: Thanks for the feedback. This is an experiment we are trying out, if everyone hates them, we just won't release more. They are a lot more work than Chromas for us, so if everyone is happy with just chromas we'll listen and stick to those.
I can see how these can be good, and I do get that they take more work than chromas, but to be honest, it just seems like it's a model update with some tweaks onto the animation rig. They're basically upgraded chromas, and I don't think they should be priced AS a chroma, but I do think that $10 per Variant isn't that great of a price. The idea is there, but the way that it's priced is lacking.
: Introducing Variants: Pajama Guardians & Solar and Lunar Eclipse Leona
I gotta say, I'm pretty disappointed in these "Variant" skins. It feels like a glorified Chroma when taking existing skins, giving them a slight addition to the models, and then pricing them at the same price point as the base skin. It's more of a rebranded version of the same skin. And even with that 30% discount, you're still paying a minimum of $10 worth of RP for it. Either way, you're paying the same amount of money out of your pocket. But at least with Chromas, having a recolor only costs $5 for 2.
: This is exactly what I was feeling, it seemed like there was something lacking in both the q and w sfx when it hits something.
: Oh, I get what you're saying. I'll have a look, thanks!
Hey, I did side-by-side comparisons, and I found that SOME of it is updated, but not all, specifically the trees are not updated, [courtesy of a friend of mine, as my PBE account didn't have Bad Santa Veigar.](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/473860825325502466/489206531414294538/VeigarBadSantaEChange.png)
: I like the veigar changes, are all his skins getting an overhaul or only base? (Ill assume those that use old particles are at least.) However it is undeniably a nerf to make every move way more telegraphed for veigar, especially when his W and E are already very hard to hit. Do you at riot keep that in mind when changing stuff like that? Could vei lovers expect compensation buffs if it does affect him? Do you think it even will affect him? Ill assume it is a different department, but I hope you talk together and discuss stuff like that. I am not sure if it even matters too much but I would hate to see my main nerfed by a visual update and then left in the "forgotten" dumpster while preseason and worlds patch sticks around for 3 months. But else, very nice job! Looks way more evil. Hope leprechaun keeps his awesome spell effects for a 520 skin!
: Wow, as a player who loves veigar, the new effects/sound look amazing. Amazing job! Will this also affect every champion skin?
On Veigar, I have tested it, and yes, with the exception of Final Boss and Omega Squad, because those are recent. :)
: We are aware of the sound issues and are working on it. :) Bad Santa E should be keeping his usual trees, but should be a bit clearer! Lemme know if that is not the case~!
The trees are still there, but I didn't notice any improvements. Every other E seemed to have an animation of it coming out of the ground, but Bad Santa lacked it. Is this intentional? In any case, I will be doing side-by-side comparisons. Will report back soon. I'm loving it so far, keep it up!
: Visual and Sound Effect updates to Jarvan, Lee Sin, Veigar and Vi
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I'm an absolute Veigar one-trick, and I immediately hopped on PBE to test this. I tried every skin, and they all look SOOOO good, but I did find a few bugs: - R impact sound effect is missing - Bad Santa W falling sound effect is missing - Bad Santa E isn't updated Overall, really loving these changes! Keep it up!
: So, we were originally ok with 'ridiculous rates.' Unfortunately, lethal tempo put us in the realm of 'actually breaks League of Legends' rates. [Nidalee wants a hug (7.71 AS)](https://streamable.com/3b3mf) EDIT: Got the AS wrong, 12.0 was a different one
I'd kill to see Omega Squad Veigar with that kind of animation.
: **Changes! ** **Currently on PBE!** * **Kayle **Joke > Idle1 * **Mordekaiser **Idle3 > Laugh > Idle1 * **Rumble **Idle3 > Idle2 > Idle1 * **Shen **Idle3 > Idle2 > Idle1 * **Viktor **Idle3 > Idle4 > Idle1 **On PBE tomorrow!** * **Akali **Taunt > Idle2 > Idle1 * **Alistar **Idle4 > Idle3 > Idle1 * **Ashe **Idle5 > Idle2 * **Janna **Idle2 > Joke > Idle1 * **Leona **Taunt > Idle3 > Idle1 * **Lux **Idle3 > Taunt * **Morgana **Laugh > Dance > Idle1 * **Renekton **Idle3 > Idle2 > Idle1 **On PBE Monday!** * **LeBlanc **Joke > Idle1
Hey, is looping animations out of the question? I was thinking, before this went on PBE in the first place, it would be nice if Veigar's Idle3 looped midway, and finished when he recalled. Just a thought, because I don't see it in the rules, unless it classifies as a new animation. ^^ Also: "Trend away from dances" Festival Queen Anivia is probably livid right now.
: Normal URF has bans, so you won't ever see them.
There are other champions like them. Too many to ban.
: Sandbox mode
No. It's there to prevent overloading the server.
: But AR URF was really bad.... Ugh everyone wants normal urf back
Would you rather only see Zed, Sona, and Eve on the same team every time, or have something that's different?
: That's terrible reasoning. At least in original urf you got to play champs that you WANTED to play, no matter what. Now you can get stuck playing a shit champ and then the enemy gets the op shit. Why would you want that? The ONLY thing this changes is that you don't know who gets the op champs, whereas before you had some control. Before you DECIDED if you wanted to play weaker champs.
It can also work in your favor. When you say, "Now you can get stuck playing a shit champ and then the enemy gets the op shit. " Or you can get the OP shit, and they get the shit stuff. Would you rather play the same game over and over, or play a different game with a different outcome?
: they aren't going to add opening 10 chests at once because you want to they'd have to add it on live too because pbe is for testing for things that are going onto live no one on live will use the 10 chests unless its a really ssmall % of rich people that buy a ton of chests tldr; you are never going to buy 10 chests at once.
http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/AwAWHdXI-open-10-hextech-chests-at-once-button Oh really?
: Because there isn't a base champion AI for Jhin. Even if they wanted to make an entire AI for a semi-complicated champion, they might've not liked any ideas for a Doom Bots version.
I mean, I was joking, but alright. Also, I meant to put this in Champs/Gameplay feedback.
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: Doom Bots: Bugs and Feedback Thread!
PBE just updated. Is the Gauntlet version out?
: You're the real MVP {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Stephiroth-senpai-daddy-chan noticed me. <3 Steph, get off work so we can play Doom Bots :^)
: Doom Bots: Bugs and Feedback Thread!
first :^) No, but seriously, I'M EXCITED! ^^
: Doom Bots of Doom going live soon on PBE for the RGM queue
**pbe just turns on 1 minute ago** **no doom bots** **ANGERY**
: Doom Bots of Doom going live soon on PBE for the RGM queue
If anyone wants the Doom Bot Abilities list: Amumu: Doom of the Sad Mummy - In addition to bonus stats, Doom Amumu also: Shares his Despair with nearby minions Has a much larger Curse of the Sad Mummy Is still quite sad Annie: Doom of the Dark Child - In addition to bonus stats, Doom Annie also: Automatically Disintegrates nearby minions Incinerates units in a circle around her Summons Tibbers when she dies, who will be quite angry Likes her teddy bear Blitzcrank: Doom of the Great Steam Golem - In addition to bonus stats, Doom Blitzcrank also: Casts triple Rocket Grab Constantly goes into Overdrive Has a much larger radius on Static Field's active Has a heart...? Brand: Doom of the Burning Vengeance - In addition to bonus stats, Doom Brand also: Creates multiple Pillars of Flame around targets Is on fire Looks mean Cho'Gath: Doom of the Terror of the Void - In addition to bonus stats, Doom Cho'gath also: Passively gains Feast stacks Creates multiple Ruptures based on his size Knocks back units hit by Feral Scream Is often hungry Ezreal: Doom of the Prodigal Explorer - In addition to bonus stats, Doom Ezreal also: Shoots multiple Mystic Shots when cast Shoots multiple Essence Fluxes when cast Shoots a plethora of Trueshot Barrages when cast Does not need a map Fiddlesticks: Doom of the Harbinger (of Doom) - In addition to bonus stats, Doom Fiddlesticks also: Drains HP from all nearby enemies when cast Periodically spawns spectral clones that cast Crowstorm Is ironically bad at scaring crows Galio: Doom of the Sentinel's Sorrow - In addition to bonus stats, Doom Galio also: Casts Resolute Smite in a circle around him Creates multiple Righteous Gusts in a line Periodically spawns Taunt zones near him Flies, sort of Heimerdinger: Doom of the Revered Inventor - In addition to bonus stats, Doom Heimerdinger also: Passively spawns H-28G Evolution Turrets near him Causes H-28G Evolution Turrets to shoot in multiple directions Changes Hextech Micro-Rockets to return along their trajectories Modifies CH-2 Electron Storm Grenades to fragment on detonation Is smarter than you are Leona: Doom of the Radiant Dawn - In addition to bonus stats, Doom Leona also: Shields nearby minions with Eclipse when cast Passively generates Eclipses near her Calls down massive Solar Flares Praises the sun Lulu: Doom of the Fae Sorceress - In addition to bonus stats, Doom Lulu also: Places up to five additional Pix, Faerie Companions on nearby allies Causes all nearby Pixes to randomly cast Whimsy when she does Makes all nearby allied champions grow when Wild Growth is cast Knows what colors taste like Lux: Doom of the Lady of Luminosity - In addition to bonus stats, Doom Lux also: Creates starbursts of Light Bindings Causes Lucent Singularity to generate Light Bindings Fires multiple Final Sparks in a circle around her Really likes laughing Malzahar: Doom of the Prophet of the Void - In addition to bonus stats, Doom Malzahar also: Constantly opens portals to the Void Passively summons Void creatures into lane Is originally from Shurima Morgana: Doom of the Fallen Angel - In addition to bonus stats, Doom Morgana also: Creates additional Dark Bindings when cast Spawns multiple Tormented Soil areas around her Automatically Flash + Stasis when Soul Shackles is cast Struggles with baking Tristana: Doom of the Yordle Gunner - In addition to bonus stats, Doom Tristana also: Simultaneously attacks two targets Passively adds Explosive Charges to minions hit Knocks back enemies when she lands a Rocket Jump Has greatly increased knockback radius on Buster Shot Trains dragons in her spare time Udyr: Doom of the Spirit Walker - In addition to bonus stats, Doom Udyr also: Periodically marks jungle camps as claimed Summons unkilled monsters from claimed camps into lane after a delay Guards spirits or whatever Veigar: Doom of the Tiny Master of Evil - In addition to bonus stats, Doom Veigar also: Periodically calls down Dark Matter around him Has increased range and no hit limit on Baleful Strike Is really evil Wukong: Doom of the Monkey King - In addition to bonus stats, Doom Wukong also: Creates Decoys that knockback nearby enemies Spawns Decoys on units hit by Nimbus Strike Creates multiple spinning clones when Cyclone is cast Will be the best Yasuo: Doom of the Unforgiven - In addition to bonus stats, Doom Yasuo also: Creates several whirlwinds whenever Resolve expires Creates a whirlwind when projectiles are blocked by Wind Wall Creates clones that use Last Breath when faraway enemies are Airborne Is sometimes a robot and sometimes a cowboy but never a robot cowboy Yorick Doom of the Shepherd of Souls -In addition to bonus stats, Doom Yorick also: Constantly raises hordes of Mist Walkers to fight alongside him Plays guitar Has a last name Ziggs: Doom of the Hexplosives Expert - In addition to bonus stats, Doom Ziggs also: Leaves behind mines on Bouncing Bombs Creates Mini Inferno Bombs around Mega Inferno Bomb's blast zone Is not the star this time


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