: Just give us urf again.
I mean... the PBE is to try out stuff before they go into Live servers, URF have been around for a while and there where not a lot of bugs, now it's time to start trying out the New game mode to see possible bugs and other stuff... If u don't like it then feel free to go into live servers URF that it will be around for 2 weeks if I am not wrong and stop crying lol
: Skins splash small update coming to PBE
Rito logic, gets a new splash for Noxus Hunter {{champion:34}} but not for her default splash... This splash is the oldest one, it doesn't even had a background... Riot pls do something :c
: Annie randomly appearing with Twisted Fate's cards around her
In my last game I was on top lane and Annie Bot was in another part of the map, but for one second I saw an Annie Bot in front of me with the cards of Twisted Fate around of her too. And there wans't any Twisted Fate in the game.
: Mecha Aatrox and Mecha Malphite Cant See Image In Shop And Not In Loading Screens
Rioter Comments
: This reason being is that there was a maintenance going on when I was playing my game which happen around 7:45. It closed my Pvp.net Client (It gave me a message saying client will closed in **** minutes) and I was not able to reconnect. I think it is because they are trying to fix the bug that is happening on PBE. People have experiencing a lot of respawning at 200hp after buying a hp item. I hope this clear things up. Note: There was a notice saying that there was a maintenance that would commence for 15 minutes. Which I think why they notice me that my Pvp.net client will closed momentarily. In my opinion I think it's because of the maintenance that riot is doing on PBE I hope things clear up and makes sense :) -Trick2g {{champion:106}}
This can be a reason, but i really can't run the launcher like normaly, when u run the launcher this will say you (the launcher): "Server unable", but isn't running that all
: [Game Launcher] -PBE Client will not launch
I am having the same problem... I try to run PBE launcher and this only show the logo and isn't loading, but in live servers is working
Rioter Comments
: [Suggestion] Toxic Player (offensive language)
I don't rhink about matching toxic players with other toxic players, isn't a good idea but isn't bad either, i think they should just be muted for some games or get special chat where u can choose what to say Idk just giving some ideas
: New in-progress skin: Heartseeker Ashe (Up for testing!)
Guys what do u think about a cupid {{champion:81}} ?
: Bug on the upgrading relic shield?
Golden coin have the same bug, yesterday i had to change build because of those bugs
: Team Builder nearly perfect but...
1- The first idea will be awesome, because it's like a player plays {{champion:53}} and the ADC plays {{champion:42}} and he want to get a good duo at bot he will change {{champion:42}} and get {{champion:51}} I would like to do this, imagine you want to play with a friend, then youu inv him and search for another group, i mean both are searching for group, because sometimes takes really long to search for players.

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