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: Loud static noise
i had the same problem. but mine was coming from a {{champion:115}} and the sound happens everytime he uses an ability. i had to mute the game because it was loud. he also had {{champion:112}}'s laser ability
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: Hi folks, We have redeployed yesterday's patch in order to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. You can pick it up by relogging. We'll continue to work on addressing the bug and getting you the latest content, but for now, this will prevent the large number of crashes that we were seeing. Thanks, Fei
Thanks For working Hard to fix the problem :D
: So glad to know i wont be penalized for this because i thought it had something to do with my comp and i was worried haha. Good to know you guys are working on it:D
I was in your game jungle urgot lol My game crashed too
: Jan 22 PBE crash issues
The game crashed like 7 times in a row and can't reconnect i didn't even join in the game yet. Look like its just not me.
: Team Builder Bugs!
Hello I really like the Team Builder but it takes to long to find games but when it go live it will probably go faster because there will be much more people playing. No arguements over lanes. I think they need a Support and ADC place not just say bottom because when i was trying to find a team we already got ADC but then when i was looking for supports other ADCs keep coming up. Filbert


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