: Random URF is unbalanced and not fun
I disagree with almost all of this post, however, when URF came out for the first time, there were no disabled champs. Next time around, there were plenty. I do NOT think because it is random that these champs should be suddenly re-enabled. Sona is a prime example of a champ that can literally win the game by herself ( i just played her. I literally rolled my fingers across q,w,e and went 12-1 causing us to win despite the other lanes being about even). This has to change or games are going to be one-sided every game.
: Store Problem
same...appears it might be just a large number of people logging in since champ select is pretty laggy as well.
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: End of Game Victory/Defeat Banner Bug
Pretty sure that is intended. For a more crisp look. I honestly like it more..


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