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: Can we get Nida in Blood moon game mode
Riot felt bad about not having a gamemode for lunar revel and rn they’re focusing on one for all
: Current Q actually takes time to wind up though. It is still nothing compared to an auto attack amplifier.
“Takes time to wind up” Lol on live he can one shot the entire back line with q->fero q->Tiamat If a rengar misses the swimming q either you flashed or they missed, not because you dodged.
He’s had this 725 jump range since the Assassin update. I doubt you complained then. To beat Rengar top pick literally any tank or juggernaut. Renekton really hard counters rengar because at level 6 renekton wins every fight. Darius also does this because he can pull rengar and q him. Tanks are too Tanky for rengar to kill so they always out trade him (Shen is a prime example right now due to his AA block) Rengar top only snowballs if you got outplayed or got counterpicked (ie you picked gangplank)
: [Rengar] What a glorious hunt ! I'm just getting started ! More preys more prizes ! Leave only a ...
Id rather him shout it every 2 seconds than never at all, its also really funny when he shouts it for no reason at all XD
: Rengar Changes Feedback Thread
Hey, on the ult changes gaining full ferocity upon starting the leap- I feel like this messes up the combo because activating fero Q does not consume ferocity, he keeps his ferocity until he stabs with it. So by using the original combo, I'm forced to cast my empowered E instead of empowered Q. Can you make it so Q consumes ferocity on cast and not on stab?
: {{champion:107}} okay if the new rengar q is clunky they my the reason i have over 1 million with rengar and i will say i play him full season 5,6 and 7 i did not like the new q and the beggining of the season i did not like it but i start loving it after playing it and learn how to correctly play him not like those main rengar of reddit that end leaving rengar and not playing him anymore after that they still call them self mains of rengar when they end leaving him and not really understand how to play him well and is new q is not clunky maybe for some old q rengar mains but i love this q i dont felt it clunky i felt it sweet and fast to cast you maybe dont understand how to really use is true potential in game is true is like .5 second slower that old q that q gives not only a way to counter champs that blocks autos gives you a way to detect invisible units with just with 1 press i love old rengar but i really love more new q gives my a better way not just to clear waves and jg camps gives you a way to not be a click full auto attack player gives more skill to play him and understand how to use it BUT MY TRUE WISH IS THEY SHOULD ADD A OPTION TO PLAYER TO CHOOSE TO USE OLD Q OR NEW Q WHEN YOU SELECT RENGAR ON CHAMPION SELECTION MAYBE IS GOING TO BE TO MUCH JOB FOR RIOT BUT IS GOING TO GIVE ALL TRUE RENGAR LOVERS A WAY TO PLAY OLD AND NEW Q THAT GIVES NEW Q RENGAR LOVERS TO PLAY HIM WITHOUT DELETING THE NEW AND OLD Q STAY FOR THE OTHERS RENGAR MAINS THAT LOVE MORE OLD Q THAT NEW Q.{{champion:107}}
Anyone can understand how to play rengar well. Literally the rework lowered his skill level. Playing with the Q is the same as playing with old Q except one feels significantly worse than the other. A slash/stab combo does not fit on an assassin. Vayne has no way of detecting invisible enemies or hurting them, but she does just fine.
: I don't think it being electricity would be why it would go through a wind wall.
{{champion:101}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:85}}
: Rengar Changes
Rengar may SEEM healthy to any non-rengar main. However, any true rengar main will know, that no kind of hunter/assassin hunts by DOING A BREASTSTROKE. HIS Q ON LIVE LITERALLY IS A BREASTSTROKE. Also, did I mention while Twitch doesn't even let you know he's near, that Rengar, on live, has a 4K RANGE INDICATOR. He literally nerfs himself by leveling up his ultimate because he gives opponents a 4k range indicator. You can't even call Q on live a "skillshot". The swing arc is too wide and the stab happens too fast that the rengar player has to either be stupid enough to miss the Q of forget to cast it. Actually, no. This change isnt a massive buff. It nerfs his early game jungle clear but gives us Rengar mains our champion back. The pbe Q is an auto reset, just like Jax W. Rengar has no aoe abilities outside his w, and that thing does no damage unless you're ap. This means a) He's a much better duelist, however, b) he loses his raptor start AND also cannot oneshot 5 people at the same time with q->tiamat->fero q. The attackspeed gain is literally there, as you mentioned, as icing on the cake to actually make using empowered Q worthwhile unlike just hopping in, q-> e->w->tiamat->fero w and getting away with it. Rengar can NO LONGER STORE FEROCITY. This means he CANNOT ENHANCE HIS ULT JUMP WITH A FERO Q unless he does it in 2 seconds of getting full fero. If you visit Rengar Mains on reddit, the place has been a meme-fest for the past year over the swimming Q. I think it's time that Rengar mains get the champion that they fell in love with, and not some shadow of his former self. What if, when you play your main, their Q now, has a stupid animation attached to it? What if, when you used your W, it is a completely counterintuitive part of your kit? What if, when you cast E, you have to go through a cast timer that isn't needed and also this timer makes your champions core combo feel crappier? What if, when you use your Ultimate, you can't do anything for 2 seconds or else your ult gets cancelled? Would this be the champion you love? No, they wouldn't. Quit complaining about Rengar being unfair, as the current one has stupid amounts of counterplay that it's too much and it's too clunky. You can counterplay rengar on live by literally having any tank stand in front of you. You may return with your opinion if you either played both season 5/6 rengar and season 7 rengar or if your main was a clunky mess for a year then the change finally gets reverted.
: I think URF is more of a community favourite. ARURF maybe not. snow ARURF definitely.
Urf is definitely the #1 most requested community favorite, however Riot has said we probably won't be getting urf again- and considering how many requests for One for All I've seen its definitely up there in relation to Urf.
: Swain W feedback
I think 50% is a bit large, because then you could scout the enemy jg doing their red buff and then run down and by then your w is back up so you can combo their jungler.
: Hey Barrelbeard! Unfortunately for this round of Blood Moon, we did not have time to make any additions. We actually were originally not going to ship any mode during Lunar Revel, due to our pivot in focus on shipping One For All (which I can link if you're curious), but since Lunar Revel is the first event of the year we thought it felt really bad to not have anything. :( Hopefully the next time we ship Blood Moon, we can add Kayn and maybe even more champions! <3
Hey Riot Stephiroth, Thanks for the reply! One for all is definitely a community favorite, and I think the entire community appreciates the effort put into One for All (its going to be so fun playing 5 tahm kench with phase rush) Also, I want to personally thank everyone who had the idea of shipping blood moon cause its one of my top modes (tactical nuke pantheon, anyone?) Also, if you added kayn, what would you plan to make him an assassin? because most champs in blood moon are melee, so would you let him only get shadow essence or would you just let him start as SA?
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: Feedback: PROJECT Vayne (Repost)
Riot's been really addicted to these "vehicles spin in circles to finish recalls" recently...
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: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mecha Rengar!
One more thing I've noticed- Mecha Rengar's joke makes no sense at all. The animation was kept so he's still stroking his "beard" except in the mecha skin he has no beard so he's stroking the air.
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: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mecha Rengar!
First of all- THANK YOU for making a new rengar skin! A lot of the rengar mains really appreciate that. A few things I've noticed- 1) The thing that looks like rengar's arm claw is actually his knife in this skin, and his new "arm claw" is barely there. 2) His auto attack right after he casts Q really doesnt fit. It kinda looks like he's hulk smashing the thing he's attacking more than anything 3) His arm claw AA animation confuses me because it does not look like he's attacking with his arm claw- It more looks like he's punching people. The new arm claw is way too short, it actually doesnt extend past his hand. The new knife's auto attack after Q animation does not fit. Proposed solutions: Extend his new arm claw by a bit to make it more like he's attacking with it instead of punching Slightly modify his auto attack after Q animation to better suit his weapon
: Post it [here]( instead. Every new champion, skin, gamemode and other big content has their own bug and/or feedback thread which can be found as a sticky thread in one of the subboards. It is recommended to place bugs and feedback there :)
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