: A Viktor Main's opinion on the Changes
It is a healthy design, it is just a smart way of utilizing Viktor's kit. Counterplay is not getting hit by the lasers in the first place, they are already easy enough to dodge if the starting point is not completely under your feet. Do you think that Syndra's stun that pretty much covers the whole lane and is hard to miss is healthy gameplay for a Viktor main, such as me? I think not. There is really no other way to play Viktor on higher elo in laning phase, I can guarantee you that. The Silence on the ulti was the thing that gave him an edge, just like Ahri has insane mobility with the ulti, just like how Syndra has the insane range on the stun, just like how assassins like Zed for example have displacements and avoidance in abundance. The silence was part of Viktor's niche. He has changed in a pretty big way, quality of life improvements indeed, he feels much smoother and nicer to play, but his core gameplay will shift entirely, I'm afraid I don't agree with you there. It's like saying that Syndra's gameplay is not healthy, just because she Q's you 1 or 2 times, then stuns you and just presses R, at least Viktor's combo is much more complex and requires you to be much faster to execute. Also, yes, he is reliant heavily on landing a perfect combo in lane to kill an opponent that is anything over Plat ranked, that is if you want to win the lane, if you want to have a mediocre farm fest and an equal lane AT BEST then sure, you don't need the combo. I'm talking entirely about games on higher elo, since personally you can do great with literally any champion against lower ELO people. Viktor becomes increasingly difficult to play on higher elo, but at the same time it feels that much more rewarding when you dominate your opponents using his kit to its maximum potential. I just feel that he is going to fall off a lot, since the Q is definitely not going to be enough for him to deal with things like Syndra, Fizz, Xerath, etc. Let us not kid ourselves, there are champions out there that do MUCH better than Viktor in almost every way, so taking his silence away is not an option.
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