: You'll have to wait and see! Which of his skins (or base) are you hoping for?
Subterranean Naut Best Skin
: What if for showing cooldown of an ally's ult, the green bar slowly fills up?
Would be annoying to look at when playing with an udyr on your team
: New HUD Feedback
From my first round of testing I do have to agree that the new HUD looks amazing and you can really see much more on the screen But I do have a couple of negative things about it: - The almighty ping bar from the old HUD would show you really well when it would increase or decrease, while this new one you can **barely ** tell it exists and its really hard to see it increasing ( even with it being on Max size ) - The game clock timer seems out of place where it currently is, I can't really explain why or if it's something to get used to, but it just seems jammed in there without care, which you will need to look at a lot.. - The options "buttons" don't even feel like real buttons, they just seem like text hanging in the options menu background, would be nice to have some kind of outline in them just for aesthetic purposes - Speaking of the menu, all the text seems way too dark compared to the background and way too murky. - When you Ctrl + F to have the Ping shown on the top left on your screen, it doesn't fit in with the new HUD anymore and it just hangs there not even at the corner of the screen. That's all I can remember for now o/
: I really hope you leave it to unlock it with the new champion mastery system. I think that would be perfect for that "little" modification. Wouldn't be bad to give something for free from time to time, and more after the RP increase price on Europe :/
Even Evolve does this with their characters..but it would mean that rito could only recolor base skins...or else you're basically giving away actual skins
: Introducing chroma packs!
Does this mean you are going to reduce {{champion:154}}'s skin to this price now? Kappa
: So, we don't want to throw out too many details, just because there are a ton of elements in actual flux, and setting the expectation that anything is for sure, or here to stay is a real risk when we release details. With the caveat that this could still get pulled, changed, etc., one of the new jungle items allows you to use your Smite on enemy champions. Still figuring out what effect is going to be (damage + slow, just a crazy slow, ???). Mainly just very excited about the patterns that emerge when Smite has more pulls on its usage so that Smite becomes a multidimensional choice.
Since there's still no real summoner spell for it..could {{summoner:11}} be used to reduce a champ's Armor and Mr? Or maybe their tenacity if you really wanna nerf {{champion:39}}
: Team Builder is coming back to the PBE select times from 2/14 until 2/21!
Tried team builder for a while and I could tell the queue times were quite long... My suggestion would be that you could select two or more types or roles.. For example {{champion:254}} can play both Top and Jungle..soo why not be able to select those two roles on the team builder to allow for quicker queue times

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