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: BUGSPLAT: Here's the FIX !!! [NEW SR]
I'll be sure to try this thanks though!
: Experiencing the "Attempting to Reconnect" message? You can help!
: My "new summoners rift" crashes every game
: BugSplat Won't Let Me Connect???
It won't let me edit my thread but here are some screenshots. []( [](
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: I actually just started today, too! Woo, newbie buddies. The PBE is currently down as they are performing maintenance for about two hours, which started at 10 PM Central Time and will end at about midnight, which is about an hour from the moment I'm posting this. This happens regularly as they modify and add content every day, so maintenance will last for one or two hours a few days during the week, or so I've been told! Hope this helps. c:
Thanks! I knew they added stuff regularly, but wasn't sure on the timing, or how to know when they're updating things. Thanks for the help. :)
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: I saw that bug just a bit ago, while playing Ascension. It seems (to me; maybe I just never saw it) as though the bug was introduced within the last 2 days, because I haven't seen or heard of anything like that until today.
Yeah that happened to me today when playing Ascension it was kinda inconsistent though but it did happen a couple times.


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