be banned.
: Azir passive CD not reduced + soldiers don't deal base dmg
When you buy CDR on Azor normally does it reduce the CD of his passive? No? Then why the fuck would it in URF? The soldier thing is obviously a bug that is why he is disabled
: [URF] Do not ban new champions and rewoks!
Well since it is more than clear at this point that Ekko needs to be perma banned in URF or his cd's need to be changed. I will be banning him because it isn't that people are trying to test anything with him anymore they just pick him because of how op he is. They other ones i don't ban. But i am suspecting that Taric needs to be changed a bit as well.
: [URF] Duskblade has a full 2 minute cooldown
Man it is soooo hard to read apparently... URF only reduces **_ACTIVE_** item cooldowns.
: What about my jungle Twitch? Why not just every 4 hits for "champions named 'Kindred'" instead of all ranged champions?
there are other ranged champions that can abuse it. Vayne springs to mind, i've seen sated devo vaynes just destroy teams with only devo and botrk.
: We will be looking at how this change will affect Kayle and evaluate what to do. Our intent with this change is not to nerf Kayle.
Screw that, how about you not and just let jungle kayle be sub par since she can literally do anything else in the game.
: Well, every skin does go on sale eventually. But with 1350s, I believe it was explicitly said that they would be on sale at release. I'm not really comfortable with any exceptions to that policy, because I know exceptions have a way of ballooning over time, even if Riot doesn't mean that now. Even setting that aside, this still feels somewhat sketchy. Stuff like the standard release sales for 1350 and ultimate skins feels like Riot is doing something nice for the people in the community who like the skin and want to get it immediately. This doesn't feel the same way. This seems like Riot is getting something out of the people have extra RP to spend. If I were a Zed main, eagerly awaiting the release of this awesome new skin, it would feel really bad to wait a whole week after the skin were available and I was seeing it in game. I would feel pressured to shell out the full 1350 RP rather than wait, and not in a good way. If I did buy it before the week was up, I'd feel bad the next week when it was on sale, and if I waited until it was on sale, I'd feel bad in my games as Zed or with someone else on PROJECT: Zed, and bad in the future whenever I see someone with the border I don't have. **Because the choice was there, both alternatives feel worse.** I expect this will work, in that a lot of people will buy the skins in the First Strike timing. But it will burn some player goodwill, and it sets a dark precedent. There are ways to make this feel fair, though. As I said, you could include the icon with the First Strike purchase. Alternatively, you could make the skins available on sale from the start, and additionally available as bundles or something that include the border (and maybe the icon if you feel like being really nice!). Best of all would be just having the sale and the borders on from the start. I honestly think that would probably sell best, and make people very happy.
: And this is the leaver's (due to DC) fault... how?
If you disconnect enough that you are actually punished by the system you either need to talk to your isp and fix the problem or stop playing. If you continue to play matches knowing that there is a good chance you will DC, you deserve to be punish end of stoy.
: Does Riot give PBE account resets?
: Azir inhibitor animation bug
This is actually intended, your soldiers are not supposed to damage structures but your attacks are supposed to me linked to the soldiers while in range.
: Gnar bug with E
It is working as intended, because gnar is so slow this gives him the opportunity to actually get into a fight as mega gnar.
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: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
Please get rid of the global shadow on the map, it is screwing over my fps horribly pretty much cutting it from 60 to 30 fps
: Agreed. Spending RP for temporary gains like that is iffy. The IP-boost and XP-boost aren't as bad, but the temporary unlocking of skins, especially as that would help a lot with in-game clarity, just feels exploitative, as bad as the temporary ward skins.
Exept for the fact that you are buying 5 1 game ip boosts for everyone in the party and unlocking all the skins for your entire team for a game. I don't understand why people are calling this scummy or that Riot is money grabbing. If they are so money grabbing they might as well not release skins renting either since you people are going to bitch and say that paying to unlock a skin for a game or two is just them being scumbags and trying to make money. I for one think its a cool idea, the price is just a bit to high for my taste but when i play with my friends damn straight i would pay for this so we can all use skins no matter what champ we are playing. Not to mention helping them out by letting them get more ip to unlock other stuff. Just goes to show that people will bitch about anything
: Panth pls. Y u do this. Thanks for the report, I'll ask some people to look at this!
It's not just his W, his spells arent stacking his passive
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: [Minor] using undo feature may cause item cooldowns to start over
Rioter Comments
: About those Upcoming PBE Changes...
1) they will happen when riot has the new pbe environment ready to be rolled out. 2) If they haven't emailed you telling you to start a new account then you aren't going to be part of the new pbe environment, end of story. 3) There is no reason for you to link your current pbe account to your main account cause they are only doing that for people who are going to be a part of the new testing environment
: Personally, two of the biggest issues here were the game time and the champion picks that I saw. Game Time: It could just be me, but considering how much complaining I hear in ranked, I'm not the only with a slow internet connection. This sort of made me feel like it wasn't worth playing this game mode because I would spend more time in the loading screen than I was actually playing. I think maybe this could be helped by making it more of a destory-the-nexus kind of game, but without as many obstacles to go through to get there. Champion Picks- One of the things that really got me excited about this game mode, was being able to practice one vs one situations with characters that I really enjoy. (Mostly top lane champs like riven, renekton, jax, and even some taric with the new changes). I was also reading some posts on Reign of Gaming about how this game mode was supposed to sort of mirror the the feel of top-lane laning, but this wasn't how I felt about it at all. I feel most of the picks were extremely adc dominated because people just wanted to poke you out of lane and rush your tower down. I could understand this style of play in a one vs one tournament or something competitive, but I thought this game mode was supposed to be more of a friendly style of play, where you get to test yourself.
Actually this mode is meant for competitive players, idk where you got the idea that it was going to be some sort of friendly style of play. Also it almost perfectly mimics top lane except that there is no ganks you have to worry about, just being able to completely out play your opponent in a 1v1
: [Lesser Bug] Hecarim jukes.
Hecarim can always go through jarvans wall, he ignores unit collision and the wall is classified as units
: Very interesting idea! I completely agree that 1800 is steep for a gold generation item like Lantern, however I feel like the combat stat path is simply too important to get rid of for the sake of cheapening the item. Those stats can mean the difference between a successful gank or complete failure to junglers with heavy laning activity early game. I enjoy your idea of a gp/5 jungle starter for farm-centric junglers as well, I feel like that role might be a little too specific to justify an entire item.
It's an item for carry junglers, the ones that farm the jungle trying to get items... It really isnt that steep you are getting a free ward, which as someone pointed ouy amounts to 25g per minute, you also get a pretty decent amount of gold farming the jungle (that now has a new camp so there is never any down time)
: [One For All] - Karthus not disabled in One For All custom games
Riot has stated multiple times that no champs are disabled in custom games, please don't clutter the forums with posts like these
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