: Statikk Shiv - TFT - Major Bug - NO ONE Notices?
my advice, just play live if you're going to complain about pbe bug abusers.
: It is a BETA-FEEDBACK and when you said "Based on luck" you said everything, it should be based on Tactics, how you use your tactics.. since it called TFT... or we should call it "a game based on luck"{{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
If you truly wanted a tactic based game, then everyone should have the same open pool rather than having a game where you have to roll through a small pool of champions. Making it p2w wouldn't solve the many issues this game is coming across but rather kill the game and reduce its popularity to a dead game like apex.
: No, you will have your base cards/items, a limit of base cards that you will play with in your game.. if you want to shuffle your bag of cards with new cards, new champions/items, you will need to buy the chest cards.
"if you buy more chest-Card-Items/champions, you have more chance to get an OP Item-champion?" You're literally suggesting a p2w game. You say you have to buy the chest cards in order to get new cards, champs, and items meaning you still have to PAY in order to get better things. Even so, the things you get are based on "luck" unless it is made a preset package, but even then it will still be p2w.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}

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