: `[SION+KALISTA] Double ultimate bug
If you ult as sion you cannot be cc'd which Kalista's ult is counted as cc. Her ult only starts the count down when he is in the ball above her head for 4 seconds. So after sion finishes his run he will fly toward Kalista "even across the map" to her. It's working as intended.
: I feel like her and the other mages who are getting the update are going to be crazy op for a moment. They'll probably nerf if they think they need to. I've only seen the SkinSpotlights video of the updates, and I agree, she does do crazy amounts of damage. {{champion:143}} {{item:3070}}
They're always like this. The only time they have ever made a release underpowered are the ones with game updates by themselves. Shen and stuff. Sometimes though even they get op a lot of the time. They treat "live" LoL server as if it's not PBE. You test the stuff here. Then balance it out. I don't understand why they do this the way they do. We told them Ekko was going to be broken on release and they still release him. I am not joking they do it on purpose to get "results" or whatever... It's already been confirmed.. Thats why I almost never use PBE now..
: So, about those SKT skins...
SKT Ryze potential add-ons. : A rolling animation for anything at all whether it be a backing animation or something. Or eating broccoli. Or eating broccoli then rolling into the finished backing animation onto the spawning platform. Ty for your consideration lol.
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: Aatrox need some love
Aatrox needs some immediate health buffs so he can stand while they work on an actual change to his kit and numbers.
: You wrote "it would block (**and destroy**) ONE projectile from that direction for 0.25 seconds" If the projectile is destroyed, the cc is too. W is quite hard to optimally time as-is, I don't think it'll be very useful if power is taken from it since it's a small dodge window on a long cd.
Then just turn it into like a braum shield block where it blocks damage from a direction idk.
: His Q is on far too short of a cd to carry that sort of power. I'll grant that it would be funny to have a melee top that counters ranged harass consistently. p.s. this is tied to the reason why people who play ranged champs dislike {{champion:157}} in lane.
Idk a general small block from that direction in general sounds okay to me. It's for 0,25 seconds too. Lmao. Along with a W nerf this sounds like the most balanced change in the world. I never said it stopped cc that Ashe arrows damage wont hit but that 3 seconds stun is,
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: Draft Timers Too Long (new draft)
It takes wayyyyy too long. Make the timers 30 seconds for everything you do. How about that Rito?
: Is a nice idea,anyway, i will simply like giving Kennen what he really is, A NINJA, he needs to be agile, speed, and really mobile, now he has the E...and after that is a sitting duck, he really needs a rework to fit better the idea of a quick ninja throwing shurikens! P.S. Live forums are better for those type of things :D try to post your ideas there and maybe post here the link of the discussion, so we can go there to comment instead of posting here ;)
The difference between why I post on PBE forums and why I don't post on live is because Riot themselves say that they do not read all of what is on the Live forums. But so little information is received on PBE's forums so they do in fact read everything on the PBE forums. I don't want there to be an idea placed to the public on something cause I know nothing usually happens. So instead I put a genuine idea right in front of the makers (Rito). It's just more efficient. Plus I know some of them like people giving their ideas on champions that need a rework to fit their champion scheme.
: Kennen
In general, I like the idea you have with his passive. My general thought of a Kennen rework would be that he is a fast moving cc ninja that places "marks" or something causing chain lighting damage. The damage would be rather standard. Think Azir soldier damage. Not too strong but enough to get some poke out. Your medium AoE cc makes up for it. P: Basically as you fight your shurikens mark enemies for 10 seconds which interact with your abilities. Q: Your q will mark the ground behind the target (with the shuriken) you hit FIRST or if it reaches max distance it lands in the ground as a beacon for your W combos You can have up to two on an ammo system (0.4 AP Ratio). Shurikens last 10 seconds. Shurikens will pass through already marked targets. (PS! The shurikens are a choosable distance. You get to basically make satanic symbols for Kennen's W. There is of course a maximum range and a minimum range) W: Kennen will perform a hand sign (think naruto standard substitution Jutsu hand sign.) Which will instantly cause all marks and Q marks to chain lightning to as many marks/shurikens as possible around it dealing damage and stunning them for 0.2/0.4/0.6/0.8/1 Seconds. Kennen's shuriken in his hand counts as a mark for abilities. Kennen gets 10 energy per lightning strike that connects to him from a mark. Any champion hit by the lightning will be slowed by 20% per lightning strike that goes through them. Every other lightning strike will deal less damage from the last one down to a minimum of 30%. E: Kennen will be consumed by lightning he controls allowing his body to move fast and spark his muscles into moving fast. Dash toward a location dealing small damage and marking enemies. If Kennen collides with a mark of any form Kennen will blink through that unit and stun anyone in the line of lightning he created through the dash same stun duration as W, Think graves dash. If he hits a mark think of graves dash x2 except the second dash is a blink through the unit. R: For a short period of time Kennen will get 4 lightning charged shurikens for his Q which instantly land where aimed dealing in a lightning line of damage (0.3 AP on shurikens) marking all targets with your passive. If you press R a second time it will set those shurikens with lightning bouncing to other shurikens with (0.4 AP) magic damage this does not stack with marks from your W lightning. But the mega shurikans lightning lines do stun people for 1 second. Up to 2 seconds depending on how many strikes hit them. This is all just a concept though. So don't take it too seriously.
: SnowDay Syndra looks like she's been smoking something pretty good
: This new Champ select
That's the point of PBE is for us to find bugs and help the community. Just being on there will help Riot to solve problems. If you don't like it go play regular LoL.
: Smaller 5.22 Marksmen Changes PBE Feedback Thread
I really like the updates, but my main concern is Ezreal. It just feels like you should remove a 0.1 ad ratio to his Q and allow it to crit for a certain amount of damage. I made a post about it a while ago. I strongly suggest you read it. http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/wYsOPKEE-riot-please-consider-ezreal-feels-lackluster-currently
: Help us bugtest the new Champ Select!
Hey, Lyte. While we wait for PBE to come back up will you tell us something cool that's in this update that we don't know about? Like... Secret items? Or changes you think are really really cool that you can tease us with?
: I am being patient :P I just wanted more info on the time it would be released.
Actually, maintenance time is from basically an hour ago to 3 hours from now at the most or something like that.
: There's a very significant nerf to thresh on PBE that I don't think anyone's noticed.
: New Death Timers
I understand early deaths being longer. But not mid game as much. And 35 minutes in should not be 70 fucking seconds. gg rito.
: Wait, I'm a bit slow on the changes. No more Lucidity Boots? Might as well go Sorc's cause his ULT W and E does magic dmg...Or maybe I'm a bit stupid. Pls dont downvote cause I'm not...so smart. XD
Well, lucidity on pbe gives 10% now and trinity gives 10% cdr with 20% crit. In combination with the new essence reaver you will get 40% cdr from just tri and essence alone along with some 40% crit chance. So as an adc it's best to go dps from this point.
: I like the idea of these changes, especially including his passive to make his Q deal extra crit damage. I agree 100% with the "Ezreal feels lackluster" statement, he has felt out of meta for a long time to me, and he was the champ that got me interested in the Marksman role when I first started playing league. I really hope that Riot DOES take these ideas into consideration because they are extremely game breaking buffs, and they aren't lack luster, it seems like just enough for Ezreal to start becoming viable again. Very nice ideas, and Crit Ezreal does sound fun, considering all you see now a days is Blue Build and AP Ezreal. Cheers for great Ideas! {{item:3028}} (Riot please take a look at this.)
Thanks. ^*^ Also you misspelled the "are". I'm sure you meant "aren't". -> "I really hope that Riot DOES take these ideas into consideration because they -> [are] <- extremely game breaking buffs."
: That would be the best direction to take EZ with the current items, I never understood why {{champion:41}} parleying a barrel causes crits, but a mystic shot cannot?
Keep in mind a good GP can even hit multiple people with his barrels and his barrels ignore armor and deal bonus damage. Hahaha. Lol, well I'm glad you liked my idea. In fact, if you liked it so much help me out by putting this idea on the boards. I already did mine lol. Or Reddit for all I care.
: Exactly my thoughts. Since they're pushing the crit itemization so hard for the glass cannons, they should at least change the AD casters to benefit from it to scale better. Ezreals Q and perhaps R, as well as Lucian's Q and R should be allowed to crit, in my opinion, if only for the AD portion at least.
Lol well I'm glad you liked my idea. In fact if you liked it so much help me out by putting this idea on the boards. I already did mine lol. Or Reddit for all I care.
Rioter Comments
: Yea. Ezreal is really in a meh spot.
It's hard to believe I was the first comment on this huge post. Anyway yeah. They need to buff Varus's playstyle a little bit and Ezreal in general, focusing around Ezreals W and Q. People are complaining that his Q doesn't crit but MF's ult does for a small amount. Which honestly doesn't sound that bad. Why not allow his Q to crit for like 40-50% bonus damage. I could so see a crit Ezreal build working tbh. It's kinda like playing lucian/vayne that way. Cause you jump in the middle and Q someone auto attack the others to death with your passive and crits along with sheen proc'd Q crits along with manamune ect. And with the crits Ezreal's Essence Reaver would sync with him and give him cdr and mana. ALL JUST BY GIVING HIS Q A CRIT DAMAGE MULTIPLIER! If that became possible you could literally play ez in all adc form builds. Crit/blue/glass/ap/standard/ect so many options. If all that were possible my new build for Ezreal would be something like this. {{item:3042}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3508}} {{item:3035}} {{item:3072}} I'd probably swap out the Bloodthirster for a BotRK if I need more percent damage versus tanks. This full build would give me. 50% attack speed (+BotRK's 40% if you get it) (Don't forget your passive) 270 attack damage 250 bonus health 1250 bonus mana 40% cooldown reduction 40% critical strike chance 20% life steal 45 flat move speed 5% move speed multiplier That was an estimate so if I got it wrong that's fine. Anyway the point of all of this is to say to a Rioter that we'd much rather see a crit on Q much more an effective buff rather than 1.1 ad ratio on q instead of 1.0 or the cd buff to his Q which allows his other abilities to get off cd faster which really isn't all that important to an adc. Crits are. Which by changing the items out like they are ezreal isn't gonna be picked often. Especially with his new core path being {{item:3042}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3508}} This holding true to Ezreal it just doesn't seem fair to him at all. In the next coming meta (I.E. ADC/Assassin meta) Ezreal isn't gonna be able to even hold against these adc's or foes. This just puts him forcefully into the mid lane as an AD caster mid laner. Cause he can't go ap cause he can't farm in ap as well. And if he goes bot lane he'll just get destroyed by all these new adc's. I strongly suggest the listed buff for Ezreal (tweak the numbers to your liking though. Q "Mystic Shot" Now has a 1.0 AD Ratio on his Q and no longer has the 0.5 bonus CD reduction on landing his Q on an enemy. *NEW* Ezreal's Q "Mystic Shot" can now crit for _(x)AmountOfBonusDamageHere_ bonus damage. (I was thinking around 50% or something but that's up to you.) ORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR THIS IDEA Q "Mystic Shot" Now has a 1.0 AD Ratio on his Q and no longer has the 0.5 bonus CD reduction on landing his Q on an enemy. *NEW* Ezreal's Q "Mystic Shot" can now crit for UP TO _(x)AmountOfBonusDamageHere_ bonus damage (I.E. Just like last time but this change is a bit more fair to the crit idea for Ezreal. As now with this one you have to stack up first to even get the chance to get crit damage.) In fact all these ideas you could alter it to where you make it where for however much crit you have the more damage your Q does for a CHANCE to deal that much crit damage over scaling or something. Please run this over to the team. I really don't see these as a bad ideas whatsoever. I don't even see how they could be in anyway possible. At least consider them.
: Ezreal, Lucian and Varus kind of get the short end of the stick. Ezreal specifically also has issues with his ulti, which is global, yes, but it's quite slow, has a really long casting time, loses damage for hitting multiple units which makes optimal use extremely hard (need to account for casting time, travel time AND avoid hitting anything before the target), and its scaling is crappy. Lux, in comparison, has: * Significantly less casting time * Instant travel time * Lower CD without needing to spam Qs * No damage falloff, can hit everyone with it without losing damage * More damage than Trueshot Barrage on Illuminated targets (and fleeing targets more often than not ARE illuminated). Not to mention she can setup her own ult with her Q and E. Ezreal's ulti needs to be fixed, at least for the AP playstyle that basically relies on it.
Lux's ult is really easy to dodge. Ezreals ult doesn't have a warning at all. Thats just a sidenote though. If I were to fix ap ezreal I would make his W be able to hit minions but not give the buff and only deal 50% of the damage. Otherwise it'd be another viktor laser and people would pick ap ez over ad ez all the time.
: MF's ult crits, but only for 20% increased damage. They could do something like that.
: not like it matters an adc will 3hit her, and if she goes full tank, she wont even break the lifesteal ADC's have,
: Ezreal Feels a bit Lackluster since he isn't terribly great with crit chance.
If I were to "fix" Ezreal for this new ADC meta I'd give his Q the chance to crit but only for 50% or something. If that's not possible then I'd swap him over to a stronger style such as AP Ezreal. The only way to make that Viable would be to make his W hit minions. But since that's op I'd nerf it for minions/monsters only dealing 50% damage to them. This would allow him to go mid lane really easy. If none of this is possible then I suggest asking a Rioter for his ideas on Ezreal. Sure he's a strong caster poke based ADC. But that is not going to be able to size up to all of the new ADC's styles. Especially now. Number one thing they need to do is to stop swapping numbers. I'm getting tired of that.
: Yeah, and I played her mid. Her roaming is impecible, but if you don't roam then her ult is just kind of weak in my opinion. Lvl 2 ult the mana cost makes it much better, but before then it feels weak.
It is supposed to be called a "Rank 2 Ult" but lol that's all I wanted to say about that. But yeah her ult at the start is like that so she doesn't run around going willy nilly without a cost. It's a way to make sure she doesn't just go everywhere at 6 and gank top/bot/jg,counterganking It just isn't exactly fun for the enemy team to gank someone then in about 6 seconds quinn is there. Quinn now being mid I can imagine people will start taking mobi boots so they can roam even stronger. Well, that's what I do and it works splendidly. The cost early is to gate her to make sure she isn't op early. Which is perfectly fine imo. If you wanted a cheaper way to roam you may want to consider to riot that they lower the cost of mana but decrease the movement speed gain, which was the whole point of the reason why they made her ult the way it is.
: Ezreals W change (idea)
Me when seeing this: Reading slowly... *sips coffee* "Kinda explodes like a Tristana bomb"???? *Sits coffee down to type "why the f#$%..." Okay, I'm just gonna sit you down for a sec... Though I do agree Ezreal's W needs a little something but I don't think this is it at all... When I saw this I was hoping for an original idea. Not something that already is in the game (I.E. Tristana Like Bomb.) I like the idea of exploding but every champion HAS to be unique in League of Lurdurr. According to Rito, this is a must. In fact I agree with them, every champion SHOULD be unique. Now, I'm done with that ^ up there. The reasoning this is a cool idea. I REALLY LIKE IT DONT GET ME WRONG. This is cool but Ezreal getting an AoE on his W would cause Rito to delete most of his AP ratio/base damage on his W making AP Ezreal users mad. They would rather him be fun everywhere, which isn't a problem. Basically what Rito will read when they go through this is "Let's make one of the longest range poke mages have an AoE hit on the longest poke move in the game (with the lowest cooldown). Basically, if I mark anyone on the front line and that guy explodes and it hits the backline it will be annoying and unfun to play against. This being a thing means this = "Your tanks that protected you... Will now be your downfall..." Someone who already has good poke is already strong. Adding more AoE to his weaknesses to his AD self is a problem cause he IS supposed to be this way. If you wanted more AoE, grab a Statikk Shiv or a more viable item for Ezreal like Frozen Gauntlet. Both of those items are really strong on Ezreal. They give him long range AoE and kiting potential. One makes him faster and the other protects and slows enemies. Both of those make an annoying pair for enemies, though not as viable as other builds. Ending sentence. I LOVE THIS IDEA. It's just not the right way to go about fixing his W. I love hearing ideas about buffing/fixing my main/first champion ever. Just take into consideration the following > "How will this affect the enemy team?" "Does it have counterplay?" "Is it fun for both teams?" "Is it fair?" Ect. You have to take into account EVERYTHING. Riot has to do this as well cause they have to make sure it's not broken as heck. In fact, Riot has to go through every champion combo with X_ChampionNameHere_X and make sure certain combos aren't any of those things above. ^ <3 Thank you for your time. This just isn't the right way to go about Ezreal. <3
: Post it [here](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/PE1LJTOM-quinn-pbe-feedback-thread) instead :)
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
Talking about Quinn's Ult and Valors new "identity." Okay, so why exactly did you change a "War Bird Friend" into a "Car/Vehicle/Mount"? Why didn't you just make it a Nidalee R where I can swap back and forth and let her have stats to match a Fighter Build Valor or an ADC Quinn optimizations? In the first post early about Quinn having a toggle ult I was super happy. I was like "Alright time to build Ravenous Hydra Valor baby!" then all my hopes and dreams were crushed when I read the real Quinn changes that allowed this but Quinn uses Valor as a car... Valor isn't allowed to even fight in the ult toggle... P.S. (Sidenote): I'm very curious as to why you didn't make Quinn's W in Quinn form allow her to send Valor to go scout an area then come back to her. During this state, you wouldn't get "vulnerable" on them or cast Q or Ult but you'd be able to when he came back. Then in Valor form you just get your standard (live) W in an AoE. Making it were the faster you get him back to you the better. Better yet just allow them both on the field or something and you swap between both of them on the map to move them. Or along the lines of a legit solo duo bot lane team. Lol, I don't even know what I'm saying anymore.
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: But this isn't meant to be posted on PBE...
Then report it and move on. If it doesn't get removed then Riot doesn't give a shizzle.
: Warrior Enchant
I thoroughly like the idea of a healing off of any ad damage dealt. This would open up many forms of AD jungles. Zed could be able to jungle again just like in his "Zed Champion Spotlight" Video. > https://youtu.be/2DFtlNGzMIA?t=3m7s AD assassins could viably jungle again as well as general fighters. Taking this item with smite mid lane as zed would cause a problem cause that'd be a big boost to him personally. As well as Riven talon ect. You'd have to make the heal work like spell vamp. PS. Spellvamp does work on all abilities damage. With exceptions to Gangplank and Yasuo q's. In these ways, Yasuo, Riven. Zed and Talon could all jungle again. It'd open up many jungle ideas and I personally like this. One problem is that you'd have to limit the spell vamp to 10% because on certain champions such as zed taking this item mid lane could get all of his hp back in one wave if you made it any higher. I suggest making it 10% or lower spell vamp. I strongly condone this idea as a good one. Enchantment warrior 10% CDR 10 Armor Penetration 40 AD 10% Spell Vamp (Reduced to one-third effectiveness when using AoE abilities.) Something along with AD healing would be fantastic and has to be in there. I really wanna see AD assassin junglers again.
: Post it on Live Boards for visibility. PBE is for features currently in testing.
Except, on here Riot actually reads everything. So in fact they will see this.
: > [{quoted}](name=Faal Rovaniik,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=AVg3JAdT,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-10-21T16:34:49.718+0000) > > No it has not ended. Why you have that icon? I don't know. It's either a bug or something which happens all the time. In your case this is harmless. > > Season 5 **on the live servers** will end around Nov. - December. Exactly. Live servers. Also, November 11, yes. :> Season 5 on PBE has ended. Riot told us they [were testing end of season](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/bbxKNEFK-ranked-queues-only-this-weekend-october-16-18), placeholder icons are being used, we have profile banners, and we have loading screen borders. On PBE, season 5's finished ^^
November 11th is ranked season end. But yes the rest is true.
: Did season 5 end ?
No it has not ended. Why you have that icon? I don't know. It's either a bug or something which happens all the time. In your case this is harmless. Season 5 on the live servers will end around Nov. - December.
: I agree, much like Nasus, if she goes unchecked early she will usually hyper-carry mid-late but if you set her behind it becomes very risky to go for stacks.
*nods in approval*
: Lowering Veigar's burst is the wrong way to go about balancing him.
This guy knows what's up. Considering most veigars usually have 25% cdr with masteries and athenes it'd get down to about 12 secs which last for a couple of secs leaving about a 8 second window to deal with him. If I were up to balancing him I'd make the walls THINNER. The hit box on each side of the prism is pretty big. I flashed out one time and I got stunned from the very edge of the box. Then I got R'd. Lol. If the walls were thinner and didn't COMPLETELY DISRUPT THE ENEMY TEAM inside it. Then it'd be fine. Ashe in the box? That's fine just keep them off of her while she's in it. If my entire team is in the box currently we have a higher chance of pushing one of our own outside the box rather than the enemy team scaring us into it. The E doesn't need a bigger radius to cover. Just the walls need to be thinner so I don't get bullshit stunned inside it. Lol. Personally though the damage nerf on the W is fine. It was basically your ults damage and ap ratio. But hit everyone... It just wouldn't have the bonus effect of %80 of the enemies ap. Which is was was stupid about him. But yeah keep the W nerf. I like it since you made his W work properly. After you do all of this Veigar will be a really balanced champion for someone who stacks infinite ap.
: New Game-play - fun one
In free for all people would troll. So that's instantly out of here. Team deathmatch like that for a game like league of legends would be tedious. Even could use the word irritating. The way league is now is why it's popular and people stay by it. None the less pretty cool ideas. These would be cool if you got penalties for breaking the rules buttttt then you'd have a handful of people getting banned. It's just not worth it.
: Nerf Kindred
She's really not op. People just don't shut her down early. And that is their fault. If you shut her down early let's say two kills on her and deny her her stacks. She's almost completely useless except for the E cc and R saves.
: > [{quoted}](name=KING x RAMSES,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=iWBcsNLu,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-10-16T13:16:14.003+0000) > > I think Kindred nerf should receive the following skills: QWE > Q: From 90 dmg to 60-70 > W: from 40% of damage to 25-30% > E: 5% from max health to 3% > > Kindred is so op ...i think this nerf is good Kindred is one of the champions who has like, the lowest scalings and base attack damage in game. Yet you want to nerf them? I am sorry, but just because in one game Kindred beat you it doesn't mean anything statistically.
You just shut her down early. I don't understand why people don't see early EXTREMELY obvious counter play. When I see kindred in ranked I just pick either gragas or lee and I obliterate them early. It's really too easy...
: Kindred; Consistency Buff and Snowball Nerf [Passive Change Idea]
You can shut her down early. No need for a nerf/change. It's really easy.
: Yeah, but he's still mainly an AP ability assassin. His sword doesn't do much damage with ought lich bane, at least not compared to other AA focused champions. Completing your idea the way it is would require a larger rework of Kassadin than you probably originally intended, and would be very similar to the Mordekaiser rework. It might make the champion more fun, but it will weaken his early game and unbalance everyone's late game. Having said that, I stay by the point that I do like some of your ideas. {{champion:38}}
Lord Kassawin still reigns. {{champion:38}}
: I like some of the ideas, but they kinda blur each other. Kassadin is a strong anti-mage assassin. The re-work of the R improves his mobility for being an assassin, but the idea of giving him wave clear on his Q and W and the decreasing wave clear on his main AOE ability seems sort-of pointless. I see how you could make it work, but I have a few other problems. Q's early game damage is extremely low, and the projectile speed is low also. most projectile abilities that pass through minions or neutral monsters have damage reduction for every character hit, so this could be very problematic for a skill-shot Q. I don't see any problems with the W, although it's a bit strange. People would also use more mana on wave clear with kassadin, mana that most kassadins need for the stacking passive. But interesting thinking overall, I like it ^.^{{champion:38}}
I would like a Void Blade Dancer form of Kassadin. Read my comment below V Like I think if he was centered around his Void Sword a bit more he could be really bad ass... You know what I mean?
: I think that him being a glass cannon is a problem because with his kit now, he can be very unstoppable, but i like a fighter sort of kassadin because it has more balance.
I prefer fighter Kassadin I wish he was balanced around being a Void Blade Dancer title. Like His ult would be on a 1.5 second cd and you get Tear, Lucidity, and Nashors and you just teleport a lot. I think that'd be cool but you'd have to get rid of the damage on his ult all together for that to be fair. In all honesty I want that idea. R: Lower range and deals no damage and costs up to 400 mana instead of 800 which is a buttload.
: If its a delayed skillshot then why cant noone doge it ?
If you can't dodge it then you have problems. Keep in mind that as soon as Veigar presses E and it goes away. You should capitalize on him fast.
: Zhoyna wont help if ur playing like zed or yasuo , or any ad champ ...
Why would you pick them against Veigar?
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