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: I actually was on the pbe my guess riot forgot to put the feature in. thank you for leaving your comment :)
: I mean her q basic damage is kinda too much which it could actually easy used as a killing blow its fast ,hard to dodge , dont think it should have too high damage
Ya her q is too op I started a thread called kalista too op go vote on the poll
: I don't think her pierce is too far off from where it should be. The base damage does ramp up quite a lot from lvl 1 to lvl. Not the mention the ad ratio is 1. If it is nerfed, i do not see it being nerfed too much. Kalista is pretty weak in lane vs a ton of match ups and she isn't as strong as people are letting off. Once people figure out how to play against kalista and her kit she will settle in as a mid-high tier ad i think. (very large skill curve)
I agree she is somewhat bad in lane but the q is just op her q scaling should only go down a little bit
: small bug with new summoners rift map
Well you see if Its not on pbe it isnt all finished but if its on pbe then contact someone
: password
You could go to the lost password thing or contact customers support I guess.{{champion:26}} WISE MAN OUT!
: Kalista Awkward without boots!
I agree her animation at the beginning is awkward without boots she looks just plain weird. So I think we need to get maybe a different animation at the beginning while walking.
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