: Legend of the Poro King: Portal Party Coming Soon to PBE!
please tell me you've toned down the screen flashing when the portals open as well it gave me the biggest headache during doom bots and my eyes actually started hurting from it after 4 or so games back then
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: A lot of the champions I built Tri-Force on are pretty wonky when dealing with crit chance. It just made no sense to have crit on the item, since most of the champions that buy it don't do anything with that crit chance. Sure this might be a nerf to champions like Gangplank, but I think it's a buff to the item pool for top laners. After they removed Zephyr there wasn't really any more good AS items to buy, this Tri-Force change also with the Witt's End change will give tops more item choices instead of just buying full tank. (For an example of champions that could or would buy Tri-Force that just do nothing worthwhile with the crit chance) Here is a few examples of champions who just didn't benefit at all with the crit chance, and will do A LOT better with the new stats.(More AS and CDR) Gnar Hecarim Irelia Jax Shyvana Trundle Xin Zhao Etc. Etc. The list goes on and on. There are more champs, but these are some of the basic examples. There are obviously more champions that benefit from this change compared to champions that will be hurt by it. Top Lane is pretty stale right now with the IBG/SFC/SV meta, and hopefully these changes to Tri-Force/Witt's End will make top lane more fresh with more champions being viable to pick.
it has benefits yes, but removing crit chance from the item just to sate other champions and leaving the ones who actually used the crit that came with it to sit in the dirt not only Gangplank, but also Corki gets affected by this, and a lot of other champions who used the crit chance crit chance is never a redundant stat for champions who use triforce as they're often if not always aa reliant, for example critting on trundle his Q with triforce, or shyvana her Q for example, on top of the triforce proc not having crit chance on the item hurts their dueling power too, as a lot of potential damage is now gone, it favors the burst trades less and the sustained ones more
: Basically a big "fuck you" to Gangplank and a big hello to Ezreal
feels like it yea i main gangplank as well so seeing this change hurts ;-;
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: Against Triforce Change
it doesnt just hurt rengar, it hurts gangplank massively too what am i supposed to do with a stat on overload when i primarily use abilities? where is my crit chance? this change saddens me greatly
: EXPERIMENTAL Sona changes V2 (feedback wanted)
with the shield values back to live stats why not put that power that was added into it in an earlier build into the stats she gets from her ult? or atleast partially, whenever it comes to the bonus stats for her abilities per ult rank, the stats her W got always felt really lackluster or weak compared to the other stats
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: Champion Mastery - Level 6 & 7
this goes against the "mastery" aspect of the Champion Mastery system, you raise the level by playing the champion, and thus gaining or proving your experience with said champion, but using shard to raise the level goes against that concept entirely, its not experience/play based, it turns into a luck based thing where you have to pray to the RNG gods that you get a shard for your favourite champion to raise its level cap makes no sense {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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: Visual bug on second turrent
i had that same issue in a bot game with the Kayle bot, no idea what causes it tho (i tried uploading an image of the issue but its not working sadly)


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