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: Luckily for you, old draft is staying at least in the short term. Otherwise, choosing ward is something that's confirmed to be on their list, for the "preview skin" thingie you'd have to use the actual feedback sticky.
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: The main reason why the opponents in Bard's ultimate is yellow is for clarity purposes. Making it blue or white will make the opponents think they are slowed or stunned instead of being "zhonyas'ed" and get confused.
However I still think this could be cool
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This is last patch of this year and if you didn't grap last year skins which are legacy you won't be able to buy them on PBE but only on live servers
: New Masteries - Build Tips and Theory Crafting
what abour masteries for rengar jungle ? I have 18/6/6 and 18/12/0 or is still better 12/18/0?
: What do thing about Bard?
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: Armor Pen works on Total Armor, which includes base armor, that all champions have and gain with levels + bonus armor, that you can get through items. Bonus armor pen works only on bonus armor.
so how you get bonus armor then ? from masteries and runes ? cause i think bonus armor pen is useless then
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: Probably. Maybe not much, but there's usually a skin or two each patch. Victorious Sivir for example will most likely hit PBE for the next patch cycle.
you mean next next patch or this now how coming ? cause 11/11 season ends and Victorious sivir should come this cycle =)
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: > [{quoted}](name=FE Arcade Master,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=oxN4mMBw,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2015-10-02T19:26:12.914+0000) > > This mode is for ARAM right ? or no haha last year was on ARAM =P The mode is called 'One For All: SR.' Can you guess what the SR stands for?
yes i know but still =P I remeber last year was for ARAM =P
: 'One For All: SR' featured game mode coming soon to the PBE
This mode is for ARAM right ? or no haha last year was on ARAM =P
: It should be any ranked, normal, co-op vs AI or custom Summoners Rift game. :]
both teams need 2 or 3 players with project skin right?
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: Unable to login
Same here {{item:3070}}
: [5.16] Experimental Azir EQ Changes
: Mordekaiser's Q should be nerfed while his W should be tweaked/buffed.
Morde should mbe nerfed he can really kill adc o some squishy champs just with q
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: 11/27/2013 PBE Update

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