: Some engineers pulled a late night last night to implement some changes...I'll take the ~15 hours of silence as things look good now?
its working, but many of us still have leaverbuster maxxed out from that time and the time before when it happened. i never got off leaverbuster despite playing tons of games in between the 2 events... is there any way to justify a mass reset of afk punishments since almost nobody afkd in actual games?
: I welcome you, mybrother, in the great land of all the Indie Companies. A place where everything that may not work, will not work!!!
: Cannon not making sound in ARURF
i hope this is a feature, not a bug. i was very glad to not have to hear that shit
: mine finally fixed. i think it was a period of time we had to endure.
wow. it came back... out of nowhere
: Stuck in Low Priority Queue
mine finally fixed. i think it was a period of time we had to endure.
: Stuck in Low Priority Queue
damn. i thought there was an end in sight.
: I got a 20 min low prio timer because of a glitch what the heck.
same. had no idea i was ever in a game. but thats how things go on pbe sometimes. this happened en masse with that thresh game mode and riot couldnt fix anyones account it happened to. just gotta wait that 20 minutes lol
: But that doesn't actually happens. Having played more than a dozen PVP games on the PBE, Akali's damage got gutted so hard that if she cannot out-burst her target when she come out of shroud to attack, she just gets 100-0 herself. Any assassin right now just 100-0s her when she comes out of shroud to attack, so she can't just wait out her cooldowns to kill them. When a Talon can 100-0 in 1.57s, and you as Akali can't even proc the first mark off and therefore doing no damage to him, what's the point in playing Akali anymore? This is both at equal builds, levels. Every assassin except Akali can still unleash their full combo in 1.5s. Akali's takes 12s to pull off her full combo. 12s vs 1.5s is just far too long for Akali to take someone out before she gets 100-0'd herself, and that's what keeps happening now. Loss of ultimate damage also hurt her ability to stay alive inorder to wait of cooldowns because the spellvamp got removed and lower damage on ult means less heals. The one-off heal from passive heals for far, far less than the old spellvamp.
akali has never been the type of champ that wants to play against other assasins. PBE results are skewed because her kit is actually garbage vs most assassins. pretty much every other assasin has a skill matchup vs any other assasin, but her kit is linear, and it is nonfunctional pre-6 . every other assasin has a way to secure early kills and snowball, akali just gets zoned. thats why you play her as a skirmisher if you arnt an akali 1tp since season 3
: o so they channged it
damn, i wanted to try rushing nashors
: I World like to add they change the color for People with daltonism. I dont have it but i care. Trust me, I engineer
purple would signify a magic shield.
: I think the _**Strength of the Ages**_ Keystone is not useful, as you said it you wont build him tanky. And this keystone is useless in early game cause its not flat and the heal comes out if you are fully stacked, so not useful for the earlygame issue. And also the _**Legendary Guardian**_ mastery is not useful at early camp clear cause there are most of the time no enemy champs nearby so you can benefit from the extra armor. The **_Perseverance_** mastery is mandatory imho.
idk man. considering your 300 health stacks pretty fucking fast in the jungle, and that means you can turret dive easily even before evolved E... id say its pretty fucking powerful. the other masteries in that tree that lead up to it all help you stay alive in the jungle... that one helps you gank. considering that there is no mastery that gives you early AD... there is no mastery that gives you any sizable damage bonuses... the only way to get out more early damage is having the health to go rambo. people take a surface look at ofensive masteries thinking that they help assasin junglers get off damage and are flat out wrong. they all depend on items to be effective, and as an assasin you have to get fed early game... so they do zero for your progression in the game. they help you "win more" but never help you win.
: Masteries?
ive had this before too. on occasion you need to resize your window and it will fix.
: "RP server is ---> way.."
its a mmorpg meme. RP stands for roleplay. we spam it to people that complain about player killers in pvp servers if i were to take a guess, it branched off for pbe vets sick of live immigrants complaining about various aspects of pbe, like seemingly troll builds to test interactions... bad comps... bad matchmaking that leaves you feeling like you are severley outmatched or your teamates suck. all the madness gives live players an excuse to be toxic... RP might stand for riot points... as in... the server you buy your RP on aka live server as in stop complaining or go home to RP server
: I see, I see. I personally don't like going tanky on Kha'Zix, preferring to build for as much offense as possible. But 3 health pots... maybe that will help.
dont get me wrong. i wasnt implying that you build khazix tanky. its just that most squishy mele junglers seem to have the most benefit from that tree. getting the offensive items they need faster and easier
: Pantheon's Q Crits with Warlord's Bloodlust
what sonic said... except that it does crit lol its more comparable to yis q and garens E. which also crit and are effected by crit damage multipliers. you are correct in that its because the ability doesnt function as an attack like GP's Q, or MF's q . imo it should proc the passives attack speed portion, because it IS a crit. its just not an attack, so there is no way it can life-steal. if it stole life with that mastery i would consider it a bug.
: Kha'Zix Consensus
what sonic suggested works OK. its a preference here, but i focus on jungle sustain in my masteries on almost every jungler that doesnt have solid sustain or speedy clear. imo its the safest and most reliable path. some things here i change from game to game, but the important things are the keystone mastery which gives you 300 bonus health after a couple clears, and all the health regen related stuff... and the masteries that deal bonus damage and reduce damage taken from monsters. http://pyroblasty.github.io/masteries/#CvEKxECvCvKxK i never have issues with a first clear this way. first i would try with machete 3 pots to get challenging/chilling and the extra sustain and dueling power they provide asap. if you are still having issues for some reason, buy the refillable and b after 3 camps for hunters potion. it will set you behind a little, but the amount of sustain it gives you helps you catch up
: PBE Discord?
/in might want to change title since not everyone knows what discord is and some will probably assume its a toxicity QQ thread
: Kassadin visual bug
i would pay money for a vid of that animations everywhere are bugging out. kindred had no animations in my game :o
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: Not to add to this train but it is also note worthy that ADC's were buffed both in builds (lowered item costs, bigger power spikes, CRIT CRIT CRITs, but also BASE attack damage values were increased and lets not forget the new mastery passives are quite a impact compared to last season) all these adc buffs affect other champions too but when LWR is built early, it will be more effective against thresh than other champs.
yes, it will... but it will still be less effective than equal gold spent elsewhere... so it wont be built early unless they are specifically building against you... which would result in them breaking even against you compared to other items while losing damage vs everyone else. its just not a threat early game. the only situation where LW could impact thresh's game in a meaningful way, is a mid game stalemate that is broken with its purchase... its not even lategame comeback material... because if they are behind all game and the game lasts long... you will start to become too armored to care about pen. overall its a nerf on thresh compared to other tanks... but LW isnt some OP way to build against him.
: Never thought about that. I guess i will push my ganking back until i get my first finished item, and just farm inb4
imo doing it this way actually gives you more opportunities to gank... once you clear 3 camps and B for hunters potion, you can stay out forever and alternate between clears and ganks because you have the health to do so... the regen masteries stack with your hunters potion and your w sustain and make life much easier. you will do less damage in your ganks.... but early ganking is more about presence anyways. just hitting a w slow can burn a flash and put that lane ahead... and give you the freedom to farm because of the threat of your existence. if you get a peak at your opponent, and see he doesnt have hunters potion when you do... you can just focus on making it impossible for him to farm because he was greedy and decided to save for smite upgrade instead.. this works in every hunters vs non hunters matchup... unless they are xin/WW/aatrox or have a team that supports them well.
: Well I ran the numbers using mundos base at level 18, with 300 total armor and provided he has sufficient hp to gain the 15% bonus damage he'll take 7% more damage than LW. In threshs case this will be a lot higher.
oh of course. i was referring to early/mid game spikes... which seem to be far more relevant in the way games are playing out on this patch... the item is suppose to be more powerful late game vs tanks and less powerful early game vs everyone... and it seems thresh is no exception
: Using pretty aggresive Masteries. Hunters Potion yes, idd helped a lot. But the overall feeling of power which i have on live is really really missing. In live i usually get hard fed, on pbe i struggle to do anything even after 1 or 2 kills
the problem with the aggressive masteries is that going far up that tree doesnt really help your clear much. on the defensive tree... almost everything helps you with your ability to survive the jungle, wheras the offensive tree... almost nothing helps you clear it faster. i would suggest 6/6/18 on any jungler that doesn't have OP sustain naturally. (focusing on the regen bonuses and the keystone that gives you 300 bonus health after a few good clears) its counter intuitive because the previous meta was quite the opposite... but unless you are going to ignore your camps and constantly gank, you wont get any value out of your offensive masteries when they count (early game)
: Bonus armor pen requires huge amounts of enemy armor in order to beat total armor pen. Technically, it *is* weaker because live LW cuts into both his bonus armor and his 16 base. Whereas the new LW only cuts into his bonus.
i think his point is that the reduced cost and increased gold allowing you buy more AD to go with it makes it even more powerful in total build value. i havnt done math on this so i cant confirm, but its possible.
: Kicked in Ranked, and server is busy to reconnect
: well then f*ck a duck...
i almost made a thread about this until i realized that it only seemed to matter if i was behind. the actual impact of threshes power seems minimal. the thing is, early game the new LW is still weaker vs thresh than the current itteration on live... so if they rush the item, they lose potential damage that could have been spent elsewhere.... by the time they can use it cost effectively you should have enough armor to barely notice the increase in damage... since effective armor to health ratios actually improve by them penetrating your armor. the idea is.... knowing that LW will be a priority buy mid game, you buy an armor item that includes health and have too much armor (the health paired with scaling MR glyphs should keep you protected from AP burst well enough)so when they reduce it, your ratio is optimal. 1 armor item should do it unless you are against a full AD comp
: I was thinking about this the other day. Does his armor he get from stacking actually get counted as bonus armor? When you hover over armor in the armor icon is game does it add he souls' armor to the bonus or the base?
: Same just happened to me. But I managed to get into a game... then it dced me, and I get a "server is busy" message after having to restart client due to "being unable to connect to server". I really hope that I don't get reported for it... we were winning too Q-Q
first time i joined que i got into champ select, and after someone DC'd i got the typical dodge message, but then it gave me a blank screen http://puu.sh/l7UQp/e7e0367861.jpg then the next time i logged in, it told me that there was an error connecting to maestro?!?! http://puu.sh/l7VRU/a6a1003f7d.jpg next time i logged in fine, but when i went to accept the game, it gave me generic unspecified error http://puu.sh/l7W1k/c896804580.jpg so i jumped back into que, waited ten minutes... decided to leave que and the X wouldnt respond to my clicks
: i saw this too, are they considering getting rid of abyssal scepter? please dont, this is a great option for midlaners and top laners who get pretty close to the fight.
i was laning against teemo as akali *shudders* ended up buying zzrot and rageblade with the peices
: > [{quoted}](name=Jbonic,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=EArXn1eB,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-11-02T13:06:25.931+0000) > > i dont see how a minute increase in attack speed scaling makes up for less attack speed in items. factoring in that other adcs have less attack speed scaling now, id say she was breaking even in general... if runnans wasnt so bad for her now. but its just utter trash for kalista > > maybe she can jungle easier with the new starting items?? hmmm... Welp probably becouse you don't know how to count bonus AS. increasing her base as to almost 0.7 means that this botrk and hurricane will give her 40% and 35% from this 0.7 + this 1-3% per lvl instead of 0.65 +1-3 per lvl which is meaningful. Of course it's not a power shift it didn't meant be, but she gonna be stronger after getting botrk but a bit weaker later. > [{quoted}](name=Jbonic,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=EArXn1eB,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-11-02T15:39:12.895+0000) > > i feel like shes going to be a poke champ now.... building things like deaths dance and triforce if shes played at all.. maybe the new ghostblade is good for her now that i think about it. She gonna be always a broken champion or at least one of this "OP" just like orianna, thresh, alistar, irelia (she gonna be pick/ban in pre season ;] ) or lee sin are. It's not about her numbers but about kit and her passive.
ye, im a little bad at the math... but 90% of .67 sounds like a lot less than 35% of .69 at a glance, and since that broken part of her is directly tied to attack speed welll... i digress. ill try CDR and AD
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: I'm not sure if "dumpstered" would be the word I would use. Kalista has been a powerhouse since her release, and Riot has tried several times to knock off some of her power. In the right hands she's still very, very strong; I don't think the BORK nerf is going to completely destroy her gameplay. Personally I believe the Runaan's change hits her harder, as a lot of her damage is accumulated through continuous autoattacks and thus stacking of her E. Crit also doesn't really help Kalista much. The only crit items I have ever built on Kalista is Phantom/Shiv (mostly just Phantom, for the passive).
i feel like shes going to be a poke champ now.... building things like deaths dance and triforce if shes played at all.. maybe the new ghostblade is good for her now that i think about it.
: P - Martial Poise Jump distance scales with boot tier (as live), jump speed now only scales with AS/Slows (is slower early game but scales up). Base Stats Base AS increased 0.658 -> 0.694 AS per level reduced 3.3% -> 2.8% There should be somewhere red post with this. Don't forget that kalista is broken AF anyway ^^
i dont see how a minute increase in attack speed scaling makes up for less attack speed in items. factoring in that other adcs have less attack speed scaling now, id say she was breaking even in general... if runnans wasnt so bad for her now. but its just utter trash for kalista maybe she can jungle easier with the new starting items?? hmmm...
Rioter Comments
: The death timer issue is a really good point. When a lane gets a kill, they can really snowball.
usually first time someone dies in a lane, that tower is dead and the whole team starts rotating, and getting more kills because the other team didnt get the memo that laning is over now. im not good at math, so i cant quantify this... but it seems like the towers losing armor and gaining health made them more fragile. i saw one die in 2 seconds to a 3 wave minion clump... i also was able to 1v1 an inhib tower with no minions as ekko in a custom game at full build bruiser style (cinderhulk/rageblade/bork/titanic/warmogs) i did use ult to reset agro... but still.
: The games are going so quickly, because some people have understood the new items, masteries, and rebuilt characters better than others. As more people understand the new game -- and as Riot tunes the new items--, game length should go back to normal.
i disagree. gold is up. death timers up... it used to be i get my item that is supposed to power spike with sated (titanic hydra/bork ect) around the same time i achieve it. now i have that item in a blink of an eye and i have 10-20 stacks (in a successful game)
Rioter Comments
: If it gave stacks, then people would care :3
it does... or at least. it should. i havnt tested it on this patch... but previously, all on hit activated damage effects that proc on a q hit collected stacks EDIT: my bad. just watched the vid. no stacks for u doggy QQ
: I don't disagree that deaths should be slightly more punishing early on and that fewer games should hit late game, but I also don't think that you should be instantly able to close the game at 20 minutes after acing the other team. The underlying idea behind the changes are good, but the overall execution goes too far.
naw, its perfect. im sick of season 3 and season 4. time to move on from 40+ minute games
: Not only did they removed mana pots they also removed clarity which makes mages in ARAM is unplayable until late game ~20min. I played over 3000 ARAM games; the removal of clarity is really going to affect my preference on ARAM in season 6.
clarity spam was fun while it lasted, but you can still {{item:3010}} {{item:3010}} {{item:3010}} {{item:3010}} {{item:3010}} {{item:3010}} as first item then {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} on your first death if your champion is super mana hungry dont forget that aram gives mana regen based on your mana pool... so mana regen items (including pots) were extremely inefficient anyways
: I've never played AP Caitlyn once, I just value base damage on my abilities. Making things higher skill is pretty cool, but making things more tedious or else they are weaker is not, make the net harder to hit sure, np I can appreciate having to be better in order to reap reward, My moronic enemy steps on a trap and I gotta auto him? or he doesn't get punished for being dumb, kind of annoying, especially if I am not near him.
if he is on your screen you can auto him with the range multiplier. if he isnt, its not relevant to your lane dominance. your AA is instant, it takes zero effort to apply the damage. its pretty niche that an adc can have an escape followed by a crit (and her ult if available.... AND another crit if you landed a trap behind them before you net) a niche people will be raging about on NA boards for a few months. its immense outplay potential also scales much better into mid game (and late) than your precious base magic damage. you get to bait out a delicious looking trade for your opponent, outplay them, and kill them while you peace out... how is that less powerful?????!?!?!?!
: No PBE Acceptance Mail?
mine got sorted into spam. maybe the same happened for you. if you made an account you are good to go.
: So just a few small questions What was the idea behind him was he a failed void champion or did you sit down and think of him only as a new monster? Also why the name The Rift herald why not something like the rift colossus it fit him a little more being that large and terrifying? Lastly where is he from? He looks like a void born creature but I thought I would ask before guessing what he is.
i think its fairly obvious that he heralds the coming of baron.
: I don't understand. If he has vision he just keeps autoing until it is dead. If it just got placed he couldn't kill it anyway before it disappeared. So he is exactly like every other ADC in this respect.
thanks for downvoting based on your ignorance. try reading the OP. he cant AA without charges. he holds a max of 2 charges. he would literally have to have max charges... spend them... reload (which is also his only escape)... then spend the last charge all just to kill a green ward. that leaves him utterly defenseless when he inevitably gets ambushed for clearing a ward as graves. even if he had enough attack speed to avoid using his escape for a reload, that would still leave him with only 1 AA if a fight was forced.
: Yep. You can't crit them, but other than that they function just like anything else. The only thing that can't be hit multiple times are wards. RiotNickWu did get a kill by attacking a ward and hitting an enemy with the extra bullets that flew by it.
should probably let graves multi-hit wards. hitting a ward and killing a champ is slick and all... but how is graves going to kill wards with nobody assisting?
: Dang. Scrap the whole thing I guess.
http://s2.quickmeme.com/img/ca/ca211d0239f0cfe1e5a4cf3194a73db792e1eafe821967f4f73eeb4a1da4ee08.jpg i am curious about the runnans interaction though
: -Cait has 1300 range (double aa range) when she headshots a trapped/netted person? Maybe i misunderstood, but this seems extremely op. if so, shouldn't her ult have higher range to not be a worse version of her passive.. (1300 range is not much smaller than her ult, especially at ult at rank 1. but ult has a casttime, a bigger cd and a bigger manacost.. ) -Her ult cd is also pretty high while the range feels way too small earlygame. However, in lategame the range is too high as she can force squishies back before teamfights from a huge distance away. This is due to her having more ad lategame therefore her ult hurting a ton. -Surely if u get trapped in a net u should get rooted and not slowed.. this would be nice as its doesnt rly do much after this rework unless u have headshot. maybe it could have a small ad ratio too? similar to ez e, to encourage aggressive e's and not only use it as an escape/gapcloser. -I think a super good change that you should consider is whenever she has headshot up, her ult has higher range and will do a headshot (bonus damage) , using up her headshot charge.
"this would be nice as its doesnt rly do much after this rework unless u have headshot." you always have a headshot when you land a net or trap.
: "but we drained some power and reliability from this spell to make room for power elsewhere" Umm where is the power? All I see are nerfs. Removing the 280 magic damage in order to give back 50% to 150% of AD physical damage while alive and near is pretty shitty. This means trap max early is no longer good but her Q and E still suck due to outrageously bad animations. These aren't quick skill shots like Ezreal Q or E, these things are slow and feel worse than a Taric or old Sion stun. You may get a bit more damage late game on traps but your traps used to do magic damage meaning they're less shit on by resistances, instead you're now entirely physical damage and you do less damage for most of the early game with traps. Why nerf Caitlyn when she already isn't played? Traps are the best spell she has with how bad Q animation is and yet their being nerfed to be the worst traps in the game, Shaco, Teemo, Nidalee, Maokai, and Zyra all have better traps. If this change actually goes through, Caitlyn will go from being the third best of the traps to be the absolute worst. I personally don't care if Q and E get nerfed into the ground, but please don't nerf the traps, they are the one good thing Caitlyn has going for her.
ap cait support main detected. good riddance foul scum


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