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: ezreal kaisa and lulu get skins like every day of the week aatrox has been a prominent champion for this season across all ranks victorious skins are for champions that were very prominent this season, kaisa was but top lane is in need of a victorious skin imo it should have been darius his personality pretty well (coming from a person who hates darius)
I doubt people would care as much if the skin itself didn't overlap with a pre-existing skin for the champion, and didn't look super horrendous.
: I’m fine with zed because he is a high cost unit but Zyra is way too strong for something that cost one gold
I would be if they couldn't duplicate AD alongside the clones to make them deal EVEN MORE damage. Zyra's saplings need their duration lowered, or make them squishy and killable.
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: SG Xayah's Face
I see your point a bit, but Riot probably won't change this unless there's massive community outcry sadly. Even then I don't think they would since it's not a simple texture tweak like the usual work they do.
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: Riot was already very close to cancelling Sewn Chaos by the time these hit PBE, and later said the skins should never have hit PBE at all. The community didn’t make Riot cancel the skins. For now, once Riot puts something on PBE, they plan to release it. Also... what do you expect them to do? Release Qiyana without a release skin? It takes at least a few months to create a new one. Cancel the entire event that these skins are based on? People like Arcade, people like events, they’ll get understandably mad if Riot releases half an event, or cancel one. Besides, there are people that do like the skins. Feel free to visit the Skin bug and feedback threads. Comment on them if you like, as long as you remain respectful (this is someone’s work your criticising) and constructive (tell them how to improve the skin - not cancel it).
The Qiy one I just have an issue with in name, if they would rework it a bit and make it an Arcade skin I wouldn't have an issue. She doesn't fit the Battle Boss line. Yasuo however is just giving Yasuo a skin cuz money. It goes against it completely and shows that they really don't give a damn about keeping the skin line's integrity. If a generic weeb character like him can end up getting it, then why not just let everyone have it? It was designed to be a skin for monsters that could actually resemble bosses, Yasuo doesn't even look like a boss in the skin. If they wanted to make it, they could've done actual work and made it similar to the Malz one where he doesn't look like a normal everyday human still
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: Mordekaiser Rework
I think he's fun to play, extremely anti-fun to play against
My opinion is his passive is currently way too strong and allows him to win fights just by existing which is extremely unfun and unfair to playa gainst. His shield feels too oppressive as well considering you can trade him, get him low, then he walks away and then he comes back with all his health restored due to his w being strong. His Q feels really unfun due to the fact that solo means he can ult and he'll always get the massive damage boost on it, and his R should in my opinion only give him the 10% after he kills someone. The fact he is designed to win the 1v1 no matter what is unfair, like imagine if you're in a teamfight: he ults your ADC at full health and bam they're gone from the fight and now they're dead too and he's coming back with a shit ton of free stats.
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: Even dota is better optimized and looked better (not a joke) and I still run it with constant 60 fps. Since recent updates I could never have that 60fps on League.
Yea, I kinda wish they made a new engine. I feel like it's probably holding them back a lot
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: I dont know your problems. I'v tested it and I've always between 150-250FPS when I doesn't cap it. When u have a 5 years old graphic card (or older) than u should buy a new graphic card. I've a 2 years old GTX 1070 mini and really no FPS problems. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Not everyone has the money to dish out for a new GPU, my PC doesn't even allow me to upgrade. I don't really see the point of you coming here just to brag.
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