: Oh, that's a neat idea. Is it just auto attacks specifically, or are there any other game sounds from your own character you would like to highlight?
Sorry for the late reply, I believe auto attacks are the only sound that you need to hear for information that is on your own character. Maybe eve Q and Cass E would also care about the sound for rhythm sync information if they are too frequent for the hud to suffice. That is all I can think about. Most of the time you don't really need to hear the sound-fx of your own champions abilities because you pressed them and you typically only press abilities when they are off cooldown, and therefor they are happening when you press the button (no correction needed via sound).
: New Color Control and Screen Shake Options
I would like an option to increase your own auto attack sounds for people who have to keep the game at such a low volume that it can be hard to hear your auto attacks for orb walking during a fight (due to some sounds just being a lot louder). I can see you saying no to this but its something I would care about since I play at 7/100 in game 4/100 in windows.
: I think Kayle's level 6 and level 11 passive should be swapped. Without range she is way too weak in the mid game. Meanwhile, spike you get at level 11 is absolutely insane. It would be a more natural progression if she first achieved range and only later on she would get AoE damage. Of course, her numbers can always be adjusted if getting range earlier would make her too strong, but getting it at level 11 is usually way too late. Many games are already pretty much decided by that time.
I much prefer actually being able to deal dmg at lvl 6 even if i need to be in melee range. being ranged adn being able to farm from ranged but basicly give up the lane for longer (Due to not getting the wave dmg) doesnt feel nice to me.
: As a diamond Kayle main with more than 500k mastery points with her I have to say I love this rework. You did a great job with her design but there are some gameplay problems I noticed. 1. **1-5** She feels like Kassadin and think it is intended. She is very weak like she is supposed to be. Unfortunately she can't deal with most match ups in top lane, but she can survive in mid. Maybe she could use some minor buffs but I don't think Kayle should be strong at this point. 2. **6-10** By the time everyone gets their ultimates her situation becomes worse, Kayle's lvl 6 power spike is very lackluster and everyone becomes more threatening at 6. She doesn't get to auto attack people that much so her passive and building attack speed are not very useful. The only good thing I have to talk about Kayle at this point is that her skirmishes seem to be better than old Kayle **when she has ULT up** thanks to faster AOE damage (old Kayle was not strong at this point either and new Kayle can do more with her abilities while old Kayle had to auto people) 3. **11-15** She feels very similiar to old Kayle, but after going throught the nightmarish early game I feel she should be better than she is now when she hits level 11. Suggestions: 1. I don't think passive stacks last long enough when you take into account she is a melee champion at 6 and you do not benefit that much from the passive. I think it should last at least 5 seconds. I also do not understand why it doesn't stack on turrets. Isn't Kayle supposed to be good at destroying turrets? Right now she is being pushed in lane and when her opponent roams she isn't even a big threat to his turret. 2. W should not be self cast by default. There are situations where you want to save a teammate but he is barely out of range and you end up using the heal only on yourself even though you had your mouse cursor on your ally. I would also love to see her mov speed last 1 second longer, this ability is already strong when coupled with her ultimate and a champion with good engage but I think adding an extra second would open up more opportunities for Kayle in general. 3. I understand that some of her E on hit was converted into wave damage but I think you should consider giving her back another 10% AP scaling on her E passive. She needs to be better than old Kayle once she hits 11 to compensate her atrocious early game and right now she doesn't seem to be good enough. Buffing her E would also make her a bit better post 6 since E seems to be the skill you should be maxing second now. _Minor problem: AD builds are not viable. Passive being able to crit is cool and all, but in the end its just a gimmick because there isn't a good AD item to build first and Kayle cannot effectively use attack speed early. Maybe you should also consider buffing her AD ratios a little bit, if doesn't make AD builds better at least Hextech Gunblade will feel better on her and that is important to keep her hybrid fantasy alive since Guinsoo's Rageblade is not that good on her anymore. _ **TLDR: Keep her early game weak, make her post 6 better and make her level 11 a better power spike. ** Last but not least: Please try to convince people on the skin team to change Silver, Judgement and Riot Kayle VFX. Judgement Kayle for example looks extremely off with golden effects because the skin has a dark theme. These skins have so much potential and it would be a shame if they end up looking like unfinished work.
Please please Please do not swaped lvl 11 and 6 like this says. It is so much nicer to actually do lots of dmg at 6 even if you are melee. I dont want to wait till 11 to deal dmg.
: I know some of this have been said many times but it needs to be said. I love the ideology of kayle. She was the first character I unlocked on my first account long ago but I never play her because the game is currently too fast for her. As others have said her early game is so disgustingly bad now that there is no way you ever get to a point you can carry the game unless its bronze and everyone just let's you free farm. So.....(copy pasted from my reddit post) As everyone knows by now, early game kayle is less than a ranged minion and late game she is literally a god. Everyone is worried that one - her early game is too weak and two - her power spikes at 11 and 16 are too strong. So I suggest two changes. Suggestion One was suggested by someone else who I cannot remember but they still get the credit: Switch lvl 6 and lvl 11 passive assencions. This will make your autos ranged at lvl 6 and aoe at 11 which is a much smoother transition of power as the idea is that your autos become increasingly stronger the longer the game goes. Going from melee, to ranged, to ranged aoe after 5 attacks, going to ranged aoe true damage with permanent 50% as. Suggestion 2: add a reset farming mechanic to e. It's supposed to be an execute, so let it work very similar to annies little fire ball where a portion of mana and CD are refunded on kill. Or at least on minion kill. This will help her farm but not necessarily fight early levels. And if you miss a minion you suffer from full cd and mana consumption and now have to sit back or possibly die as you would have to farm as a melee till level 6. Increase the cooldown to compensate for the reset making it even more punishing if you miss the reset while trying to farm pre-level 6. So tell me what you guys think.
I think the players who find it hard to sit back and farm with her early. Just dont know how to yet and dont play any champions that need to do that, so are learning for the first time.
: Played her a bunch in bots/training on PBE. I think I must agree with others who are complaining that her early game is a little too weak. CD/mana recovery on kills with E would probably be good enough, but along with that I'd also like the E projectile to move faster. Its speed seems to adjust with attack speed, so it's not as much a problem late game, but early game it just takes absolutely forever to reach the target, and that's when you actually need it for farming. Also, what can and can't crit on her kit seems a little inconsistent? It's strange (but a good thing for her build flexibility!) that the waves crit, but her E passive doesn't.
hurrican bolts are the same as the wave. hurrican bolts crit. the waves crit. On-hit has never crit is league and that would be very weird. Its not inconsistant at all really. The wave is just like a hurrican bolt.
: Kayle Gameplay Feedback + PBE changelogs
-Please keep kayle Passive wave critting. (current crit isnt better then AP when you do the math anyways) -Please remove the "sweep" vfx from her early auto attacks because it hides when the swords hits the target and you can start moving. (this makes early orb walking harder then it should be) -Please make kayle E AA have equal or less lockout / windup then her normal autos (like every other AA reset / empowered AA does (exept maybe vi e)).
: Visual and Sound Effect updates to Jarvan, Lee Sin, Veigar and Vi
I tested all of them due to enjoying playing all the the ones you are updating: (I didn't test all skins on all the champs just classics and a few skins) Veigar (classic skin): Goods - The Q change is nice and the ability to see the E width is nice aswell. Bads - The classic W sound effect hurts my head / ears quite a bit. (the long lasting piercing sound). Jarvan (classic skin): Goods - Love all the changes, looks a lot nicer all around. Bads - Seems to still have the bug when you Q > flash were the visuals (of Q) look like for a second that they retain the original Q angle and then snap to show that it retains the original Q target point not the angle, which makes it looks weird and like it hit when it didn't. Vi (classic skin): I like the armor icon and how easy / hard it is to see. Lee Sin (classic skin): Goods - E sound effect and animation looks really nice and enjoyable. W shield looks fine (Scrolls maybe a bit big but that's just being picky). I like the sound Q1 makes when cast Bads - Q2 sounds when reaching the target seems a bit low. The autos seem to sound a bit louder then the rest of his kit. (a little lower maybe nice).
: Hey there Jyggalag, I want to thank you for bringing your opinion to light on the boards! Even the most scathing constructive feedback is incredibly useful to me and you have a tonne of great points in your post! I want to give you some further clarity on the vision slot changes and see if it helps ease your concerns. If not, then please let me know. Firstly, these changes were not made by the Riot Live balance team, so your feedback should be directed towards myself and the Core Gameplay team. Now, let's talk about some of your concerns: We are aware that there's a lot of flat damage accessible in the Runes system that's especially potent on ranged supports and other champions who can easily reapply the damage whenever the Rune comes off cooldown. However, these 2 changes to the vision slot shouldn't add much of this kind of damage to the early game. It's unlikely you'll get any damage from Zombie Ward at all in early laning phase, where flat damage Runes are consistently the most problematic. Players rarely start Oracle Lens rather than yellow Wards and Control Wards are an expensive risk to take at level 1, meaning you won't clear any enemy wards until after you pick up your scanner. So yes, there is a decent amount of flat magic damage attached to the Rune, but it's unlikely to have any impact on your early laning phase or even level 2-3 ganks. Ghost Poro however _does_ award stats (although not flat damage) from level 1, _if_ you are able to successfully enter the enemy's side of the map at level 1, place a Poro without being spotted and not have it discovered/cleared before you begin your first clear/wave. If you've managed to pull this off, with enemies watching out for invades etc, then you deserve the 3AD you'll get from it (plus the extra vision knowledge from the Poro, too). The most important thing to note here is that you can only choose 1 of the 3 Runes in the vision slot at a time, not all. As 3/4 of players in the vision slot are currently picking Eyeball Collector, the largest source of damage in the slot is already your games. We want players to feel better about picking one of the options with more vision tied to them which ultimately deal _less_ damage, not more. In fairness, more map awareness for your team or less vision for your opponents will likely affect your games far more than Eyeball Collection stats, but that's a discussion for another day! By the way, I actually think you have a great point about 'Runes should have zero stats/dmg and were all utility'. There's a universe where that could have been an awesome limitation to impose on the system, but we're not there for better or worse. I'm also not sure what you mean about the old Runes were beautiful because once they were solved, everyone took the same exact set-up. In all honesty that feels way less exciting and interesting to me than the current Runes landscape, but I respect your opinion nonetheless. I hope this post helps ease your concerns a little.
What a good guy. Even with aggressive feedback he gives a thoughtful reply. Maybe Rioters are trained to deal with angry / aggressive people... or maybe not. Still a very surprising reply.
: Cursor Update on PBE v3
I feel the newer thicker sword loses alot of the "were am I clicking" accuracy. I feel it would be better if it was the thinner version with the red as-well to help the people who want that. Possibly just making the tip come to a better point instead of the roundness of the thinker sword coming to a point, could help aswell. I also feel the size change from the cursor to this big sword is very distracting. I feel like the cursor moves a bit on change because of the thickness change and lack of point.
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: Game client security changes now live on PBE
Will this improve People Leveling up low level accounts by botting? I understand if you cant speak on this due to the "My opinions and views don't respect my employers" type thing. Or because you just don't want to say anything for another reason. But I'm curious if this will help, I don't really know enough about botting, scripting and how you might be implementing this to draw a conclusion myself.
: so i only have discord going at the time when i had this issue. i closed discord and the game started right up! thanks
go to discord theninto settings. then into overlay. then disable overlay. Then you can use discord while playing.
: A critical error
There are New security changes on pbe currently and is the reason you are getting this. You can read about them here: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/WwW6FKPR-game-client-security-changes-now-live-on-pbe?sort_type=recent
: Someone help me with critical error
There are New security changes on pbe currently that cause this. You can read about them here: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/WwW6FKPR-game-client-security-changes-now-live-on-pbe?sort_type=recent
: Loading Screen Don't open
There are New security changes on pbe currently. You can read about them here: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/WwW6FKPR-game-client-security-changes-now-live-on-pbe?sort_type=recent
: when i go in a game it auto disconnects me
There is currently security changes in place on PBE. You can read about it here. https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/WwW6FKPR-game-client-security-changes-now-live-on-pbe?sort_type=recent
: Critical Error (.tmp file included)
Try to check out the new changes to security on PBE and offer it there. They can help you. https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/WwW6FKPR-game-client-security-changes-now-live-on-pbe?sort_type=recent
: Flow , Obsidian and Wooxy dont work anymore for PBE. I make custom skins for myself , and change champion models , anm , ... and when i play with custom skin , others dont see my custom skin. I make custom skins because i love it , and you just need to supp it , jist like Creator Suite from Skin Spotlights . Last days , stopped playing League because i dont love that changes .... I want you to support all people who make custom content for League .
Flow doesn't come up with much on google. It would probly be nice for riot if you offered were these programs are found so they can maybe work to fix them. Help Riot help you. I found this article but don't see a download link: https://mapskins.com/2017/10/21/creating-custom-skins-using-obsidian-and-flow/ This is wooxy: https://mapskins.com/wooxy/ Also you can try testing some more and offer more details, that can help Riot as well.
: when i go in a game it auto disconnects me from the game and i cant reconnect {{summoner:36}}
Stating that doesn't really achieve anything but waste time reading. Do you know what programs you are using? Read what it says adn try to close one at the time (close the process in task manager) to see what causes it.
: Game client security changes now live on PBE
(did this testing in a bot game so I didn't cause much pain (team still won)) Programs- Program 1 - Overwolf: Overwolf overlay and programs cause the game to force shut down or what ever term it is this is caused when they are loaded: - before game - before reconnecting - and during the game (after a small delay (guessing it checks every so often)) If you force shut down the overlay processes (as shown in the picture) and leave the "overwolf" process open, then try to reconnect it will force close because on reconnecting over wolf tries to reopen the overlay https://imgur.com/gallery/VZ8bH Overwolf App's: Replay-HUD is part of Overwolf's Overlay (I use to replay combos to see how I mess up in game. And any other replay reason) Mobalytics also has a Overwolf App (No Overwolf Apps were running during my testing. But they won't be able to be used if Overwolf can't be used due to them being in the same overlay) Program 2 - Plays.tv: Plays.tv overlay works and records in game gameplay. its bookmark function works aswell (all I use it for) League is fine with plays.tv being started / launched then you reconnecting (I assume it will work on first load in and it would work if launched while in game) These are the only programs I use and therefor did testing on.
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: had this same issue with alistar when i took boots of mobility. I was immune to all cc and could walk through walls, but I could not ult or headbutt at all during the game, the ww in my game had this same issue where he couldn't q, ult and auto attack. He had boots of mobility as well.
same with an alistar in my game. and other alistar posted it.
: why the club tag ΖΞD is not allowed?
Regions have certain characters that are standard vs not standard so I'd Guess thats why.
: Boots of mobility bug
This also happened to an alistar in my game but I think he ever got mobility boos and was able to do it from the start.
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