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: All these changes look fun! A bit unrelated and kind of nitpicky but are there any plans to change the color for the Sona emote on PBE? It doesn't seem particularly happy and I just thought it was strange that she has a yellow background. Sorry if this isn't the place to ask about that, I'm not really sure where to leave emote feedback lol
May I add to this because there's no feedback section for emotes in particular? A blue/green glow would look so nice on her. But please, please give Sona her blond hair tips. It just looks like a giant mass of blue.
: Blood Moon Evelynn
**Colors** Honestly, it has a color issue. So far your feedback keeps talking about her red almost pink hair, and blue horns should be red, which should be more consistent with the rest of the skinline and the dress looks just like a black slip from a distance even though she does have a waist sash. These are all good points. However, even past those comments, you have **too many inconsistent colors** in here. Disclaimer: I am talking hues, I know champs are designed to be lighter/brighter on top and get darker towards their legs. * **Blues:** The blue/purple in her tentacle ropes and tips are different from the purple hues in her dress which are still different from the blue pushing cyan in her demonic claws and horns * **Shoe:** shoe ball thing looks too close to her skin color (not even sure if this shoe detail is necessary) * **Reds:** Her shoes and sock ties (traditional red/white/accent BM style of reds) are a different red from her hands which is different from the (BM Jhin style) reds in her tentacles which is different from her slight pink hair which is different from the red border on the bottom of her dress which is actually different from the red on the top of her dress. No piece of her shares the same red. * **Head:** The _blue of her horns_ dips into cyan which makes the _pink in her hair_ push it towards a complementary color contrast, but it isn't a perfect match to be opposites but isn't analogous enough to fit together either. Cause red and cyan are complements, but you're pushing pink hues So it just _comes across as sickly_, and not in a fun deathly demonic way. **Back** Also I fine the way her tenticles exit her back to be poor. They are rope ties, those should be transitioning into a rope belt going around her waist (that then provides some color contrast to her dress which is big for japaense Yukatas and Kimonos) Since that would be a lot of work, I suggest they transition into a bloody shadow for 'reentering' her back. Giving them a gradient into the red which then fades into her skin, (not too far, just a bit of space) would then mimic how the demon starts appearing in her arms and spreads into her hands. **Dress** The sleeves are really weird. Usually Japanese clothing has long flowing sleeves (Sacred Sword Janna tech fyi) or the few Blood Moon skins without sleeves have over the shoulder straps. If you're going to refuse to increase her sleeve length due to past time slot for model changes, at least add a second 'border' on the end of her sleeves that matches the seam running along her neckline. **Mask** Besides the fact it's an over sized flower and doesn't feel like a mask: it's a white mask with red horns. The eye reds are useless, there should be a forehead red detail. Either the blood moon icon or a downward pointed painted stroke etc.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Conqueror Varus
You really need to bump out his elbows. Or his arms right above the elbows. You can keep him slender, but he really needs to not look like he was shackled, constricting his skin, for years.
: I think the skin looks awesome but I have seen people complain about her face looking off. Her current splash looks amazing aside from her nose. It's too short and upturned. My friend made the nose a bit wider and longer, and the tip not as turned upwards. She also widened the corner of her mouth.
> [{quoted}](name=Marnie Piper,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=POgqE10E,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-03-06T23:18:21.259+0000) > > I think the skin looks awesome but I have seen people complain about her face looking off. Her current splash looks amazing aside from her nose. It's too short and upturned. My friend made the nose a bit wider and longer, and the tip not as turned upwards. She also widened the corner of her mouth. > > Realigning the nose makes it much better, but I still feel like the eyes are off as well. Like they're slightly too wide or something.
: Hi Katey ! I think some people missed out that the "two-toned heart" speak about Rakan/Xayah, because only Rakan is wearing it. It something that hit me when saying the 2 skin, Xayah could wear the same thing around her belt or something like that {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} In overall I agree with people talking about Rakan's hair. Also his face could be a little bit more "charming". Finally I think the "shirt problem" is that Varus doesn't wear one in his Valentine skin and it looks good, people (me included) expected Rakan to be the same. Otherwise, we feel the work into this skins and we want them to be as good as they deserve to be, so good luck !
Xayah actually does have the flipped heart, but you don't notice it because it's on her cape while Rakan has it on the front. It really should be more visible.
: Hiya! I appreciate the feedback, and the paint overs are something that I'm going to run by the team to get their thoughts. :) Some of the smaller details aren't feasible due to them not reading from game height. They look *awesome* when you're zoomed in all the way on the model, but when you're playing a game, zoomed all the way out, the tiny details can get lost, resulting in a muddied model. Basically, everything blends together and it can become pretty difficult to see what's going on. That said, I think there are some good ideas in the paint overs, and certainly worth a discussion!
Honestly, if you can take away any of the details from these two, it would greatly improve them. I recommend the pink accent along the sweetheart neckline, with the added bonus of just sharpening the neckline slightly, from the first. The second would just be great to include for the hairbun, you wouldn't need to do more than the hairbun itself for the emote/icon/splash as the hair thickness can be mentally adjusted. Also, the hairbun pushes her look away from looking like Ahri which is very important as I've seen several "thought it was Ahri" comments between Surrender@20, Reddit, and the forums. Adding in the spiked eye liner would be great too, more wild and not Ahri. **For my ~~delayed~~ recommendation** I am not a huge fan of the dress details over her butt. Most probably don't even notice them. The back of her dress has more and better detail than her front but they still aren't great. Front needs a bit more attention and the back gets tweaked somehow. I think a pointed, angled skirt suits her best. If that would be too hard to change the model now from the straight skirt, make an under skirt that's either pleated or ruffled to go under it. [This is my repaint focusing on a new skirt.]( I borrowed the details from the other bodice in the shown Twitter post I thought were needed anyway (the added jewels in the hearts and pink border) and then I redid the skirt. The point just needs a small golden detail to break it up, whether or not you're zoomed in. Exact angles of clothing are free to be adjusted, they would be better if hand drawn or on better software. Use Evelynn Hearts for inspiration, like how her W charm heart is broken up can be used to adjust the symmetrical top into the asymmetrical bottom of the dress. I have no idea what to do with her thighs, I didn't touch them other than making them reappear when removing the straight skirt. Full tights might be perfectly fine. Changing them to that cross-over-accent design found on the others might work too.
: i think .... the model is good but the animations significantly degrade the skin. i think maybe making it an elementalist lux variation add on would be cool? call it the "Gold" variation. everyone who already owns the skin gets it for free and elementalist lux can be on sale maybe.
If anything it would be the element of "Spirit" as gold is a scientific element, not a fantasy mage element.
: Few quick things on this skin. First off, I love it. I really do. Suits him well. One thing to note is that there are instances of his new, long locks clipping through the Golden Band. This primarily happens when he is looking around while idle (with the stray strand), when he is running about in lane, and while he is attacking, though it is less obvious with his Q. I'm not sure how to go about addressing that, but I'm sure you guys can figure something out. His ears also clip through the hair a bit while he moves. The final impact of his Q striking ground or enemy could stand to have the volume upped a teensy bit. Personally, I feel his skin/fur could be brightened a bit, to fit more with the white/black thematics of the trio. Finally, I believe the jade on his shoulder piece is way too dim. It doesn't feel like Jade, especially compared to his own weapon. I think it should match the blade, or be a more saturated colour. Thanks for this skin, again!
Would something similar to a gong that you immediately muffle work? Thinking of percussionists when they need only quick sounds on the drums or something.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sweetheart Rakan!
Can you add a few coat details to make it less plain? Like, Star Guardian Ezreal is also princely but has a 'border detail' under the breast/ at the waist. Something like that would be nice. Also, consider making his hair a platinum blond so it's still 'white' to Xayah's black but show up against his outfit. Like tint it the same hue of yellow from the clothes.
: 10/18 PBE STATUS & FAQ
I'm grateful to be in the server finally. I wanted to join ages ago, and have been reporting random bugs anyway from time to time already. Is there a reason now was the right time to reopen the flood gates? Or was it just how new client is finished and we have new runes to test so why not? Is there a way to better tell an obscure bug to report versus issues from lag? Something like a character become immortal is an obvious bug. I see a lot of discontinued icons in the store, but why aren't the 2017 Star Guardian familiar icons in the store when you have the New Horizon ward available?

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