: Yes it looks very odd if you watch her hair it flips the wrong direction while she's running. Would appreciate a fix on this.
Well, it's Saturday. I hope Celestine Soraka isn't sent to live like this.
: After a few games with Soraka, here are my thoughts; **Pros**: * **[Passive]** I like the idea, just needs a little more umph (see below) * **[Passive visual]** it was definitely clear when and on who her passive was acting in, but wasn't distracting * **[Q]** chunking someone with it feels great. I very much like the delay in the heal, dunno why but it feels right. The damage on the sweet spot is SWEET * **[W]** heals feel great (Health cost feels worth it mid/late game), the CD is absolutely insane. I was able to top my entire team off after a teamfight, making me feel super important. * **[E]** the *concept* of the spell is really cool! * **[E visual]** I think it looks really cool as well * **[R]** wonderful as always. This gem must stay. **Cons**: * **[Passive]** The range feels small for all that it does. It might trim off an extra second or two from your total trip. Would gladly take a reduced MS buff for increased range. Just seems like a wimpy passive atm * **[Q]** Toooo costly. A little hard to land at times without getting hit yourself. The slow seems awkward & pointless. Why is it just in the center? It makes it feel sporadic & unreliable. I would prefer it be removed en lieu of a higher heal/lower mana cost/higher damage. Leaning towards the latter but she feels Zilean-one-trick-pony-esk already. Also, I'm thinking the delay feels so good because I could poke at full health (get hit) & THEN it heals me, netting no damage to me while damaging them, but that doesn't seem like its intended purpose. Q should be boosting your health, not just allowing you to poke without killing yourself. * **[Q visual]** I find the ground pattern for this a little cheesy. Yes, she may actually be a star child but the design looks like a kid's interpretation of the solar system. Trying not to offend, but I really think it's ugly. * **[W]** Early game cost almost makes it not worth it in lane. The range means you basically have to stand on top of your lane partner making enemy skillshots pretty easy to land on one of you, negating the healing you just did. I very often got frustrated thinking, "this has GOT to be close enough," but then it still wasn't. * **[E]** Feels like a wasted spell. Had to ~~triple~~ quadruple check to make sure it even did damage. Not sure I've *ever* snared someone with it & the enemy runs out of it so quickly, the silence seems negligible. **Feels**: Still seems like a top-off machine. Soraka is so squishy, in addition to her self-mutilation, that I'm to afraid to go into a teamfight with her. She's an easy target with short heal range & unreliable self-sustain. I learned the best way to play her is avoid combat & heal your allies up before fights or stay way far back & wait for low HP allies to run away so you can make love to their health bar. A lot of the time I found myself spamming W until near-death & then recalling (doing so far, far away from danger). New Soraka is not very favorable in teamfight situations All of this being said, I do like the direction she's going, the awkwardness just needs to be ironed out of the kit. Overall she feels fun *Aside: Wow, sorry for the novel. Also, I'm writing this on my phone so sorry for any formatting suckage*
> I very often got frustrated thinking, "this has GOT to be close enough," but then it still wasn't. This so hard. She's getting a bunch of buffs, but it saddens me that none of them are to her heal range. It doesn't need to be a big buff, just like 50-100 extra range.
: I know right, People are talking about how **now** she's a "dedicated healer", but she was a dedicated healer before. I didn't care much about that old second passive, but a 450 heal range on a 550 range champion is absurd and I know that Riot is really trying to highlight her new "ambulance" aspect by requiring you to run really fast to aid someone at close range, or making her take risks by sticking close to her teammates. But I think emphasizing damage and cc over healing doesn't make a lot of sense, because now she's healer that hurts before she can heal. I can understand that healing large amount in relative safety isn't the most exciting gameplay and like Vesh said: > "That reminds me, the cast range on this spell will be rather short. This is necessary to make sure Soraka is accessible when she chooses to heal and can’t sit 800 units behind the back line and heal from total safety (seriously, this is the most frustrating thing ever to have to deal with). But I think we can compromise with by not making it 800 but not making 450 either. Make it somewhere around auto-attack range
I think she *used* to be a dedicated healer. As in, Season 1/2 Soraka was, but as Vesh has said, her healing got nerfed so hard that her original theme was lost. On live, she's more like an Olaf'd AP bruiser to me. > But I think we can compromise with by not making it 800 but not making 450 either. Make it somewhere around auto-attack range I couldn't agree more. The range as it is not only makes it very clunky to use, but at times it kind of makes it impossible to position properly without being killed. If Vesh added 100, or at least 50 range to it, I'd be fine with it. Perhaps scaling range for her heal would be good, since -from my experience- I find this is mostly a problem outside of the laning phase.
: Interesting rework, while I miss the unique sustain that old Soraka once brought, I can understand why you would rework her to fit the faster, combat-oriented, risk/reward type of mentality Riot is vying for. (R.I.P. Infuse Q_Q) As a support-main I find the rework to be leaning to more the bad side for several reasons in order of importance: * The new W range is really, really bad, I basically have to put myself in on top of the person I trying to heal and put myself in danger of getting caught and such. Yeah there needs to be risk involved, but at least make sorta auto-attack range. * The Q seems better than the old Q but its kinda odd feeling, the heal on the Q is good, but the sweet spot is weird and feels weak compared to most sweet spot type abilities. Either make buff the sweet spot or get rid of it and disperse the effects around the ability. * The new E is nice, despite liking the old E better, Equinox is just as unique, however it seems to lacks impact, especially visual-wise.
Imo, the range on her W is the worst thing on her kit. Yet the thing most people were QQing about was her old second passive.
: I will start this off by admitting I have not played a large amount of games as Soraka, nor am I done playing with her as a means of feeling her out. But my initial impressions are positive and lead me to hope that she will come back into play in a substantial way. Adding CC to her kit was a major help to this. Her silence now provides a relatively easy way to peel away from an unpleasant opponent. I'll note she lacks a particularly good way of giving CC in lane, however the silence remains useful. I'd like to see, as Jimmynator suggested, an improvement to make the particles on her snare more visible. Having her Q, Starcall, be blockable by Yasuo's wind wall is about the only annoyance I've noted in general. The animation for Starcall is rather slow in comparison to, say, a Veigar bomb, and comes in at a nice, lazy angle for him to catch. One doesn't often see yasuo lane against Soraka, however, so I shall not be heartbroken if this remains as is. Overall, the rework feels like a solid improvement. With minor adjustments to particle effects and the like, I think we can look forward to having her be a really solid support pick again.
Lol, wtf. If Yasuo's windwall can't block Zigg's ult, then it most definitely should not be able to block a falling star.
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: But You could deny enemy adc from csing when You heal at right time. I love it :3
Ikr? Not many people seem to have thought of using it like that. :p
: Totally agree with what you said about Sona vs. Soraka. Sona just feels so much better and has utility that overcomes her shortcomings. I think there needs to be something to compensate for her using a percentage of her health to heal others... Her q needs to heal her for damaging any ally, so that she can sustain, or her w should give her a heal or some kind of boost when she uses it :/ It just felt so underwhelming and I would choose Sona instead of this new Soraka any day.
Quite frankly, they're completely different and I wouldn't even compare them. I would focus Soraka over the enemy's adc, I think that says something about the "compensation" she gets for her heal draining her health.
: What I've actually seen is that she is REALLY good if she has someone that can heal her in her team (nami, sona, taric...). Laning against soraka and one of those gets ridiculous pretty quick. I don't know if it might be viable because that means either you don't pick an ADC or you have to do a tri-lane (which btw I haven't even tested in a long time).
You won't necessarily need a tri-lane. Sona and Janna are unconventional, but they're capable of going mid (perhaps even Soraka is capable of going mid). I've heard Braum top is workable as well. So having a second support to heal/peel for Soraka seems realistic. A tri-lane with Soraka, Braum, and an adc seems like an interesting idea, not sure how it'd turn out though. Having Soraka roam between mid and bot to heal when mid gets below 40% could be a viable strategy.
: Of course AP goes well with her, but she is not going to have as much AP as a mage. She is probably going to hit 200 or 300 AP at most if she picks a support build. That said, the new damage on her E makes her a lot better when late game comes, but at dealing damage instead of healing (which is what she should be doing). She can actually go mid now and deal a decent amount of damage. EDIT: Updated my main post with some changes.
From my experience in playing supports with lots of AP (so basically every game for me), even with sightstone taking up space, a support can have a lot of AP (500-550 with a full build). It takes longer to get such a build compared to a support build that doesn't have as much AP, but once again, trade-offs. You pay for quality. AP supports built pure AP make for very powerful supportive "glass cannons", this is especially true for Soraka. Her healing with high AP is kind of ridiculous, and her damage isn't bad either. I think she could be effective mid as a very defensive laner who denies enemy cs by healing their minions, but I've yet to mess around with her in lanes outside of support. It's an interesting thought though, and if she goes mid, then the bot lane support could peel for her and the team's adc. I'm thinking Soraka+Braum+adc = holy trinity? :p Another benefit to having her and another support on her team, is that her ult cleanses Grievous Wounds now, so it has synergy with other supports who have powerful burst healing (like Janna).
: Soraka Rework Feedback Thread
I'm very much enjoying her rework, she feels like a real healer now. Here's my feedback so far: Abilities: - Astral Infusion's range is really short, but it's acceptable with her high base movement speed. In my opinion, a slightly longer range would be nice just so that it's smoother to use. Besides that, I really love how the ability works. The gating created by her HP cost rather than CDR makes it feel -for me- very satisfying and interesting to use. I also feel that Starcall recovers a nice amount of HP, and it goes quite nicely with her W (especially in team fights). - The Grievous Wounds cleanse on her ult is genius. I wasn't expecting it at all, but I'm very glad it was added. - Her AP ratios are great, especially with that added AP Ratio to Equinox. IMO, it makes building AP on her very worthwhile (kind of like Janna). ---- Aesthetics/skins: - Celestine Soraka's running animation is in reverse. It looks a tad unusual, and it's especially noticeable when you look at her hair movement. - Celestine Soraka still uses Classic Soraka's heal projectile when she hits with Starcall. It should use the white-yellow projectile created from Celestine Soraka's Astral Infusion. - The symbol created by Celestine Soraka's Starcall is still sort of purple-y. I think it should maintain the yellowish-white colour scheme that the rest of her abilities use. - Starcall itself looks a bit more orange than yellow to me now. I think I prefer the white-yellow that it was before, but this is a relatively insignificant detail I suppose.
: ...Continued **Astral Infusion:** Really good improvement, but it suffers from the Zilean bomb syndrome. * Game time differences: 1. Early it's a bit OP. It gives your ally invencibility status, but on the other hand if the enemy focuses you, you'll just die. 2. Mid it's balanced. I can heal my allies really well, and her ult helps a lot. 3. Late it's ~~useless~~ useful to sustain your low health allies (EDIT: Changed my mind on this, it's actually useful for this purpose, but the rest of the points remain unchanged). You don't have enough HPS to avoid your ADC's death, and healing a tank is not woth it, as you're giving him less than 10% of their health most of the time, which is less than the cost of the spell. You can't stop someone from dying, but if they survive you can cap their health as long as you don't kill yourself. * Feel/clunkyness: ~~ 1. I heal minions and full health champions too much.~~ * Suggestions: 1. Add some way to scale the ability outside of just leveling it. This is the only ability soraka scales her heal with, and it stops at lvl 9. I'd add a passive to her ult to improve it's effectiveness on the later stages of the game. 2. Option 2: make the ability heal % max health instead of flat. This will reduce it's early game power and increase it's late game power, apart from being able to heal tanks better. 3. ~~ Make healing champions in need easier to do. I don't want to be healing full health minions or champions.~~ **Equinox:** Awesome improvement. This is the ability that is closest to a release state apart from her ult. * Feel/clunkyness: 1. I can't see the snare particles well enough. * Suggestions: 1. Make the snare particles more visible. **Wish:** Nothing to say about this. It is almost the same as live, and it is awesome.
> * Suggestions: > 1. Add some way to scale the ability outside of just leveling it. This is the only ability soraka scales her heal with, and it stops at lvl 9. I'd add a passive to her ult to improve it's effectiveness on the later stages of the game. Ability power? That's kind of how all spells scale besides leveling them up? With the amazing ratios that she has, I think that'd go without saying. Before you say "but then I can't be tanky!", there are trade-offs. If you want powerful heals then you gotta play a squishy Soraka.

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