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: Game client security changes now live on PBE
Will this improve People Leveling up low level accounts by botting? I understand if you cant speak on this due to the "My opinions and views don't respect my employers" type thing. Or because you just don't want to say anything for another reason. But I'm curious if this will help, I don't really know enough about botting, scripting and how you might be implementing this to draw a conclusion myself.
: so i only have discord going at the time when i had this issue. i closed discord and the game started right up! thanks
go to discord theninto settings. then into overlay. then disable overlay. Then you can use discord while playing.
: A critical error
There are New security changes on pbe currently and is the reason you are getting this. You can read about them here:
: Someone help me with critical error
There are New security changes on pbe currently that cause this. You can read about them here:
: Loading Screen Don't open
There are New security changes on pbe currently. You can read about them here:
: when i go in a game it auto disconnects me
There is currently security changes in place on PBE. You can read about it here.
: Critical Error (.tmp file included)
Try to check out the new changes to security on PBE and offer it there. They can help you.
: Flow , Obsidian and Wooxy dont work anymore for PBE. I make custom skins for myself , and change champion models , anm , ... and when i play with custom skin , others dont see my custom skin. I make custom skins because i love it , and you just need to supp it , jist like Creator Suite from Skin Spotlights . Last days , stopped playing League because i dont love that changes .... I want you to support all people who make custom content for League .
Flow doesn't come up with much on google. It would probly be nice for riot if you offered were these programs are found so they can maybe work to fix them. Help Riot help you. I found this article but don't see a download link: This is wooxy: Also you can try testing some more and offer more details, that can help Riot as well.
: when i go in a game it auto disconnects me from the game and i cant reconnect {{summoner:36}}
Stating that doesn't really achieve anything but waste time reading. Do you know what programs you are using? Read what it says adn try to close one at the time (close the process in task manager) to see what causes it.
: Game client security changes now live on PBE
(did this testing in a bot game so I didn't cause much pain (team still won)) Programs- Program 1 - Overwolf: Overwolf overlay and programs cause the game to force shut down or what ever term it is this is caused when they are loaded: - before game - before reconnecting - and during the game (after a small delay (guessing it checks every so often)) If you force shut down the overlay processes (as shown in the picture) and leave the "overwolf" process open, then try to reconnect it will force close because on reconnecting over wolf tries to reopen the overlay Overwolf App's: Replay-HUD is part of Overwolf's Overlay (I use to replay combos to see how I mess up in game. And any other replay reason) Mobalytics also has a Overwolf App (No Overwolf Apps were running during my testing. But they won't be able to be used if Overwolf can't be used due to them being in the same overlay) Program 2 - overlay works and records in game gameplay. its bookmark function works aswell (all I use it for) League is fine with being started / launched then you reconnecting (I assume it will work on first load in and it would work if launched while in game) These are the only programs I use and therefor did testing on.
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: had this same issue with alistar when i took boots of mobility. I was immune to all cc and could walk through walls, but I could not ult or headbutt at all during the game, the ww in my game had this same issue where he couldn't q, ult and auto attack. He had boots of mobility as well.
same with an alistar in my game. and other alistar posted it.
: why the club tag ΖΞD is not allowed?
Regions have certain characters that are standard vs not standard so I'd Guess thats why.
: Boots of mobility bug
This also happened to an alistar in my game but I think he ever got mobility boos and was able to do it from the start.
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