: Useful information for new PBE players
: Best change so far. Now they look exactly like they are supposed to. Just check Winter Wonder Lulu splash art and Braum introduction video. :)
: Riot said that this new client will run better because it's not running one Adobe Air
For the alpha testing though. It's not optimized yet. >We're also prioritizing players with mid-to-higher spec machines because this is an unoptimized, pre-alpha build.
: [League client update] Briefly visiting the PBE for a pre-alpha tech test *Ended Mar 22*
I have a low-spec machine... So I guess I'll have to cross my fingers..
: We're not removing legacy content
Hello Mirross, This is an old comment, but I want to get this out to you. (I've written a similar comment on MoreChrono's comment as well.) A friend of mine has lost his Lunar Revel 2014 icon due to this reset. His ign is Lunar Revel. I believe this is opposite to what you have said. >We're not removing legacy content I believe that his icon is his image on the on the PBE, I mean come on, his nickname is Lunar Revel. And he's had the icon for two years- it seems reasonable to ask for his icon back. Could you consider this? Thank you! ~EverTokki
: Hey all, Just wanted to give a heads up on what’s going on with content on the PBE. The plan is to remove all content from player accounts which is purchasable in the store. Legacy skins and awarded content (like season rewards) will remain. The reason for this is quite simply if you have all the content (or most of the content) that is available it is hard to test the Hextech Crafting system properly. We won’t be restoring content to people’s account after the test because most of that content is available in the store and is easily obtainable. We would like players to continue to interact with the Hextech Crafting system on PBE after the initial testing. Also, this is a testing environment and we will at times have to modify inventories so that we can test features properly. There will be times both now and in the future when features need to be tested and, to do that properly, accounts will have be put in a state where that testing can occur. Looking forward to everyone's feedback on the system. Thanks!
Hello MoreChrono, This is an old comment, I know... I'm sorry. but a friend of mind has lost his Lunar Revel 2014 icon due to this reset. (His ign is Lunar Revel) I believe this is opposite to what you have said. >Legacy skins and awarded content (like season rewards) will remain I believe that his icon was his *image*, so to say, on the PBE, thus it is reasonable to ask for his icon back. Could you consider this? Thank you! ~EverTokki
: We're looking to tackle this from a few different angles.
: Hmm.. I've probably reworked this post 3 times at least with different assets and information. It didn't took a long time to put everything together maybe 6 hours in total, I already had most of the graphical assets made for my custom PBE landing page so I've used them here. Most of the information was mostly in my head since I used to type the same info to every relevant discussion. The hardest thing was formatting, because Riot has removed formatting guidelines from the boards. After I finished it, we (Me and Amy Sery + later others) started to link everyone who needed basic help. God bless Riot Chesties for making it sticky and making it visible to everyone. The only problem that I am facing is updating this post. I am not as active anymore, I prefer live servers or other games over PBE and also my "toxicity" doesn't fit the role that should be playing on the boards. Hehe :>
toxicity... toxicity.....? tbh you're just telling people the truth {{item:3070}}
: Useful information for new PBE players
: I would hope that there would be performance improvements, because right now the store is incredible laggy. Granted I use the Mac client, but still, I would hope that this new store will be optimized. Or perhaps we have to wait until the entire update client arrives
: Will this carry over to the new client? And as someone has already mentioned, will it stop refreshing after every purchase?
omg this. rito please answer this! the refresh has been annoying me forever..
: Shortened new champ select timers now testing on PBE
Like it. I feel like it's gonna feel much rushed though when I try it tho. And please, remove the dodge-when-not-locked-in if you're going to reduce the time.
: Redeemed Riven is Demacian iirc.
but it doesn't say demacia anywhere! Q_Q *but man the burn is reallllllllll*
: She is not missing. She doesn't have splash art and on the Champion page it's invisible. **New skins usually have this**
good god i mean.. we only posted like 4k comments about this right? i think we're emphasizing this too less.
: Seriously Riot U had to just wipe everything from us. We are doing all this testing for u guys and in return this is what u do to us. This isnt fair . Give us the Original amount we start with and take out the loots system. i personally just hate this.
: I'm only sad for my grand master beta tester icon :( any ideas how can i get it back??{{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
imo they shouldn't delete such icons.. rioters should revert those legacy icons back.
: What's updated as of Nov. 3?
It's not released yet, I think. Go check out the pre-season changes first! :) I recommend you read surrender @ 20 posts.
: > [{quoted}](name=EverTokki,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=WEcPtEvF,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2015-11-03T09:17:10.233+0000) > > Can you specify which log we have to provide? Thanks. ALL THE LOGS! Well, probably just Patcher, Maestro, and Game - R3d. Thanks :-)
Okay I will. Can I just provide Patcher and Maestro since I never got into game? (By the way, I had leaverbuster and this happened so I cri...) Edit: screenshot first. http://puu.sh/l88Hp/f931e1a79d.png Here's the logs. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B29g0zIaiSOuS09IRE5SSGJWX2c&usp=sharing
: Ok so, u dont need to be a giant pain in the ass ok. im just saying that i whould enjoy/prefer a Eu server, im not demanding it, and yeah if i post on the live forums they wont even know how frustrating it is to play with a higher ping, i didnt understand till i became a PBE tester. So u dont need to be a giant pain, im just saying not demanding.
Hmm, can you define the difference between "suggesting" and "demanding" in this post? I can't tell the difference. You're saying "well I would like..." but at the end it's just demanding for one, no?
: Can anyone who experiences this issue please provide their logs, as well as steps that happened leading up to this bug? (e.g. In queue, everyone accepted, in queue, at least one person didn't accept, in queue, someone rejected). It could be helpful in figuring out where the issue is coming from.
: LoL Pbe Europe Servers!
They can't. Also, just for reference, "not trying to be annoying" is same as saying "not trying to be offensive.. but" which means that you're gonna be annoying, no matter what. Please go play on live boards if you hate having high ping. I've been living with 250+ ping all the time. Well, I guess you could make a new PBE server if you can pay for it.... What's riot's benefit if they make a new server? They won't gain any profit.
: > 0,5-1 sec delay So you have 500+ ping? Usually it disconnects player so how are you even able to play? :[ BTW NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. DOWNVOTED TO HELL BB </3
: A note about The Harrowing
Sir, the ghosts of the Shadow Isles are on their way to get them Rioters who are *sad* to announce that Harrowing won't be happening this year. Be ready. They're on their way.
: Hi! I'm new here, just joined the PBE. I was wondering (maybe someone can direct me in the right direction to get information on this) if the Bugsplat reports go directly to RIOT or in order for you to address crashes, I should send a report on the boards.
It's good you post it on boards just in case.
: Now in testing: The Player Bug Report tool
Hey Chesties- How's the PBR been? I'm looking at boards and I see a lot of people posting bugs here, so I'm assuming people submit a lot of bugs via PBR as well. Are there any future plans to communicate with the player who's submitted the bugs, something like Riot Support? It kinda feels weird talking to a page and never getting feedback. I feel like there's been quite a lot of interactions with the players and the PBR at this point- I'm just curious about the answers to the questions below as well. > [{quoted}](name=Amy Sery,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=KqNr1r0L,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2015-07-14T15:37:05.653+0000) > > Questions! > > * To what extent will this work together with the boards? I can't imagine you guys surviving 10000000 bug reports about the same thing via this system, that's just not practical. That's also sorta why we have these boards. It's a great way for players to communicate with one another regarding a bug or feedback. Narrowing down bugs together and/or discussing feedback with each other. > * Will Riot then keep track of both the bugs reported by this tool as well as the bugs reported on the boards? Or will this eventually completely replace the boards? Well, have a great day and thanks for making PBE a better place! :D
: Bug info. sona
As Amy said, not a bug sir.
: I dont know whats the problem but i want to get u know that there is no korean client,its just the language. The client is pbe for all and it is at california :-)
You know, Korean *is* one of the languages available at PBE and has quite a few bugs.
: OFA Mode need rework
Numbers seem to be a good idea :D
: The whole "New Info for People who are New to PBE" thing...
The reason chroma packs are rp is because there's been a bug that they can't put it to 1ip/rp anymore. It's a shame that I cant buy those anymore either. I'm just trying out skins now. I'll provide the source for my first statement when i get on my pc.
: I once asked riot becuse i had same problem they answer : Try to test your internet con. and pc on bots. If everything is ok ,play normal games. They wont help u .
I know that. I'm not trynna say that my leaverbuster is undeserved. I'm just saying that they have to reset the timer once in a while.
Rioter Comments
: Why is Riot silent about Kindred Visuals?
I don't even mind the teeth, but lamb's running motion seems really wrong, I need wolf's lamb-mask ears, and my life would be complete. No matter what we do, Riot won't change it. I've seen this type of thread on the NA boards too but Riot never does anything. Let's hope that when Kindred ships, there's like a huge upheaval or something like that so Riot considers making her motions again or something.. which isn't likely to happen.
: Is it possible to make wolf's mask look more like the splash by giving him the white ears?
Riot, please do it! I don't even need the glows in the mouth; the only damn thing I'm desperate is the freaking pair of ears. Makes me cringe.
: You clearly have no idea what a open beta is.
Sir... I can guarantee you that maybe some other open betas are *actually* open betas... But this one's more like.. For advertisement. To advertise their new champs for the community and hype 'em. They balance the new champs out if it's *too* overpowered. New champs usually still ship to live overpowered despite the feedbacks. I mean, not all our feedback are ignored, but yes, to some extent.
: due to high server demand custom games temporarily require a minimum of 2 players...FOR 3 DAMN DAYS!
People are probs trying kindred in a private custom game, and the PBE isnt that big to hold more than a bunch of games compared to live servers. I'd reconmend you buy an extra server for them if you want to make a custom game without waitiong for those people to go out. Oooor, in the public chat, there are plenty of people who would be willing to play with you if you ask them. During Ekko release (i think, or Bard) we needed more than 5 people. And we had a login queue that took +2 hours for a week or so. And btw the long queue, I've gone up and over 3 hours, and imo if it goes over an hour even, you should probably reset/change your queue.
: It's probably has been posted somewhere before but I suggest you add the ping in the Client as well so players (coughmecough) can see how their ping is doing before they start a match and not get shocked that their ping is as high as Snoop Dogg. Just a suggestion if it's possible to be added one day.
I really agree with your point (i've mentioned it too before somewhen) because it's tiring to check my pings with a custom game every time.
Q_____Q B..but lunar! i want to dodge kindred! i hate people who instalock kindred! \*instalocks kindred\*
: I agree with this decision. However, can the text turn red if the ping gets to an extreme amount (250+)?
O I likey this idea. 140+ yellow and 250+ red.
: Changes to Latency Bar in HUD
As of now, not a huge fan. I've gotten used to it after the HUD change (it became tiny!) and well.. I've had red forever in all servers but I was glad once in a while to see it green. While I feel like it's a really minor feature to even debate on, I *will* miss the guy. > In lieu of this we made a simple change so there's more clarity around what a player's connection speed is to the game server and can derive meaningful information from that. This is a long line to say we want to show you real information, not colors. I agree on this statement, to some extent. Yes, the bar literally meant nothing (kind of.) But I personally think removing the bars rather *deprives* clarity. To tell you how I read my ping, if I start lagging, I first look at the bars --> check ping rate if necessary. I look at the bars *then* the numbers and go, ehh eww look at my ping, not just look at the numbers and go eh, internet sucks. numbers are boring. Anyway, I'm really trying hard to think right now and I mean, even if you remove it, I'll still check my ping, I think... (It's 2 AM here, excuses) *TL;DR: I like the ping bar too much to let it go. <3 bae*
: Kindred in game is worse than in splashart! :/
http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/2qpTF2kx-somethings-wrong-with-wolfs-model I agree so too. The post above shows how funny wolf looks compared to his splash art. xD
: Kindred Bug Report Thread
Hey, I've submitted my bugs to the PBR. After doing so, should I post it here as well? Thanks.
: Kindred Official Feedback Thread
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_OAai3rzWY Just a little feedback: Lamb's gallop just doesn't seem correct.
Rioter Comments
: @Riot: Can we get some proper anatomy in these animations?
That's some awesome drawing skills. It really helps a lot to visualize. Riot, do it. By editing Kindred's, they can also work on Soraka's as well.
: Kinderp
Okay. You're my role model PBE'er from now on.
: KINDRED'S PASSIVE IS 100% gone for me
a screenshot would be more explanatory. :/
: journals of justice
Yeah, but on live, not pbe.
: You don't really want to be putting mushrooms right next to each other anyhow, since the damage doesn't stack. As it is, especially at earlier ranks, I worry that Teemo will lose out on some potential damage because the bounce range is so short. You're likely to get some overlap in the damage on the shrooms, and therefore lose out on some possible damage output.
well, that's true. but since i play teemo for fun and many other reasons, (sorry this is so troll) I... I prefer putting them next to each other. kappa, that is. I missed this info, but his shroom time was cut in half too, this is some critical nerf. not sure if rito really aimed for a 'buff'. prefer old teemo. Like his passive update tho.
: Initial PBR results
Haha, the last part. Glad people are trynna test out the PBR to the *full* potential. Anyways, I feel like the PBR has some great things it could accomplish; thanks for listening to us, and please keep doing so! :3
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