: I honestly think new Morde is dope. The idea of a bruisery, tanky guy with a support bot lane is super creative and this iteration of it works well. Right now on live, Morde is pretty much feast or famine, and generally in either case Morde will still build AP and "tank" with his shield, not actually, you know, being a tank. This new Morde is like " hey, I can play a duality role of being a bottom lane tank/carry who still gives the DPS when he needs to", and yet isnt broken as hell. The Q change for damage amplification and added AD ratio for E adds an increased itemization pool where you can get increased tank/damage stats from items such as Sterak's , Rylais, as well as scale with items that , while do seem a tad bit cost ineffective, can turn you into a monstrous powerhouse who can still hold his own (trinity force). Plus you can get Gunblade. It's dope. Strategic Diversity.
being in a duo lane vs a ranged and a peeling champion (as in adc and a support) is literally morderkasiers worst enviornment. with the hybrid scalings with nerfed base damage on e, it does less damage if you build full ap, you know what the rest of hit kit scales on. they also forced you to build hp to have any value of the shield. they just nerfed the shit out of his lategame besides the q, you cant hit anyway BECAUSE WHY WOULD YOU MAKE MORDEKAISER HAVE TO GO UP AND AUTO PEOPLE WITHOUT ANY MOBILITY OR CC. THIS LITERALLY ADDRESSES NONE OF HIS PROBLEMS. and steraks makes no sense on him considering he does pure fucking magic damage.
: It doesn't gut him, it changes his role. 50% exp is massive in competitive play! That's why Zilean went from dominating worlds to unplayed when they removed his global passive. You can do so much with the powerspikes you get from this if you have a coordinated team. Granted he'll be less of a soloq stomper than he is now since he will actually require team play and strategy, but if it adds competitive options and depth to the game then I'm all for it.
no it doesnt. mordes problems have always been his immobility and cc coupled with his crazy damage and survivability. they took away any reliable damage throught the e nerf, took away his damage build path by making him build hybrid but only deal 1 kind of damage, and then kept him immobile and cc less. you get more xp for yourself in the duo lane, but you cant effectively use it because, surprise, they didnt actually address the issues with mordekaiser, certainlyT just gave him a gimmicky xp passive and an ability useless outside of a duo lane, and called it a day.
: Hey Euryk, The question of _thematics _is an interesting one. It came up a lot during Thresh's development as well. Then as now I hold firm that being evil does not mean a champion is a loner. The most dastardly of villains have frequently used those around them to help them achieve their objectives. Challenging players' notions of how their constructed world should work is an important counterpoint in games of fantasy to the more standard act of meeting their expectations. The latter invites them to imagine deeply; the former encourages them to imagine freshly. As to the particulars of Mordekaiser as a champion who enjoys an ally presence: He is the quintessential "heavy" unit, a devastating war machine whose only weakness is how lumbering his own massive weapon makes him. He would either seek to exploit those slower than him or find means of holding faster opponents in place. I think there is a lot of merit to the David and Goliath drama of pitting him against a a more slight but elusive opponent.
i made a newer comment addressing points i had after some first and second hand experience
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
played a game of mordekaiser on the pbe, gaining the shield is hard on the minion wave, especially on the incredibly reduced e damage. the q feels clunky especially on morde, it needs a qol change, like extra attack and movespeed or something along those lines. however the w is strong with a duo lane, if you buff his e i can see him being viable down in that lane. however as a solo laner not having access to your w just doest cut it. it was crucial to his survivability and it was good interim damage in between the q and e cds. and now that the q is only single target, he is much more likely to get pushed in to his towers. you devoted way to much into his w and dont even allow him to use it by himself i think that if you allow him to self cast w, but at 50% heck maybe even lower, and give the e back some of its base damage, this new mordekaiser can be viable in the top or mid lane, while still being a great pick for the bottom lane. i was definitely skeptical and was very willing to attack these changes, but if you make some changes along these lines, there wouldnt be such a huge backlash, and he would definitely be a fun pick. the biggest problem would be trying to play him during his rework release, since everyone always does during a new release, i cannot wait to see what happens, but i hoipe that you try to bring some solo morde some love wwith these changes instead of soley thinking of his botlane!
: Now I see that why the E was something people worried for. I'd had been fine with the E if the W were to work on Mordekaiser without a ally. (It being a free damage+heal.) But even with the Q being turned into something that does need MS now, I feel that this was yet again another flat nerf to Mord. You nerfed his mage, his fighter, and now his tank is gone. He no longer has the armor and magic resist he once had. It's been replaced with something that we are complaining and trying to point out with Zilean. Gaining bonus EXP can be nice but not nice enough to not at least compensate for the fact you now only deal major damage to 1 person instead of just keeping the original that allowed good/fine damage to 4 or a lot to just 1. They also failed to compensate his E even with the AD put in when they also took his W damage away since its now only viable with a laning partner. His R is now way stronger (because you can now gain a dragon) but that's only like what? Once every time it respawns and if you get it. The Q change is stupid since he got a MS nerf. The W change is (to me) stupid since his solo lanning has grown worse. The E change is worse as it now doesn't compensate for his W's loss of solo lane. I want to know. When you were changing Mordekaiser, were you trying to make him more like Garen, Darius, and Skarner? Considering these changes, I don't really know. Its just, he now deals poke damage with his E, and is basically a supporty champion. At least Garen gets a MS boost for his Q, Mordekaiser not only must swing it 3 times to get max damage, but must keep up with the opponent. I'm okay with the Darius (buff) changes. I'm okay with the Garen (nerf) changes (since he can still fight). I'm okay with the Skarner changes (as he got some small buffs and nerfs here and there). But Mordekaiser was in a bad position before this. If anything, why not; [P] Mordekaiser gains a shield for each damage given (+5 per basic attack) (spells vary). Max shield is based completely off Mordekasier's health (shield worth is up to 50/55/60% of Mordekasiers health). When Mordekaiser is out of combat for 4 seconds, shield will decay -5 per second. (Levels up at level 1/7/13) [Q] Lets just keep it as is for the moment. [W] [Passive] For every Minion Mordekaiser kills, Mordekaiser gain's back 1/2/3/4/5% of his health. [Active] Mordekaiser (and a nearby ally) gain 20/30/40/50/60 Armor and Magic Resist plus 50 MS for 4 seconds. During which, Mordekaiser (and a ally) deal 8/12/16/20/24 (+10% AP) each second. If cast again during the spell, Mordekaiser (and a ally) will deal 50/70/90/110/130 (+20% AP) to surrounding enemies healing themselves by 20% of damage given to champions or monsters and 5% of damage to minions (max is 50/55/60/65/70%). It might be just me but I don't think giving a Fighter/Mage a pure support W is the best idea, but that's just me. **EDIT** After playing as Mord, I finally see the truth. This W is fantastic (if supporting, good luck elsewhere) BUT!!! That E AND Q need to be seriously buffed. I also see there is a missing animation for the first swing with activated Q. But still, it could use a AS boost, like a 25% AS boost for the 3 swings. His E... That honestly needs to just go as it is live. It did nothing but deal gook poke then, now its just a poke. Keep the AD though. It would be compensation for the W he now cannot use when alone.
im still angered by the w only being usefull in a duo lane, but what did you build on him?
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
the biggest problem about this entire change is the fact that you are taking mordekaiser, who has been a solo laner his entire life, and forcing him bot. and yes, he can still top, but then again i can top braum, which with these changes might actually be more effective. thematically he isnt a duo laner, he doesnt work with people, and the fact is that this is just shoehorning him into botlane by nerfing his only ranged ability and making one of his skills useless without someone else constantly there, into a lane where all of mordekaisers counters play in. this is a great idea, but not just on morde, its a change, just not one that is needed on him.
: E should now be substantially more ratio driven than base damage driven. The overall damage should be higher on new Garen, especially in the later game stages, but I'll double check that.
well where do any of these changes leave him in the laning phase
: Well, your task is to find a teammate that can prevent him from being kited. If you can do so, you'll probably win the game. Good luck!
but what are the advantages of having mordekaiser botlane then a tradition adc besides the dragon, which your team has to kill to get anyway? my biggest problem with this entire patch is probably the face that youve destroyed his solo laning by basing his entire kit around being bot, all the while claiming to be a viable solo laner when leona is a better solo laner, and the e base nerfs, i feel like it got hit a little too hard, as its his only reliable way to hit someone not in melee range. i feel like he would get bullied out because of the damage nerfs on it in bot lane. i love the idea off mordekaiser bot, but lowering his damage and making him rely on a support ruins his solo laning ablilities
: i don't see anything wrong with highlighting morde bot lane and seeing where it goes, but please don't support this by balancing him around it already, before you even know whether or not it will work out. making part of his w reliant on having an ally around is just unnecessarily nerfing solo lane/jungle. he's alway has largely been played been mid, i think that will still be the case after these changes. what i'm saying is his place is already solidified, a veteran champ of LoL is the wrong choice for pushing role diversity or whatever you want to call it. let players experiment..
i agree, with this change they are more shoving him into the botlane then making it a suggestion, the q is the only real buff on his kit in the solo lane, and even then without the spread to other targets, and the nerf to e, it is now just super easy to push him in constantly
: Not at the champion design level. I think there are a few possibilities that Mordekaiser could demonstrate: 1) Melee bot lanes generally are sufficiently_ enjoyable for all players_ and sufficiently _strategically interesting_ to warrant further proactive steps by us to dislodge players from their habits; 2) The existence of one occasional melee bot lane is interesting and enjoyable but does not warrant further steps by us; 3) Melee bot lanes generally are interesting and enjoyable, but Mordekaiser is a poor execution of one; 4) Melee bot lanes are antithetical to "good" LoL design, and so we should not seek to support them. Personally, I feel that #4 is unlikely. This means the central question is largely about whether a) there should be more melee bot lanes and b) at what level that "pushing" should come from us. Candidly, Mordekaiser is pretty "forced". _I would love for players to feel that they can identify situations to run a wider number of existing champions successfully as the duo lane carry._ In fact, Yasuo was an effort in this direction. Unfortunately, he is either ineffective in that capacity (though statistically bot lane duo is his highest win rate) or players are uncomfortable playing non-traditional styles. If the latter is true than I see my role as a designer not to "push" more champions into the lane but to create social and strategic space for players to innovate. This, then, is my hope for Mordekaiser: that his presence in the bottom lane spurs players to think more broadly about how they can build team composition that have a greater diversity of champion archetypes without the need for us to customize kits to that lane.
i like the fact you are trying to change the botlane, but besides the w there isnt any real advantage to having mordekaiser, it would actually put you at a disadvantage since he has no mobility or cc. his biggest problem is he is already being kited by everyone alive, i dont see how not fundamentally changing the way he brawls or engages is going to make him viable in the current botlane
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
from the bully to the bullied in solo lanes, his e is now his only form of poke and with the focus to him being a duo laner, the fact that he is immobile as hell is not changed, and since the only duo lane is usually a ranged adc with a support MADE to peel off the adc, i dont see how he will be an effective duo laner without mobility or cc. this didnt address any of the problems that he had, it just gave him a unique kit that wont work vs a well coordinated duo lane, and made him a slower and less dangerous solo laner. i dont see what this is trying to accomplish
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