: The concept is really nice, i would love to see both team scoring without having to press tab all the time, also would love to have the hud animations back (they helped me a bit). On a side note the Fps/ping Bar which is located now over the minimap is way TOO hard to notice, when you enter to the game it doesn't show how much Fps/ping you have, you have to press Ctrl+f and hover over it to check how much lag do you have. For me they should put it back in the right top corner because its Easier to check it there than having to drag the mouse to the minimap area in the middle of a fight or while you're trying to Cs For the Champions interface, i feel like it needs a bit more work.
The goal Riot is trying to achieve is to regroup all the important information at the same place so it is easier to find. The small changes I made, if they are small, is just to help making this even better while still having the same information grouped as they are in the new HUD, if that makes sense.
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