: Premade Voice now on PBE!
I'd appreciate it if I wasn't given a hot mic without any notice. I get you need to test it, but please default it to anything other than "transmit all voice nearby when you join a group for the first time". Push to talk with a popup or something would be perfect.
: Some of these changes are targeted at making the Animation Cancelling experience more consistent, thus easier to learn. Making Riven easier to play is probably a disservice to Riven players. Making her ability trigger more consistently and as expected is the first step to smoothing the learning curve. For the record, Riven is one of the few champions in the game that have intentionally scripted animation cancels.
Hey, could you take a look at the QW combo (NOT the E-> QW). Using QW alone is very very inconsistent and seems tied to how close to riven you click, as well as frame rate and some other factors. I've been able to perform it by hitting QW rapidly, or Q-move-W rapidly. You're successful if the W starts before the Q finishes.
: Anyone else using mac with this problem? Fml I thought I was the only person have this problem and now I'm forced to use legacy client
: I can't Update the PBE
Can confirm also happening to me. EDIT: restarting or waiting for either client (legacy and beta) has not worked.
: ARURF enabled soon on PBE for testing
I really liked the damage numbers--is there a reason they were turned off?
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: Upgrading Legacy PBE Client on Mac causes the client to not open?
You can manually launch the old client if you do the following: Right click on PBE app -> show contents. Go to lol/rads/system/user.cfg Change clientoptin -> no from yes then launch the client by clicking on "Play League of Legends.app" INSIDE the lol/ folder
: I cannot launch the PBE Alpha client
I have the same issue. On mac. The reported error is a connection failure: 000000.062| OKAY| Created dispatcher 18 - system 000000.063| OKAY| Performing reverse DNS lookup for address: 000000.070| OKAY| Performing reverse DNS lookup for address: 000005.087| WARN| Couldn't resolve local name X.local to address 000005.087| ERROR| Failed to get hostname/IP address. 000005.115| ALWAYS| The following message is prepared to be sent to dradis: Event Name: riot__rclient__event event_name: app_terminate common.region: PBE common.machine_id: skTGVWLOQCaDX4r+0vCCKQ== common.installation_id: 3uP2oA== common.os_version_minor: 1 common.application_version: common.os_platform: Mac common.application_name: LeagueClient common.content_build_id: 3770635 common.os_edition: common.game_data_build_id: 3770577 common.code_build_id: 3770623 common.os_version_major: 10.12 EDIT: This is 100% networking related. On some networks I can launch and some I cannot. I have no idea what is different about them. However, Live beta client _does not have this issue_. In addition, it was introduced in the thurs morning PBE patch. Live client doesn't perform these steps, ("Reverse DNS" is in none of the live logs.)
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXUNgcXCwjw
Fixed as of the 14/09/2016 patch
: Yasuo E-Q Bug
: Hm, I can't seem to reproduce the issue. I tried on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (on Mac). Can you try clearing out your browser history / cookies and see if that fixes the issue? Can you try opening the page in a different browser and see if that fixes it?
That fixed it. I'm not sure what I did to break it, as I'm sure it wasn't loading in chrome before. Probably something stupid I did. Thanks
: Works for me :( Can you post a screenshot of what you're seeing?
[Here's what I see](http://imgur.com/VGWWywB)
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: Should be up and working now. @Riot Stephiroth what a warrior. <3
: Mac Client Audio-based freezes
Issue is WORSE today. Audio distortions (I actually triggered this bug on live somehow when I glitched my audio driver) and lag caused by it. Disabling sound DOUBLES fps and removes freezes. However, live right now is working fine, PBE is bugged always
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: <3 <3 I would love more feedback on him! I did fix a bunch of other bugs with Azir today.
I played azir for a few games last night, and I have a bit of feedback. I really like the rewrite, it's fixed a lot of the glitches I was used to feeling. Much better. However, there are a few problems: Soldiers still drift out of sync with azir. It's MUCH slower (2-3x if not more) but it still happens. Azir is attacking faster than them, if by only a tiny amount. Occasionally soldier AA's do 0 damage. It's rarer than it used to be, but definitely still there. I suspect it has to do with the primary target leaving range at some point during the attack, as that seemed to happen in concert. Not sure on that. I also have some QOL suggestions: Allow us to cast azir's Q and E when not aiming "properly". If I Q out of range of the ability nothing happens. I'd liken it to syndra's Q where it would be better if it cast instantly at max range. Also, I feel like I "miss" my soldiers with E too much. I end up standing in place awkwardly. Perhaps buff solder tower damage range? Feels weird to have to walk up closer to use my W on towers than AA
: Store Visual Update Incoming to PBE
Has the RP purchase window changed, and how will that be tested? Also, how well does this update handle smaller screen resolutions. I know the current store is full of scrollbars when on a smaller screen (1366x768). Does this one scale down?
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: Server Maintenance ?
Someone found an older bug that hadn't been ported to the PBE properly and started abusing the crap out of it. Riot took down the servers to limit the damage before they could fix it.
: (BUG) Game Freezes during Defeat and Victory
Can confirm, happening on Mac client for me as well. Audio plays normally and I can still act/chat (dancing and /all gg still goes)

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