: jhin yuumi with 1400 - 1600 movement speed and > 1300 ad. Not balanced, definitely.
It is because yuumi in that state dont do 1/4 of the damage of any other good carry in urf... Yes she give it easy to jhin but he loose a meat shield and jhin is still very suceptible to one shot... I mean a one shot is already a one shot you cant one shot more all he got is mobility bonus compare to the other one shot... I dont play jhin but i never mind to play against one most of the time they are easy target
: Sometimes u have that kind of players in your team they think really that when Jhin stays 10/0 before creeps spawn that the game is clearly winable.
This is a poor attitude of course the game winnable gold over time is increase and most of the farm is share and give more gold.... Scalling by kill is less than half as effective than the one in real game if everyone use their brain and play smart come back are easy in urf
: These boards are out of control.......
Well i share your opinion it like transcendance... Riot disable it because every good player with it make the average player unable to do anything but the issue is they made that nerf so 1 game on 20 this person will have it easier... But in the end they dindt take in count that without transcendance more than half the ap are just bellow standart and while the ad were already dominant they are now even more because they got other good option while ap dont. It like me on kennen in the first first urf... I was playing with 1k ap build and 50% spell vamp while being able to stun lock 5 people at the same time... Why it been fix i got no fucking clue no one was playing the little yordle... But most of the change feel like riot lost the plot about urf... It was good because it was chaotic we need no balance we want lethal tempo and transcendance like they should be... No heal embargo and no cannon. People will adapt we are human it our principal fucking feature dont give people pity they wont get better that way Edit as someone who had the chance to try ryze in the very first urf in custom i have to say that some thing had to be disable but their is a difference between The end and some stats bonus for every single character
: Fountain Farming in URF should be forbidden
Get real you let them get there first you cant blame people to stomple over you...
: A small idea for URF
meh some champ are really good and targeted by ennemy team too i dont think it would be a good idea
: Buff Aurelion Sol and Anivia in URF or Revert Transcendence to Help
You are right ad still have the attack speed buff from alacrity and ap got nothing good the transcendance nerf was targeting ad but it nerfed ap in the end... I think it was fine the way it was i had some mad ap build too even if ad was generally better
: ARURF Is No Longer Fun With Transendence Nerfs; Can't Play Anything Not UberOP
I agree ive been playing since they put them back and continusly it became less and less fun after each attemp to balance thing out... But the thing is there was nothing to balance but garen... Main issue is riot think they know what they are doing but they lost the plot people like chaos and anarchy nobody like system and balance or at least not for very long... If they want something to go big it need to be chaotic... It like hong kong why do you think they want to change nobody like control freak and comm... Also it been proove that when you already got a player base that chaos tend to make less damage than badly endle freak control
: I find myself playing other things when the transcendence nerf is in effect. I just want to build stupid things on non-meta champions without getting completely demolished because I didn't go 6 infinity edges or 5 spellbinders and one deathcap... I really appreciate all the hard work they're doing to bring back urf for everyone, but these nerfs kill the mode for me.. {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
That the thing you should't be rewarded for making bad descision as festive as the mode is this remain a pvp... Also your argument is not really good because without transcendance the adc are dominant because they still scale well with alacrity while everyone else got nothing good on the secondary tree
: ARURF: Revert Transcendence Nerfs
I completly agree while this is very op for ad it even better for ap because without transcendance ap have no way to fight ad because of alacrity + adaptative that become the best option for ad while ap got bad option... Attack speed is increase in urf
: ARURF - Ivern Needs to be Looked at
I completly agree with you but the thing is he his highly underated and for this reason i am not complaining so people wont look at him you should delete your post beford we see it everygame. I played versus several people that mid max the shield and play arroud it and it almost imposible to 1v1 unless you can one shot on everyhit multiple time per seconde if he his as fed as you... If he his more there few champs that stand a chance and you need to be sneaky at this point
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: Trancendence Nerf
Actually For ap and ad trancendance is the go to. Just from an essence reaver + death dance + the 10% of transcendance i was getting 48 Ad out of thin air x2 on crit +50% we got a nice 144 flat damage increase from one mastery on each of my crit and this is with 0 drake. The actual nerf literally split the value in 4 this is overkill and too big of a nerf. Should drop from 2 ap per cd and 1.2 ad per cd to 1 ap per cd and for the ad it debatable on is that needed because even without each single auto will one shot you
: Arurf Balance
Here a little exemple of me in urf with tristana right after the spawn of the baron. This is from last december ARURF _**Tristana Hail of Blade**_ https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/308018689335230464/539928250302857226/League_of_Legends_TM_Client_2019-01-29_17_01_22.mp4 _**Master yi with 1k AD 100% crit Hail of blade at 15 minute**_ https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/308018689335230464/542607774719410176/League_of_Legends_TM_Client_2019-02-05_18_20_06.mp4 EDIT I REALLY DONT KNOW WHY THOSE VIDEO ARE DOWNLOAD… When i link them to myself anywhere else it come as a video in my browser
: Id like it if they removed Smite from the ARURF SR map variant. It's not fun being in a 2v1 scenario for anyone unless you got lucky with a champ that has decent waveclear or permashields.
Actually if you have a solo top or solo bot because you have a jungle i would report him straith up for inting unless it already deal with the solo lanner it just that bad in urf…_** I personnally jungle in urf with a smite but only as a mid with lot of mobility. Hecarim trynd yi tristana etc.**_ I hit lvl 7 when my mid hit lvl 5 and i have 75 cs at 6:30 normaly if me and my mid are both 0/0/0 while he his arround 40-45 cs. Well use a jungle mid with smite in urf is the most potent way of power carry a urf… But between you and me when i hit 6 and the ennemy is 4 i begin to stomp on him at that moment generally so i hit lvl 9 when he hit 6.
: 1 - The problem is not that they get xp from killing, but your team fighting at all there. Also in recent games of mine the top-at-start thing was not that present anymore 2 - they will very likely rebalance the %dmg dealt/taken buffs/nerfs on a per-champ scale 3 - Dude the champs are already so much random. Also balancing would be even harder! 5 - Pls no snowball summoner!
Yea but even if the problem is that they go here riot need to either band aid their stupidity or literally make in sort that they go there for nothing And yea snowball a bit of a candy request from me.
: My possibly unpopular opinion on the now not so fun ARURF
But no your right i am a huge player i have play alot even if i skring my number of urf made since the first relese it turn arround 1250... Current urf on pbe feel lackluster
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