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: or you could dodge the very easy to dodge and highly predictable skillshot
Great idea. And he can go live with the current Q because "You can dodge it, brah!"
: New Essence Reaver should be nice on him, he'll be gold carding so much with all the CDR.
That and the Extra range from the new charged item when hitting it. It's just the AS deficit that worries me :P
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: u should not make it a normal shield cus mord's shield is what makes him mordekaiser,a tanky ap. and it just would look bad if he was running around with a shield around him
You may be mistakenly thinking I want a shield graphic added. I don't. I want the grey "shield health" on his health bar rather than on a bar of it's own (or on both, either way).
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: Kassadin nerfs are unneeded
Shouldn't it just be 16 sec cd, hitting an enemy champion with W reduces it by half? I saw W because R may miss due to pre-emptive dashes and kassa shouldn't suffer just because an enemy moved. He was still going in, and the W hit would at least be a definite.
: Skarner Passive - Radial Cooldown
Tbh it's also not helped by the actual passive description saying you can't apply new stacks for "a few seconds". What, 2? 3? 5?
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: Soraka Rework Feedback Thread
Q feels hard to hit in the sweet spot at longer ranges. I feel like the ability should always slow reliably regardless of the sweet spot but maybe have an ap ratio slow added on when you hit bang on. More support utility for the sweet. And landing the centre should make following up with E a better initiate combo. Right now they can often escape E even when you slow them, especially when hitting at range. I feel like hitting it close up should be an escape, which it is. But managing to hit it at a longer range in the sweet spot needs to reward that effort better. I think her ult should add to the ap ratios of her other abilities for late game. Either that or it should specifically help in making her less fragile, maybe naturally giving her the SV passive to boost her hps and star call healing.
: Miss Fortune - W Stack Visual?
I get the distinct impression I'm the only one bothered by this? :P
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: Personally, I think twisted fate is most viable as a hybrid, more focused on AP. Items like Gunblade and Nashor's work great on him. This would also encourage continuous attacking. Personally, i think to make such a hybrid build really viable, Twisted Fate would need to have some innate bonus damage with every AA and possibly a slight AA range increase(525-550). Overall, I find tfs' playstyle is more akin to that of an ADC with a nice bursty combo but less AA damage.
True. Still, it might be nice to apply some ADC oriented stuff to his Stacked Deck. Maybe ranks could increase his AA range as an AP would still value Q over E regardless. Maybe also split the ratio between Bonus AD and AP, with an overall increase if you use both.
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: Tentative 4.4 Lich Bane changes
Any chance of compensating Karma? Her Q matches Lich Bane very spell and I used it to bolster her already weak late game damage.
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: Yup, this thing, even with the recent buffs which allow it to trace people, needs a powerspike when upgraded. I can't really see why I would prefer to use this over any of the other trinkets. I feel it needs to be one of two following things: It traces waaaaaay longer, but has a longer CD and shorter range. This means that if you can manage to find a key champion of the opposing team, you can cripple their movements. Say you hit their jungler while on his red. He cannot go for a lvl 2 gank any longer. Positioning and strategies can be made around this and it opens up for counterplay to strong gankers and assasins. It has way shorter CD. One problem a lot of supports have when warding is that when warding they can easily get caught unless they already have vision of the opposing team. Sometimes going in blind is required to place key wards around baron when those wards have been cleared. Having a shorter CD will give safety to those in need, whenever they need it. ~20s CD.
I would personally like it to reach the lowest cooldown at level 9. For the upgrade, along with the increased range, I would love for the trace duration on spotted champions to increase and have the cooldown halved if it does not detect a champion. This has two clear advantages: a) You spot a champion. He is now clearly traced for a sufficient duration to allow you to make informed tactical decisions. or b) You do not spot a champion. You have marked an area as being clear from threat. As this is useful, but not as much so as detecting someone, the cooldown reflects this. The downside of all this is we have no idea of what Clairvoyance will do when they alter it. As they have updated the spell graphic it can be safely assumed it isn't being removed entirely.
: You get 500 range and a lower CD, down from 150 sec to 90 sec. I feel the item itself still needs a buff, but the advantage of a way lower CD should be worth it.
To be fair, the patch notes incorrectly stated that the level 9 duration was also 90 seconds. I don't find the fact that you actually need to pay for such a thing a massive comfort :P I agree that the cooldown change makes the money worth it, just not the item overall.
: @Riot : Any news from Replay ?
Yeah, what's even going on with this?
: You are right. I would change Poppy's recommended items to this: {{item:1001}} {{item:2003}} Then: {{item:1011}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3265}} Offensive: {{item:3146}} {{item:3071}} Defensive: {{item:3083}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3065}} Consumable: {{item:2003}} {{item:2044}} {{item:2037}} * May not be correct itemization but is better than what is currently offered.
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: Pretty sure anyone with 500 armor can do w\e he wants :P this is more about the mid game.
Isn't 500 armour Taric's current mid game? At least 400 anyway.
: I don't see how and I don't get "why". I can comment on the changes they make to him to nerf him but only after they actually nerf him. All because I don't really know where is he OP.
He is OP in the sense that he double dips on armour and armour does too much. It makes him tankier, it increases his two main damage sources, it also increases his supportive aura. My worry is they will end up making it so he doesn't get as much armour. So he'll lose tankiness, damage and supportive capability in one go. Having every aspect of him scaling on one stat is just asking for him to slide between OP and Useless.
: It's not about the damage, just the CDR passive allowing him to chain heal like he used to @ s3 :)
With 500 armour, he only needs to heal once from a tower from full to zero.
: Regarding Taric.
Tbh he already tanks them very well. I like that he needs other people for the actual damage.
: You can still burst him as a mage.
I'm not suggesting he gets nerfed. I am saying he IS getting nerfed. Source: ("Most important thing is to assess her power in light of the Targon's changes/the upcoming Taric nerfs") I am just wanting people's opinions on how.
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: I'm neutral here... Taric, for me, has always been the armor tank master. Can take loads of basic attacks but nearly useless when dealing with magic damage. I think that's part of taric's mechanic
Sort of outdated though in a game where there is always a mix of all damage types in every match. He needs a reason to build MR. But I thought I was catering to that idea anyway. Armour gives you armour... MR also gives you armour. You're still an armour master, you just have a reason to build the other thing you NEED in every match. And so long as he's the armour master, he'll be stuck either having too much or too little. i.e. OP or Useless. My main fear is they'll just nerf his ratios and consider that "Useless" = "Fixed" again.
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: About bonus armor penetration & champion stats in general
God yes. And colour coded, even better. Would love to see AD and Bonus AD separated, and similar. Also, can we make the stats available to spectators? Can't count the amount of times I have wanted to check someones total crit or something and haven't been able to when watching a game.
: She was already remade and then remade again practically with this season patch
Still, they have said multiple times (and hinted in posts this release) that they want to remake her regardless.
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: Relic Shield is twice as effective as Ancient Coin and Frostfang. The nerf puts it in line with the other two for gold generation. It's also the easiest item to use optimally. They should just nerf the stats on Relic Shield and Targon's to make it even less worth it to gran and upgrade for non-supports. I'm all for people attempting to make duo top work. Just make it a choice, a tradeoff, not a mathematically superior thing.
They aren't saying the nerf isn't justified. The problem is they are balancing it based on both people in lane purchasing it rather than making it so you can only have one per lane. This means your ADC MUST buy it or it is half as effective as the others. I mentioned this before the last patch and said it'd cause the item to get nerfed in the worst way. Oh look, it's getting nerfed in the worst way... They just need to make it so someone with the Relic Shield receives only 50% of the gold. So if two people have it, it's the same as one person having it (minus the stats ofc). This means two people can get Face of the Mountain, but they won't get more gold than they would with just one person. Simple fix.
: HP bars misleading when over 2k hp
Yeah... extremely misleading.
: Why don't they buy it currently? Cause they don't need to ward as much. Only the support really use the 3 wards all the time. Every other role gets a ward now and then only. In S4 it could be actually an important item on a lot of junglers, if we wouldn't have trinkets. It would not make the jungler better, but safe gold for the solo laners. Use the current sight stone and instead of one upgrade to ruby sight stone, make others with mana reg and maybe even CDR.
I wouldn't be against the final upgrade having alternates, yeah. Ruby Sightstone - HP Sapphire Sightstone - CDR Amber Sightstone - Mana/MP5 Emerald Sightstone - Armour/HP5 etc You'd still get the inital hp that way and the generically useful sightstone. I suppose this way you could charge much more varying amounts for the final upgrade depending on the worth.
: At a first glance I like this idea, at a second glance I start thinking this may make **sighstones** too good and everyone will have them and wars will be everywhere. **It would take some careful balancing** but I still think it would be possible. The real question would be if its worth having all those enchantments for an item normally only one player would get in each team. **Having a sightstone lategame is both a blessing and a curse**, question is if your suggestion could be implemented without making it into too much of a blessing. Up voting either way since its worth a look for the devs. **I like the idea but Im not sure it would be possible or worth it.**
To be fair it just has to be balanced so a damage item without the utility is more cost efficient. The item currently offers 360hp when fully built. I just want it to have the cost equivalent of the other stats possible. Right now we could argue that this item is a blessing for any tank. But they don't all buy it. On the same note, I doubt an AP caster will buy it because he can get 50AP for 1400g when he can get 80AP for 1600g with an upgrade path. The new trinket ward would discourage non-support purchase even further.
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: So something like an atk spd boost?
? My suggestion was the melee slow and knockback on next hit on an Infused Ally. My point was she can't Infuse and ally AND an enemy. So in my suggestion she can either get the knockback/slow or the silence, not both.
: This is a good idea in theory, but while it evades healing reductions, it also is countered hard by True Damage. So Towers, Ignite, Garen's, vayne's etc. would make it useless.
True damage doesn't go past shields.
: Soraka's new passive is unnecessarily difficult
Still think the extra healing should be a shield. Allows it to be more powerful since it is temporary (better for clutch situations) and evades healing reductions.
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: I don't really agree with all this, however I think it would be amazing if her E would get the ability to remove 50% healing reduction debuff. I think it would also make Soraka a more skill oriented champ, having to use your abilities in the right order.
The downside is that would mean she loses her CC if an enemy ignites. Having infuse just remove ignite would imply that her mechanics are broken and the removal is a band-aid fix. Using the passive shield effect says "Yes, ignite will impair her healing, but in a fight, it is still effective to heal a lower health ally as a clutch reaction"
: Yeah. The shield seems really cool. But if you are going to add CC to Soraka just for the sake of it, then they should seriously hit the numbers on the heals, because it is really obnoxious to lane against a soraka.
To be fair, the CC I suggested is when you Infuse and ally. The current CC (Silence) is when you Infuse an enemy. She isn't gaining additional CC, just alternative, as she can't do both.
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: About Philosopher's Stone and Shurelya's Reverie new names.
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