: Aphelios PBE Thread
Ok so after doing some testing, one thing i would like to see removed from his kit is how when an ability causes you to auto attack with a secondary weapon it can crit. I do believe allowing it to function as an auto would be fine, but applying crit makes it incredibly strong, especially his ult. I've found that it just too much damage, especially when you proc it off of his flamethrower.
: If your attack deals 100 damage, then with a 25% crit chance, over the course of a 100 attacks you will get a damage increase of about 25%, because you expect ~25 of those attacks to crit, are you with me so far? So, if you have Warlord's Bloodlust you will also get healed for a % of the damage dealt. So, let's say you get healed for 10% of the damage dealt on each proc of Warlord's Bloodlust (that's 10/100x2x100=20HP). Since you expect about 25 of your attacks to crit, you can expect to restore about (25x20) 500 health, over the course of a 100 attacks. In this example. If you raised your crit chance to say... 50%, you would have about 50 in a 100 attacks being a crit (very roughly speaking). 50attacks x20HP =1000 health, over the course of a 100 attacks. I hope you can see the difference. To summarize, it actually does scale with your crit chance. Well, as long as you don't miss crits due to the mastery's CD, and even then, your healing rate still scales to an extent with your crit chance. By that logic, Warlord's Bloodlust also scales with attack speed, since you would make the aforementioned 100 autoattacks faster with a higher attack rate. The higher your attack rate, the faster you'll make 100 attacks. :) Actually, now that I think about it, the builtin CD kinda seems to become ever more restrictive, the higher one's attackspeed gets... Weird if this is supposed to be an ADC mastery. I wonder if it would be a good idea to make Warlord's cooldown equal the champion's attack rate, as I proposed for Fervor of Battle. This should make the mastery more appealing for auto attacking champions as well, instead of champions with auto resets and volley attacks.
What you're saying for fervor wouldn't be too bad, but I'd veto the warlords idea immediately. The point of warlords is a late game mastery for high amounts of healing. It was already nerfed really hard when they made it so that it only healed off of enemy champs. If they kept it as it is, just using the healing like how they did on the new buff, it should be in a pretty good spot. It might be viable for Vayne and a few others now.
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: Graves, Kog Maw, and Corki-The Overpowered Three
Your thing about adc's being able to solo baron, don't really think that is too odd. Just to name a few champs I know can solo baron if they are enough ahead, {{champion:119}}, {{champion:203}}, {{champion:222}}. So Kog soloing baron in the late game isn't to ridiculous. But I do agree with you on Graves.
: If its a delayed skillshot then why cant noone doge it ?
If no one you can see can dodge it, then they need to work on being able to dodge skillshots. I honestly love going against veigar because every little thing is televised so much.
: Zhoyna wont help if ur playing like zed or yasuo , or any ad champ ...
Why you build {{item:3026}}.
: > letting OP champions or OP buffs going through to live without a change This is the part where I stopped reading. PBE was never intended for balancing.
Hallelujah, someone who finally says it. I have so many friends who play on the main servers that rage at me every time something op is released on live.
: Reworked fiora
The problem is that no one knows her biggest counter. {{champion:80}} shits on her early because of his passive so just play him when you see her.
: Kindred can outrange turrets with Wolf (w)
Yeah I don't think this is a bug. I'm pretty sure they left that in because the damage she does to turrets with wolf is pretty small.
: Devour has no early power now; the problem is sated cannot be balanced because of the mechanic they went about with it Devour would not be op at all - it would make the item into a normal item, the goal of the item is to be a late game focused item - what i suggest allows the item to be late game focused, jungle focused, and balance able, without an AFK farm tactic - so it is not snowbally in either direction, it will simply be a normal item with strengths leaning towards jungling - so we won't have an item abused by others unless they plan to counter jungle or something also when an item does magic damage, you can build magic resist, and if you are only stacking health against someone you know will build % damage items then you are actually retarded; you need a balance of health and the resistances you need as a tank **** technically sated is op now and at the same time completely useless - rather than have a noob stomping item and an item that will never see the light of day against good players - might as well have an item balanced that does not stomp noobs and is at the same power level as the other jungle items, so you buy to your champions strengths, and can see the 4 enchantments at all brackets without a balance head ache plus, marksmen jungles can actually get the item - and other basic attackers won't be broken with it unlike sated is now IF you get sated (sated idea here is completely removed)
You do realize that any of the four jungle enchants could do what sated does right. Its just that sated does it much slower while the rest of them do it much faster. Here's another way to look at what your trying to do. The baron spawns with 6400 health if I remember correctly. At 40 minutes it has 12800 total health. With your devourer idea it would deal 512 magic damage just from the item itself to baron, plus since you said you wanted to have that heal you, the champion that you have build that would now just heal for 512 health. But to go to my previous points in my previous comment, I realize I said what I said wrong. Its that they are doing _mixed damage_ which is hella hard to itemize for. Think of bruiser fizz. Do you really want every single jungler who builds your item to being dealing damage like that? Any really smart jungler could have this item on their first back since they start with machete. Heck, I do that normally on diana (back after first clear and two ganks pick up my jungle item) which means that anyone could get this first item. And since any tanks that you would be going against would still be getting armor to deal with you would get almost no combat effectiveness out of their items. Oh btw, all damage I've mentioned in both comments is strictly the 4% magic damage that you are trying to get put on the item. ~Fewtas
: Kindred and Basic Attack Junglers Talk
This would gut what riot had originally planned with the devourer. I simple option for devourer imo is to make it so that when you first buy it, you get only 20% attack speed. Then for each stack you get an extra 1% attack speed. This would remove some of the early power that devourer junglers get, and making the late game even more important. And the percentage health damage would be a really bad idea when you think about it. Since most of the junglers getting this item (save for my fav, {{champion:131}}) are more AD focused, meaning that a it would be harder to build to deal with them. Say you have a {{champion:113}} who has around 5000 health. On the other team their is a {{champion:11}} who built this devourer and bork. The yi would shred through the sej, and not just because he's a yi. Your item would being dealing around 200 magic damage on since you want to make it based off of their max health. TL;DR Not a good idea since it will make the devourer junglers op.
: Build on-hit attack speed - use your spells for utility--- go something like blade, hurricane, and bt - the jungle items are clunky and weird for a marksman; so this build is for duo-lane marksman Lamb and Wolf - jungle is something like warrior, blade, hurricane or warrior, hurricane, blade but she is a traditional marksman and a simplified champion, which is what i liked about league back in early season 1 when i joined league, i don't like how the complex champions that cannot be balanced they released lately- plus you have to think so much different which i don't like, where as Lamb and Wolf is very nice to play as **** vayne's theme is chasing people relentlessly, and kalista is the same as this - Lamb and Wolf is about taking down their prey, not about chasing relentlessly - plus you dont think of archers as being fast (ashe, varus) since she has a short bow rather than a long bow she can do stunts like flips as she does a triple shot **** but yea, she is a traditional right click marksman, which i like going back to those roots
I find it kind of funny. Her bow is a recurve bow, and standardly recurve bows have less range than longbows like ashe or varus. But I feel like she's more than just a hunter. I see her as more of a scout, having to go behind enemy lines and such. Or a sniper who sets up their targets.
: Kindred Ult question
Yeah. Remember it states "any living thing" which means that the only things not saved by the ult are towers and inhibs.
: > **Q doesn't interrupt AAs** Agreed. > **W can apply the first two stacks of E** (straight burst increase, because you need fewer AAs to apply the extra damage from the third W stack; needed because right now none of the abilities really feel like the two characters working together), QOL > **movement speed increased to 350** This is more than needed however 340 is more favorable imo. > **more passive stacks from Wolf** (buff to number of stacks one can get; needed because right now there's no reason to go after Wolf's stacks because they're very dangerous and can be replaced with Lamb stacks). The whole passive based on marking enemies for death is a cool concept but I never liked how they did it. I can understand why it is mainly focused for Jungle though as Kindred will earn less gold and ADC's are dependent on that, the trade off is low AD scaling on abilities. I agree that the 5% max hp damage isn't needed and if people really want more CC it could be replaced with a root or completely removed to shift power elsewhere. > **changing the passive damage to be missing HP** Would just make the passive synergize even more with {{item:3153}} , I would prefer if they just let her Q apply on hit effects. > But instead, **the buffs that we see today are completely unrelated to the champion's fantasy.** They only gave her 0.5 Armor and 10 base health, you shouldnt be worried about them giving her to many stats as this was a VERY slight change lol and you're overreacting. >Kindred is supposed to be two characters working together as one Yes and no. The concept kind of devolved into the Kindred we see now.(check leagues main website for behind the scenes) It seemed like they intended for Lamb to be the main leader of the group and Wolf similar to a pet, I also think they noted that they specifically didn't want it to end up being a Jayce/Nidalee/Elise or Quinn clone. I can agree with most players that they could've done a lot more with the idea of a two champ concept and the fact that it isn't at its potential - players are trying all they can to have it changed because their is a very low chance will see another two character concept for a while that actually feels like your playing separate champs. >with a support ult. 1. Theme, it prevents death and gives life as a heal. 2. Its the most overpowered ult in the game if used properly, go watch all the reactions of the pros online. its a utility ult* FTFY And have you ever considered that maybe, just MAYBE riot already has more buffs/changes prepared and you could just wait another day or two? The change they made was slight and they still haven't added the rest because of all the bugs they have to deal with first. This small buff was just to give Kindred extra durability in jungle, no big deal.
Please don't think of her as an adc. She's not. You can compare her more of a quinn who's better in top.
: Sounds good on paper but with the current CD on Q being 9 seconds without W and the W being so awkward to get into a decent sort of range for the Q to be spammable is not the easiest. Do you know if Q CD is reduced now as soon as you walk into W AOE? I.e If i cast Q to get into range then drop my W will my CD cooldown be reduced even though it wasn't casted within the aoe? Because last i played her it wasn't doing that^^ if it is now id say her gank's would be a lot better now
Yeah, if you use q then pop w, it drops the CD.
: Kindred Passive
Good thing that {{item:3711}}'s gives you movement speed, am I right. :P
: That is very true! Fiora's q is better to compare. Yeah i liked it in lane because you didn't need the range just chuck it in front of you and it hits everything, But trying to use it in a gank situation from jungle where riot wants her to be is just clunky and gross. I think if her kit isnt changed a little to be a better jungler/ganker we will see mostly lane Kindreds! :)
I agree, although the combo for ganking I found was Q-E-W-Q-Q. That gives them time get in close, plus if they get pulled in by a champ with that kind of cc thats just better for them.
: Yeah her Q CD just feels clunky and awkward, and even more awkward in the W it needs normalizing (if you can use W right because of its awkward range). More like a Vayne tumble, would make it feel more smooth CD wise.
A better ability to compare it to is a fiora q, but yeah. What I found out myself though while playing them in top in mid is that maxing W for a lane actually works. And in a lane it has really good range, since you can cover most of a lane.
: Hello! We are definitely reading the reports from the new player bug reporting tool {{champion:161}} I'm not on the team that's doing the back-end work on the tool, but I do read through the reports fairly regularly. Getting some kind of feedback to you guys so that you know that your work isn't being ignored sounds like a great idea. I'll chat with the team and see if there's something that we can do to get more information out to you guys about bugs that are fixed / identified / helped by the new bug reporting tool. That being said, I don't think it's feasible to get direct feedback to each player based on their reports, but I'd love to get some way to get a summary of some kind out that would identify how many bugs were found / fixed with the help of the new tool. I think it would be awesome and would help players appreciate that their work on reporting bugs isn't going to waste. I'm not sure if that's something that the team working on the tool wants to prioritize, but I'll definitely chat with them about the possibility. Thanks for the suggestion!
Maybe like with every update you guys could have a system that automatically messages us with the number of bug reports that we send in? Or something similar.
: Kindred Thoughts
> so they can dash into it and get the cool down for her q rather then having to dash in lay down the W then wait for the whole CD. The way it is at the moment it just feels super clunky and you have to put your Q on a huge cool down in order to get it in the place you need it which completely voids the point of the low cd q whilst in the AOE. I also feel that they need to make it so that the flat cooldown starts at 3.5 at level one and drops to 1 at level five.
: Kindred Official Feedback Thread
So I finally got my first kindred game in but I wasn't able to go jungle, so here is my thoughts. In lane, they has really nice lane presence and last hitting ability, so I'm seeing the possibility for some people to use them like a quinn top, as a ranged counter to melee champs. As for scaling, I'd say its pretty good for when your going even or ahead, but if they falls behind, they will be destroyed harder than an early game fiora vs a pantheon. Build wise, I'd say their pretty diverse. I ended up deciding that what I'm gonna call the modded kalista build is best, cause it was standard kalista items with a frozen mallet. Its honestly very strong, but at the same time has its weaknesses (lack of cdr). I've seen other builds, so you can honestly go whatever you want. I love their potential though, with a couple different team comps they may begin to shine more than we've seen.
: hmm if you put it this way you probably are right! :)
Plus you get the fact that you have to time it right. Timing takes a lot of practice.
: Kindred E bug.
It sounds like the first thing you are talking about is the nerf to ranged champions while jungle. They are making it so that ranged champs proc sated every 4 hit rather than second.
: I don't think sated needs to be changed for ranged champs
I think a small nerf is required for ranged champs, maybe as small as this next period -> . Because if these ranged champs are able to get stacked with the devourer, they are more potent than Yi, due to the fact that they are able to perform the same idea as a Yi just with range. My idea to fix it is to keep it as every second auto attack, but then make it so that it only does like 75% of the damage ranged champs. This wouldn't really effect champs like Vayne so much, but she already has abysmal early game to take advantage of. To champs like Kayle, TF, and Ori, this would just mean one or two more overall when killing something.
: Initial thoughts on Kindred?
Haven't played her yet since I've been kinda, so this is my idea for some the item builds. {{item:3153}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3726}} {{item:3158}} This is just one of the builds I thought of, where you only take 5% Cdr in your masteries. It provides a massive amount of spamablity on her Q if I'm right, and also lets her perform sort of a multitasking role as both a shredder and a carry.
: Instant feedback updates land on PBE
So, I can't type really angry latin phrases in my chat anymore? Well that stinks.
: Gangkplank E nerf.
Well, I would say its a hard nerf, but not such a bad nerf. Yes, it does take a ton of damage away from his kit, but then you have to remember that the barrels have a PASSIVE armor pen on them. The barrels basically say screw you to any top laner late game because the amount of damage he will do will go straight through any armor built. And bursting him is hard enough. What I'm seeing with this nerf is a nerf to the mid game GP, while leaving a fair bit of his early game and late game.
: Devourer Changes
Honestly, what they have been doing with devourer is making team play more of a necessity. And actually, most people don't get stacked by 18 mins unless they concentrate on stacking only, and not ganking. Anyways, the reduction of the damage was smart. Now instead of people only really needing devourer, they need another item along with it.
: New amumu cousin glitch? It'll get fixed on tommorow or next week (Remember the amumu global laugh?)
Lol no, I don't remember that. I just my pbe account a couple days ago, saw this and figured I should put it on with the bugs.
: Can we balance Mordekaiser's Q?
I agree, and mostly because all mords are being really dangerous lately. The build has been going hextech into rylai's, meaning that his ultimate gets a perma slow. All he has to do is wait for you to get in range and ult. You are then unable to get away unless you have qss. And no sustain is going to help you through the q's.
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