: Not Connecting
Similar thing happened for my game, saw that only 1/5 ppl connected to the game after it was over :( . To be honest if only legacy client works fine, riot should keep it posted it under notifications.
: Game ended suddenly
It happened twice on Butcher's Bridge for me :/ the game time is usually less than 10min before it dc's
Rioter Comments
: Ranked
Hi, you most likely just encountered the teambuilder schedule, don't worry this is intended. PBE has specific Team Builder testing hours when all other game modes on Summoner's Rift are disabled. Here is a rough schedule below: Monday/Wednesday North America: 1pm - 5pm PDT Europe: 8pm - 1am GMT Tuesday/Thursday North America: 6am-10am PDT Europe: 1pm - 5pm GMT
: Do PBE reports go anywhere?
This is not true, as long as you report toxic players it is very likely that you will not see them again. PBE has its own tribunal which riot looks into and they can ban you from pbe servers very easily, or make it so that you can never enter pbe cycles again. Also, your pbe account is linked to your account on live.
: I just made my PBE account today, but I too had the same problem of having gotten no email but getting into the PBE. I'm not sure when I was accepted, I too am happy to test and help. Just thought I would bring this back to attention so others dont miss out. Thanks
> I just made my PBE account today, but I too had the same problem of having gotten no email but getting into the PBE. I'm not sure when I was accepted, I too am happy to test and help. Just thought I would bring this back to attention so others dont miss out. > > Thanks Exactly the same here :D, but just to add to this because its possible error, I got the email that I got approved yesterday although I already could made my pbe account + access it several weeks beforehand. I knew I got approved prior by checking manually as well. I don't think its intended for the email to come delayed, but it could also be due to there being different cycles? Just some input.
: The new screen for ascension or Azir?
Azir already has his own login screen, so this one is most likely to promote the Ascension event + new game mode.
: To be fair, if someone is going to take the time to 1. Make a new account 2. Level it up to 30 3. Buy all new runes and set up masteries 4. Buy a single champion throughout all of this 5. Wait anywhere from 1-366 days To get a single skin for a single champion, all the while they have their main account on which they have probably already spent real world money to buy skins or champions or gifts, well then all the power to them. Sorry if that comes across as condescending, but seeing how skins aren't transferable between accounts, i don't see how having 1 random skin auto unlocked every year is a bad thing. And riot could simply implement a minimum owned champion requirement to receive it, akin to what is required to participate in draft or ranked. This would prevent single champion purchase abuse. And if they buy a champion like ezreal (who has over 9000 skins), the odds of the skin they want are slim.
I like the minimum owned champion requirement idea actually (and its ok lol boards are for discussion its not condescending at all ^^). Its just considering that some people will have smurfs leveled up already with only a couple of champions since they've unlocked other stuff on their main account, one could still effectively have more than 1 random skin given to them each year. To rectify this, would probably go into another overlapping discussion about the idea of smurfing and maybe linking accounts together. Or, another idea altogether is that they could open up the chance of getting any skin equal, even if you don't own the champion you could potentially get it gifted, akin to codes they give out at Riot events for free e.g. riot blitzcrank which includes both the champion+skin. The example was an extreme one yes, I agree that usually people would not go to such lengths. Just being devil's advocate here, :P personally a birthday gift from Riot would be nice. I just think there are some things that need to be fleshed out (like your minimum owned champion requirement idea) before it could be set in motion.
: It sounds really nice, but honestly I can see it getting kind of terrible for Riot if some guys manage to get Ultimate/Legendary/Legacy skins every time. It sounds pretty hard to have that happen, but most mystery gifts I receive have been legacy and a legendary (Gentleman Cho'Gath isn't that great, but that's besides the point) TL;DR sounds good in concept but it feels like something that would be pretty terrible on live.
Just to add to Horse's point, although its a nice idea I could see this causing problems most notably with smurf accounts. If smurfing wasn't an issue then I can see it being implemented for skins but currently people do have smurfs or alternate accounts, in which case I could see Riot would losing money. In addition it could be abused for champions who currently only have a few skins or those legendary skins/ultimate skins. People could simply create accounts and purchase that single champion to increase the probability that they could get those particular skins gifted to them for free. e.g An account with only Khazix. which only one 1350rp skin on live. (yes I know he's getting the Guardian skin soon, but I'm using it as an example) I do think the idea of something for your birthday is great, but for skins there are some issues that need to be resolved first for it to be implemented. I could see maybe an icon, banner, or border or something in the loading screen even, that one could get on their special day that could be done without much foreseeable cons, but at the moment, for skins, I could see it being abused.
: PBE Downtimes
Here, check this [post](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/G2h6QTbN-useful-information-for-new-pbe-players) It should give you guys roughly what you need to know. As for lag spikes there are a variety of reasons ranging from you location away from the server (e.g. you live in EU or somewhere further from LA) or they are pushing things from pbe to live servers and are setting up for that, this is normal occasionally. There is often maintenance so do expect pbe to be unavailable sometimes for varying lengths of time. Another good place to just quickly check whether PBE is up/down (imo) is [Surrender @ 20 ](http://www.surrenderat20.net/index.html) and also as a good way to track which things to test. Hope this helps! Don't forget to use the search function.
: Are the TU skins going to be at 1 IP?
That is likely :o sona's TU made her skins 1ip as well (and it still is on pbe).
: Ascension Bug Report Thread
Hi, I'm not exactly sure if this is intended or a bug, but I tried {{champion:28}} in ascension recently and there was one moment in the game when I was in the middle of capturing a relic and also went into stealth. I'm not sure if that still reveals me to the enemy still (despite it indicating stealth mode) or its kinda broken assuming the enemy doesn't see eve capturing the relic if she goes into stealth in the same duration. Anyone have any thoughts?? :O or saw the same thing?
: [Vi] Ascension: Q unable to cast
Yeah, happens on live too :o ! I think you can reproduce it sometimes when you're in mid-cast of Q and certain enemy abilities interrupt you. I think a temp. fix was to alt-q to self cast Q, and then you'd be able to cast it again. Had this happen too. Otherwise quitting and reconnecting does usually fix it.
: Ascension: Full-system freeze (multiple times)
can confirm ;u; also seems to happen during teamfights.
: Riot Pls Do This Skin <3
Hey, I think a better place would be to post it [here](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts) since pbe is more for testing :) (not to mention riot/and others will more likely give it attention there) :)
: PBE Patching Schedule
afaik there's a tentative schedule [from here](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/G2h6QTbN-useful-information-for-new-pbe-players) But recently there's been A LOT of content getting pushed onto pbe for testing to get ready for the shurima/ascension event so maintenance and/or patching will take longer than usual.
: Opening the launcher Error
Hey, I'm not sure if this is the case, but is your PBE folder in the same directory you're using for your main League of Legends installation? Hosting the PBE files and the main League of Legends files in the same directory does cause issues that make it unable to start. You could try opening it from a different directory (if you haven't already), otherwise I guess the you'll have to contact support
: New map Summoner's Rift
Yes SR update is not currently available for testing, it'll probably be back soon as soon as they do some adjustments and re-implement it. You can follow the process etc in the thread for SR update pinned on boards.
: PROJECT: Yasuo Skin
Its not actually floating in mid air, he's holding it by the foot. But I guess they could clean up the texture a little to make it more clear. :)
: Too Much Leg In The New Launcher
: ok thx, and how long is it going to be like that?
Hi, check the "Master Tier" discussion pinned on boards right now for more info :) they say it'll be over the period of this weekend.
: Queue Time
Which queue did you join? Normals or ranked? I know certain queues (for example aram) on pbe will take a lot longer than usual and could be upwards of 20min.
: Match History Not Viewable
same, got a screenshot if that helps
: Riot Points
RP purchases are disabled on pbe, for more info go check the FAQ.
: Is the PBE down at the moment
you might have tried to log on during pbe's daily maintenance times, it should be up now :) go to the FAQ for the maintenance sched.


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