: Showdown Enabled on PBE! (Edit: Temporarily disabled)
Move some of the time from post-picking your champion to where you actually pick your champion. It's a bit weird right now.
: UX of Team Builder discussion
I have a few comments about the actual champion select part of the Team Builder process. There is no easy way of exiting the the champion select. Like having an 'x' button to leave it (but I've seen a few other posts about this and I think you're already working on it). Also, the UI for the champion select looks weird; to be more specific the LACK of UI looks weird. There is no actual background for it and it looks like you've just taken the exact UI from the current champion select and took out a lot of things. This leads me to believe that the UI for it is incomplete, but I just thought I'd mention it. (I also feel like the champion select could be centered more towards the middle of the screen, rather than near the top, it looks kind of awkward.)


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