: In Game Lightspeed Olaf
While amusing you are correct this was not intended. It's been resolved in the current build. Thanks for the report.
: One small comment on the name of the new component: in the Netherlands, the word "bami" is used for a [noodle dish](http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bami), so to the Dutch "bami's cinder" might sound a bit funny (or delicious ;-)
You are absolutely correct that bami is indeed a delicious noodle dish. While a little bit odd in some contexts (Delicious Noodle Burny Rock?). This name was earned through the refer-a-friend program and it's pretty cute so it made sense to keep it as is. :D
: Zz'Rot Portal?
It hasn't been scrapped, we just had to prioritize some of the other art assets to get them to the quality bar we wanted before launch. Zz'rot Portal will appear in a future patch.
: Blue buff bug or not ?
This is an intended change. We didn't feel the need to punish someone even harder if they mess up in the jungle, especially with the overall difficulty of the jungle going up.
: The description of the updated Ohmwrecker also has a typo, it says "+100 Base Health Regen" instead of "+100% Base Health Regen".
Man, I suck at tooltips. I'll fix these when I get in today thanks guys!
: Is there a way to now calculate your new base stats? With that odd percentage of growth stat, it will kinda get too mathy to calculate it out. Like its not base HP + 85*Champion level anymore. Which will make it feel weird. Has there been any other cleaner changes than this? Like just buff up all characters base stats by a percentage at lvl 1 only, to solve the early game advantages. And if needed reduce stat gain per level. Or make it scale off only on base HP, as there is really no difference from 2 armor or 0.1 more atkspd.
There is not an easy way to calculate your base stats in game on a level by level basis. This is a cost we accepted when we moved towards the variable stat adjustments on a per level basis and we fully admit it isn't the cleanest implementation but we felt it was the most effective at meeting our goals and allowed us to a better gameplay experience overall. While there is a cost here we felt overall this complexity cost was low as players don't want or need to calculate all their base stats out each time they level up in game, the system just handles all the math for you. In the labs and testing we've run thus far we haven't run into any issues yet with this particular clarity concern but I'll admit it does make the moment to moment math a bit odd, and as probably the strongest advocate on the design team for "clean" numbers I understand where you're coming from.
: Will there be a bug thread created for reporting bugs that concern these specific changes?
I'll talk to Pwff tomorrow about the best place to post bug report but we'll be touring the bug report section actively while we have these changes on PBE. This stuff is a bit raw and we'll have content coming in as we're on PBE (Yay Crab monster!) so any bug reports on this stuff will be extremely valuable to us. Feedback as well in general as we'll be doing content iterations as well.
: With the regeneration changes, will you be taking a look at champions with low base regions (such as Riven)?
The short answer is yes. We'll be doing a pass on health and mana regeneration statistics.
: Holy shit these changes are massive. While a part of me is thinking "information overload," more of me is thinking "awesome!" ...Which of the changes are meant to carry over to Twisted Treeline/the Crystal Scar/ARAM, though? (While I'm definitely going to try the new Rift, I do plan to test the changes' impact on other maps as well [and hopefully report any issues like being able to ward on Twisted Treeline/Dominion/ARAM with Quill Coat/SotAG before they hit live.])
The changes are geared primarily towards Summoner's Rift, though a number of the changes are universal and will be present regardless of map.
: Is there any way to take the dragon buff off the enemy, like interrupting their dragon taking cadence by taking a dragon of your own, or killing them? Or will both teams be able to level up their dragon buffs in tandem by taking alternate dragons?
They will level up their buffs in tandum as they each take dragons. Taking the dragon and leveling up the dragon slayer buff is a non reversible event.
: The old jungle items were introduced quite recently and you were tweaking them as recently as a few months ago, with the changes to sotag and quill coat. Now it's all gone. Was none of that stuff salvageable? The best thing I liked about the old items was the ability to place wards with them. Can that be saved on any of the new items? And is feral flare included in the jungle items that are getting removed?
The ability to place wards from the jungle items was a bit overkill with the addition and modification in the smite rewards several of which grant vision in various forms. The trinket system as a whole also goes a long way in covering for this need. I don't think anyone is opposed to adding these again if needed. Some of the elements of the older items - feral flare stacking etc could very well sneak back into either the items themselves or into the enchant system. I know it's been a topic of discussion recently. Feedback on what specifically you miss from either a functional or simply a fun perspective is always helpful.
: One thing that really frightens me is minion wave stacking with homeguard (or regular MS boost), when paired with Ohmwrecker, Banner of Command and/or Zz'Roth Portal. Getting a double wave out into an already slightly pushing wave could mean a totally skewed siege. Otherwise, this all looks *really* neat and I can't wait to try it out. Just to make sure, Dragon's "buffs" stop at 100% and 35% right? not 149% and 40% (aka additive stacking, not multiplicative)? Also... screw all those Poppy nerfs. She's now literally unplayable. And that, as they say, is that...
ZZ'rot Portal and BoC are good at different objectives. The Portal is much better in a split pushing scenario and a few other fun use cases while BoC is much better at breaking a siege or stall comp. Certainly no reason a team or player couldn't combine them but that's a lot of gold being dumped into the ability break down a tower. In general, we're cranking up the ability for a team to attack a base as well as to defend it, and will adjust both sides of that equation as needed. The options we have here for both offense and defense though I think adds to a more interesting game overall.
: Dragonslayer stacks are currently capped at 5 as that's when the bonuses stop... but.. tempting. :D
: Just wondering, is it common in playtesting for people to smite the enemy jungler instead of the objective during smite contests with these changes?
It depends, we've seen it a few times in the more casual invades like people contesting blue buff or the frog camp and had a difficult choice between the two targets. When it comes to larger objectives like Dragon and Baron it's best to just save your smite for the objective since it's worth much more than a kill.
: Exactly right - this reduces **early** snowballing by level advantage as levels are far easier to acquire earlier than later. If you can maintain a level lead, being 18 when your opponents are 17 will (relatively) matter more than on live. We've pulled back the really unpopular first kill gold rubberbanding stuff though. So, roughly speaking, level advantage from 1-9 is lessened but the harder it is to maintain a level advantage (due to the increase XP requirements per level) the more a level advantage will be worth.
Curse you and my lack of refreshing!
: Somewhat akin to Dominion/ARAM start (except at level 1 instead of level 3)?
Way less extreme than that. Assuming a champion had 500 starting base health and 100 per level under the old system their stat growth would something like this. Level - Health 1 - 500 2 - 600 3 - 700 .... 18 - 2200 The new system might look more like this - 1 - 550 2 - 625 3 - 700 .... 18 - 2200 There are a few advantages to this approach, but the biggest one is it allows to curb some of the really crazy snowballing power seen in level advantage from statistics - You'll still gain a ton from levels (lots of stats, new spell etc) but this allows us to keep the laning phase more in check which gave us the opportunity to remove some of the more heavy handed rubberband mechanics we weren't happy with but felt necessary to include like reduced first blood gold. First blood gold will be worth the full 400 gold regardless of how early you get the kill. Murder away!
: Radiant Glory: HP, CdR, possibly mana? Mana, since most manaless tanky guys don't have a problem of getting into a fight.
No CDR currently, but yes health and mana. It builds out of Catalyst atm.
: When can we expect to hear more on stats of these new items?
We're not quite as new item heavy this preseason as we have been in previous seasons overall, but we'll have specific numbers and changes as the game as we move onto PBE.
: I'm extremely skeptical of the Dragon buff. Dragon is already important enough with the gold and experience it gives you. If it gives the same amount of gold and exp, along with the new buff, it'll be way too good. That would make Dragon too important. There should be other strategies which can be to sacrifice dragon for buff/tower taking.
It does not currently give global gold. The dragon bonus is *instead* of the large sum of gold.
: What items can we expect to be changed? I would like these items to be looked and worked on: Sword of the Divine Hextech Gunblade (I think it should be more hybrid focused) Frozen Mallet (I think it should have an active for the slow and a better build path) Zeke's Herald Black Cleaver (I miss the attack speed, worked well with the passive) Trinity Force (370**3** Gold cost :c) Runann's Hurricane (More AOE even with targets around somehow) That's off the top of my head.
There are a bunch of changes we can make to improve some of the existing items, any item changes in pre-season however are going to be focused on the *strategic side *of the game. Items like Hextech Gunblade, while needing some work, doesn't fit into our overall goal set and focus for the preseason. More general improvements to the item system, and items in general will be focused on later.
: I really like the changes thus far. But I'm not too much of a fan about the fact that the game will be more team focussed. More frustration when you can't carry games while you are fed. And sometimes people in YoloQ are hard to coöperate with. Even though I like the general ideas. I think that needs to fixed first (Which I know you are trying, don't worry)
Some of the other changes we're experimenting with can assist in the "carry potential" of individual players - for example some of the changes/buffs to Mejai's and Sword of the Occult. However, at it's core League is a team game. That's the core experience, working together with other players to achieve a shared objective. I don't think the changes overall push League more or less in that direction, I think it'll stay pretty consistent with how team focused the game is currently.
  Rioter Comments
: So basically every jungler will have Nunu Consume? But then what happens to Nunu D:
He'll get to Smite ***and*** Consume things!
: That's...potentially interesting. Due to red and blue buffs being the strongest monsters in the jungle by far, does that mean that Junglers are going to hope for smiteless leashes more often so they can get, say, the unlimited mana from blue buff, while still saving smite for to get the benefit from a smaller camp?
Currently the buff camps spawn after the smaller camps so this isn't an issue. This is something you are right to be bring and part of the reason we switched the initial spawn times.
: Buff {{champion:38}}?
Holy crap. Okay you win, that's a pretty crazy challenge.
: does this mean the razor beak, gromp, wolfs and the turtles will get special buffs?
In some form or another yes. Though they'll be tied to Smite rewards not just passed out 100% of the time.
: This is something that has always frustrated me in general, the lack of help in that regard from Riot directly. I think they rely a bit too heavily on the "community" to help players out, but that isn't as reliable as it could be and it would be nice to have a proper tutorial for example (new players still being told to get Thornmail on Ashe for example <_<) A jungling guide/tutorial IN the client would be amazing.
Totally agree this is something we can improve on.
: While more jungler diversity is a noble goal, you mentioning more complex jungling raised some alarm bells for me. What I'm worried about is new players getting into jungling. It seems like even in this day and age, learning about jungling as a role is almost exclusively peer-to-peer. I think your tutorials and other such materials should be able to explain a number of new players better instead of relying on us to do it: 1. Why a team benefits from a full time jungler. 2. What makes a strong jungler. 3. The steps of clearing a jungle, especially the first time. 4. The jungle specific items and when to build them. 5. When to give buffs to your team. 6. What each of the epic monsters can do in detail (try to emphasise their importance if you can). As a role, jungler has the highest barriers to entry by far, and I don't want you making that even worse. The fact that 90% or more of them rely on runes and/or masteries to clear properly doesn't help matters. Jungling is a complex art, so I think players would benefit from learning about it and being able to master the basics as soon as possible.
There will be some increase in the barrier of entry. We are taking steps on the clarity front to help alleviate those concerns because it is something we take seriously but it's doubtful efforts here will mitigate the increased complexity entirely. First steps we're taking involve primarily tooltips and visual effects. The jungle monsters themselves in their tooltips describe the buff and bonus they grant. Most of the visual effects probably won't make the first PBE push but we're focusing on making those effects clear in function and effect when you gain a Smite reward. We're also focusing more on thematic ties for both objectives and itemization to make things a little more intuitive and logical. On the item front I think Axe and Fearless have done a good job clarifying the effects and use case for each of those as well.
: I take it this means you guys would rather expand on the number of viable junglers within the existing jungler pool instead of introducing the option of giving champions who are not normally junglers, like say Darius or Katarina even, a chance to flex their muscles in the jungle. I believe I recall hearing that Taric roaming support jungle with Heart of Gold used to be all the rage back then. Am I wrong about this? What are your guys' stance on strategies like that?
Our general stance is less about who can and cannot jungle and more that is it acceptable for some champions to be *unable* to jungle. This current season the jungle was tuned around increased accessibility allowing anyone to jungle (although some jungled slowly and poorly they were still able to). If unusual champions work their way into the jungle it isn't inherently bad, and we'd evaluate that on a case by case basis. I'd be surprised if Darius or Katarina jungles caused any problems.
: The systematic changes are very likely to cause some champs to have real trouble clearing, and some champs to do too well. As we get further along and start to have more data, we'll be making champion changes if needed. That being said, we're expecting to see a lot more variance in the health and speed of junglers in their clear, especially in the cases of people who have crazy gank or team fight power.
Part of the goal of the changes, along with the preseason changes more generally, is to give us better mechanics on the design side to adjust the power level of playstyles that are lacking. In regard to tank junglers specifically Fearless and Axes have a number of mechanics in place that can be used to assist "tanky" junglers as a class should they prove too weak or underwhelming.
: Speed is the tool of the young, experience, that of the wizened.
: finally we may get some more diversity... i'm sick of playing lee, jarvan and kha zix of course you can play other champs as well, it's just less effective atm ^^
While this should assist the balance guys is making different junglers more accessible in competitive play (it's not nearly as bad as that in non-competitive), the changes ideally will also help junglers play differently even if you end up with mirror matches, since you'll want different smite rewards at different times, which also makes counter-jungling and the denial of specific advantages more interesting.
: [Champion Abilities] Clarity!
Some really good stuff here. Bookmarking for later reference. A lot of them are definite wins. I'm pretty deep into the pre-season changes atm but I'll try and tackle a few of these afterwords. Thanks for putting this together Batgirl5!
: Preseason 2015 Experimental Jungle Changes
: Not a focus of the first patch we're pushing out, but high on our list of priorities. I don't want to spoil FeralPony's fun before it begins so please excuse me for being vague.
Critical Strike is viewed as an issue but tbh adjustments on that front are not only lower in value than a lot of the strategic changes we're trying out but also has substantially more fallout and cost. We've been experimenting over time with a number of variations (examples include - reducing crit dmg and upping chance, conditional crits, etc) It's a super interesting topic I'm willing to over in more detail in a later date, but will not be addressed early on in the preseason, and something I'd be curious to get more player insight on because it's a pretty polarizing topic, both internally and externally.
: Minor question - if we're nerfing Mikael's Crucible to indirectly buff Varus and Ashe, then why are we buffing Mercurial Scimtar's active? Doesn't this just reinforce the status quo? Not that I especially think that nerfing Mikael would especially help Varus or Ashe in the first place, but it seems sort of counter-intuitive. In my experience, Ashe's and Varus' ultimates are primarily used on squishy targets (like ADCs, Assassins or APCs) and this just makes their CC less effective on their intended targets. Also, does Riot ever intend to make AP or Tank item for Quicksilver Sash to upgrade into? In matchups against champions like Malzahar, I often want to rush build Quicksilver Sash to counter their CC, but I always feel some level of buyer's remorse when I play an AP champion because it feels like I should have just bought Banshee's veil instead in the late game while also delaying my offensive purchases.
There are two main differences as I see them. 1- Time to purchase - Mikael's comes pretty early currently, even with the changes to Mercurial I don't see it being picked up as a first or second item. 2- Free targeting versus self targeting - Scimitar only allows the *user* to cleanse stuns, CC effects etc. Mikael's grants that power to anyone who gets picked/caught leaving the opponent no reasonable targets. Compare that to playing an Ashe/Varus vs an enemy with a Scimitar which gives you the option of simply targeting someone other than the holder of the Scimitar
: I have a few question would like to be shed some insight on: 1. with the removed passive on being hit MS slow on Randuin, how can Udyr to find his way of not being kite in these days? 2. With the buff of AS items and the nerf of the AS slow passive ofWarden's Mail and Randuin at the same time, wouldn't it a little bit too much? 3. Ardent Censer pairing with AoE shield/heal **would potentially provide 3k-worthy stat in total for his team in teamfight**. Doesn't it pretty ridiculous;y strong? (Btw, I heard Riot doesn't like Warwick's W due to how overpower but invisible it is I guess?)
1- The same way he's always done it, 15 flat MS, 35% near constant Movement Speed Boost, and the lunge on Bear Stance. As a guy who loves playing Udyr myself, I'm not super concerned as the enemies I normally have trouble dealing with - really heavy peel- are largely unaffected by this change. That said the Live guys are going to be keeping an eye on the "unreliable" tanky men, such as Udyr as the patch goes out and see if further adjustment is needed. 2- The AS Boosts with the exception of the 5% boost on Zerker Greaves are all in the buildup on the items which means that late game AS (when Marksman are actually attacking enemies with WM/RO) it should be largely unchanged, so the RO changes will be effectively done in isolation. 3- Xpherous has mentioned this before but WW's if effectively free and generally unappreciated (WW casts it mostly for himself) and we have to cut power from other parts of the kit to compensate which generally makes the character feel worse. Players opting into Ardent Censor *want* to use this power and are paying a price for doing so at the expense of other items and choices.
: Vlad, Kennen, Morde, Rumble, Ryze. Those five strike me as the ones that would abuse WotA the most.
Not really sure "abuse" in the proper term. It's an item that synergies naturally with those types of champions and needs to be tuned appropriately regardless of it had Mp5 or not.
: Take a look here though: http://www.lolking.net/items/3152#topchampions. The top users of the current WoTA are Vlad and Morde, which account for maybe 40% of the total usage. Ryze and Fiddlesticks are next on the list, but do they really benefit more from mana regen than the additional stats this new WoTA brings? As for the other fringe users, maybe they don't buy it BECAUSE it'd be much more useful with higher AP, not mana regen! Also, designing an item to gimp the heaviest users of the item is just frustrating for those users.
I don't think their items usage matches our internal data very closely but yes you are certainly correct WotA is an *incredibly* niche pick on those champions. I can't see this change having much impact on them.
: Ryze likes mana regen. Other possible users of a stronger WotA (with mana regen) include: {{champion:103}} Her sustained-damage playstyle. W counts as single-target ability. {{champion:69}} Twin Fangs. {{champion:34}} Froggen Style. {{champion:9}} Draintanking for weeks instead of days. {{champion:43}} Dat W. {{champion:10}} She needs to go "into the fray". And stay there, especially after Lichbane changes. Basically, sustained magic damage dealers who need to stay in (or at least near) the thick of things.
None of those characters, with the exception of maybe Kayle are going to actually have their mana burden's alleviated with a small amount of MP on WotA. Every single one of characters is going to require an additional high powered Mp5 item (probably AUG or Blue Buff). Since they'll be picking up those most likely anyways this shouldn't be a huge hit, though it will somewhat reduce the effect of rushing WotA on those champions. (though getting 2nd blue buff again will again make this possible).
: Since, we're talking about spellvamp here, are you guys going to retune Gunblade? It gives spellvamp but its kinda selfish to make it only balanced around Akali, as she is the only champion that is too reliant on it to function as a champion. Perhaps you can add/tweak more spellvamp item options to AP melees like Morde so they're not constrained by WoTA only.
Gunblade is out of scope of these changes. Not entirely sure what we would change on gunblade at this point, I would need to do some more analysis on it to get a stronger opinion on it.
: Thanks for the serious reply. I really appreciate it. If I was to be bias I would definitely say that fighter itemization needs the most work. If I was being unbiased... I'm really not too sure. Fighter itemization does need a **ton** of work, but I understand that undertaking something of that magnitude is a big challenge as well as very time consuming. ADC itemization might be in almost as much trouble, but in a different way. Fighter itemization suffers from poor build path, combine costs, and a few gaps in which stats/item actives are available on viable items. ADC itemization suffers from the fact that there is no ADC itemization. They all build the same items. Adjusting/making new items that are strong on ADC's is hard because the nature of their damage is multiplicative (ASxADxCrit) so any changes could make them super overpowered or completely underwhelming. That's my opinion on it anyway. I really feel that a lot of frustration on my part (and probably to the Fighter/Bruiser community as a whole) comes from the fact that we've been told there's going to be a fighter/bruiser remake but we haven't heard anything on it in forever. Even something like "Hey guys I know we said we were going work on fighter itemization but X, Y, and Z came up and we've had to put it on the back burner". Or "Hey sorry it's taking so long to get this done. Here's a list of things we've been trying. They just haven't panned out". At least we'll know that things are being worked on and that complications have arisen for some reason or another. Instead we feel like Riot has basically said "Nah, fighters/bruisers don't need changes/help". I'm sure that isn't what's happening, but that's what it feels like (and it's what some people believe). Transparency is the key. I've worked in game development before. Lord knows not everything goes according to plan. In fact it never does. For me knowing **why** things are not happening is super important. If its technical issues I want to know. If it's just plain balance nightmares I want to know. It just helps to know that things are being worked on, even if they aren't working out they way Riot hoped they would (or within the time frame they hoped it would).
It's mostly the problem wasn't as easy to solve or improve as we thought, there are many interlinked systems and tugging on one of them causes a bunch of fallout, which requires another large set of changes. This was something I think we announced too early without exploring the space deep enough first before making a commitment. It was slated to be done and go out with the Season 4 changes but we pretty quickly realized this wasn't feasible. It required a lot of work in terms of itemization (not just fighter items mind you) as well as a lot of character adjustments ranging from small numbers tweaks to almost rework level type work. There are also a number of approaches to address the "fighter problem" but it's tricky because not everyone in the community, and not even internally is in 100% agreement on what exactly those problems are, a few are easily agreed upon, but even then priority is still an issue. It's still being worked on but it's a slow burn and I imagine it'll roll out piecemeal, as opposed to a giant "FIX ALL THE FIGHTERS" patch. TL:DR - Holy hell that's a big old can of worms on top of a lot of precariously balanced pieces.
: I feel like {{item:3023}} should be kept the same. This was something I could typically buy on supports for the MR, for one, and the active's utility, for another. Now, if the MR was removed and you ended up giving it a ton more AP, it's no longer as good as something like an offensive support item (can't name one off the top of my head besides Aegis and Zeke's). The massively increased AP and reduced MR would make it more of a utility item for mages and remove a good item for supports, which I think is really good on supports anyway. I pretty much buy twin shadows as a late game item for more MR on {{champion:412}} (or even {{champion:89}} in fact), and helps them seek out champions. I feel like mages with this change wouldn't buy it very often. Let's just see how this goes.
On Leona or thresh the additional MR from Locket/Aegis should keep you relatively neutral in terms of end game stats. This change was more geared to allow to be picked up by defensive/mitigation supports like Sona, Janna, etc. I can't imagine the -10 net MR on this change is going make or break it for these characters.
: Would you consider adding back the old aura,+ap,+sv, then it would be somewhat an item suitable for ap supports. There is far too many defensive aura item for while there is only Zeke's.
This aura was pretty innately flawed in that the people you wanted to help with the aura generally couldn't benefit from SV much (there are a few exceptions now but it's still a small category). Generally the item was purchased because it was simply undercost and the aura was just free stats on top of an already good item. We really don't want to go back to that direction.
: How can you not think of Karma? R+W plus spellvamp while shielding yourself pretty much negate any bot lane enages. * Brand, 2 spells and passive proc 100% of spellvamp * Elise can potentially comeback as a support
Yes Karma is also a natural fit for that type of item.
: No, DO NOT replace the Mana with HP. For one, we already have {{item:3143}} . Second, I am under the impression that most of the currently bought defensive items have the flaw (in my eyes) of giving both resistances and Health in high amounts, making them exceptionally good against the damage type they were designed for, as well as strong against the other one! I feel that a single defensive item should either give high amounts of HP, with less resistances, or low amounts of HP with high resistances.
That's a very valid critique and something I would like to address moving forward but it has massive balance implications if rolled out or implemented poorly, so it's worth taking it slow. I think the changes to locket are decent step in that direction.
: There should be a similar item that is "Anti-AD" with an aura, or replace the mana on {{item:3110}} with HP. I used Aegis on my supports to give a "selfish" all-around defense for myself while still using the aura/active to provide for teammates. The all-around defense wasn't great, but viable due to the lower income of supports.
It still has selfish all around defenses and that stat is Health. Health's all around nature is part of the reason it is so sought after by supports and part of the reason we increased the amount of total Health on Locket when removing the armor.
: Well, I did see Morg as a potential for this item because of the synergy with passive and how easy it is to safely proc vamp without stealing minions, but I seriously have troubles imagining the day where a spellvamp support exists. Like... apart from fiddlesticks and maybe morgana, I don't see how the others benefit from spellvamp. I checked a few sites, and the only champions that are actually played support that could be counted amongst the top 10 users of any of those spellvamp items were Kayle (which I seriously don't see her rushing), Annie (once again, I don't think you're aiming for sustain in lane on annie) and Fiddlesticks (this one I acknowledge could work, and would most probably be a toxic edge case on top of that given that early access to even more spellvamp can truly make a mean difference on him). The one pick which kinda made me wonder was Ryze, but I see him a bit in the same boat as Kayle where he has bigger priorities. Then again, it could be an "out of lane" item... In which case I have a few ideas of what it could actually look like, but I'm afraid of seeing it on an already tanky Mordekaiser for instance, or in the inventory of a SotSW-WotA Fiddlesticks. TL:DR the fear mang.
The fear is *very* valid which is why I'm keeping the testing on this internal until I know it has some promise. :) TL:DR We're both a bit scared and rightly so. Some fear though can be healthy. :D
: I think Hourglass could at least get its AP a bit trimmed, like 120->100. It offers both the highest raw AP (along with Deathcap and DFG), decent amount of armor and arguably one of the best actives in the game. Maybe have it build from a Blasting Wand and Amp Tome instead of a Needlessly Large Rod? It makes Zhonya easier to build though.
There is an elegance in the equal AP itemization building out of NLR all having the same AP values so the choices you're making extremely clear but it is probably the strongest of the 3.
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