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: Nah I kinda like the change, especially lvl 3 ult. And your suggestion is shit. Your suggestion would make her team fighting and late game even worse.
Nope. At later ranks the amount of daggers required to reach max potential would be reduced, and dagger stacking could be refreshed with a long wind up time like Yasuo's Q. Then again I'm probably talking to a silver player. It's like conversating with a piece of sidewalk turd.
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: [League client update] Briefly visiting the PBE for a pre-alpha tech test *Ended Mar 22*
Irrelevant comment, buy I got some shitware from once. What exactly is this website?
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: If Shen could move the sword somewhat like Orianna moves his ball, would that be better guys ?
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: Mundo Q damage bug
PBE is unplayable at the moment because of this
: [CRITICAL] Help us playtest new Champ Select over Thanksgiving!
: Poppy Early Game Too Strong?
Play a ranged champion against her
: If you don't spam her abilities on minions, she won't go oom. Using Q on minions is the fastest way to run out of mana. (It even does 20% less damage to minions) Just buy Guinsoo for minions (easy farm), and save the mana on champions.
yeah just dont use any abilities and you wont go oom!
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: New Masteries - Build Tips and Theory Crafting
Grasp of the Undying sounds incredibly powerful. The description is quite ambiguous. Is that 3% of your maximum HP true damage?
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: I have been in queue for literally 20 minutes. People don't know that they need to lock stuff in now, I guess. So, for feedback: A) Random button. For normal draft, at least. B) You can't buy skins from champ select anymore? Why? C) The giant ball of 'champion name here' in the middle of the screen is kinda annoying. D) It's kinda fun to hear every single champion pick selection quote, but it gets really annoying when people pick their champs fast. E) I selected fill primary. I was in 5 or 6 champ select lobbies. I was support in every single one of them. This isn't really a point of feedback or anything, but I want variety in my game playing. It's why I picked 'fill', and why I want to random. I want to be a fill main, not a support main.
> A) Random button. For normal draft, at least. > E) I selected fill primary. I was in 5 or 6 champ select lobbies. I was support in every single one of them. This isn't really a point of feedback or anything, but I want variety in my game playing. It's why I picked 'fill', and why I want to random. I want to be a fill main, not a support main. These are some good concerns.
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: Fervor of Battle should add 2 stacks for melee !
As a Riven player, I concur. (even though I strongly disagree and would rather have ranged champions have a weaker version of the mastery)
: Statikk Shiv's Lightning Effect is Nerfed
You're right. It's rather unnoticeable and subtle.
: Assassins need help BADLY
Assuming that everyone is equally fed and competent, assassins do have a hard time in this meta I suppose. For Zed, your best hope is to use him at max potential skill wise. If you do that then you should be good.
: Kennen needs Base AD Adjustments
This would buff all variants of kennen by too much. Trust me they already considered this.
: The knockback on Graves' Ultimate should be removed
It's meant as an execute. If you're using Graves's ult you are either trying to kill someone or trying to run away. You can also use it to juke if a skillshot perpendicular to you is coming your way and you are fighting a target in front of you.
: The Ezreal changes seem misguided to me..
I like the new EZ changes. It separates to good EZ's from the bad ones.
: The problem is even worse on melee champs
Except it isn't because it only takes 4 auto attacks to stack it up, and you'd probably want to buy it on a champion with some way to stack it faster like an auto attack reset or on hit ability.
: ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND the irrelevant dude that does not read
This will be completely and utterly ignored because that is how pointless it is. Entirely pointless.
: Riot likes to have us educated in English ;)
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: The wording is like that because it only penetrates bonus armor (aka armor from runes, masteries, abilities and items). If Rammus has a base armor of 30, gained 20 through levels, has +8 from masteries and +12 from runes, bought thronmail (+100) and activates a rank 4 W (+80), He will have 250 total armor, but the effect will only reduce it by 80, since he has 50 base armore and 200 bonus. This basically means that Last Whisper is only useful against armored targets, instead of naturally tanky targets.
OHHHHH! That makes so much more sense. Could you also clarify another thing? Did they change how penetration works in the game? Does flat penetration still apply after percent penetration?
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: New Death Timers
I wholeheartedly agree. I can easily see the meta shifting to adopt low-risk, high-reward playstyles like pick comps. This makes the game less fun, as it is more punishing, but not necessarily more competitive or strategic.
: AP Version of Hurricane would be cool to have
: > I was testing Riven jungle and was shocked to see Hunter's Talisman as a recommended item instead of Hunter's Machete I'm not surprised. Rec Items haven't actually gone into the PBE yet. Whatever you saw was basically just the default rec items from last year referencing old item IDs. As far as 'undertuned' - for Riven - Talisman is absolutely terrible, I agree. As far as Refillable / Hunter's Potion being undertuned - if, as Riven - you're getting a high amount of value from Hunter's Potion - which has the vast majority of its effects around restoring Mana - I'd argue that the item would be clearly overtuned.
It's unfortunate that junglers I usually play are either manaless or build runeglaive, so my perception was skewed. Also, I admit that I did not analyze the descriptions of Hunter's Talisman and Refillable Potion and it's build path, but simply skimmed through it. With the absence of mana potions, it makes sense that these new potion items were conceptualized to accommodate that need as well. However, despite all of this, I still feel that Hunter's Talisman is overall less efficient than its counterpart. While Machete deals 20 damage per hit, Talisman only does 20 over 4 seconds. The damage and sustain seem, to me, less than Machete on all champions, not just AD champions or champions who benefit from lifesteal and auto attacking. I understand that Talisman gives bonus mana regeneration whereas Machete does not, but simply starting blue buff negates this downside and allows you to quickly clear 5 camps to upgrade; thus making a Talisman start redundant. The potion on the other hand is lacking, because it puts junglers who cannot sustain from lifesteal or have any natural sustain behind compared to those that do have one or both of these traits. I'm worried for all junglers that do not have sustain. It seems to me that junglers that are not gated by mana and sustain already gain a gold advantage compared to junglers that are gated, simply because they do not need to waste gold or time by investing in Hunter's Potion. That all aside, I am super happy I got a Riot response to one of my posts. It motivates me to try harder when it comes to PBE feedback, especially when it comes from the designer of one of my favorite champions.
: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
Graves is incredibly strong, so one of the main issues I have with him is how tanky he is. Playing as any other ADC besides maybe Caitlyn or himself against Graves is an uphill battle. For how dominant in lane he is, he doesn't have many clear weaknesses. Sure he has to get up close and personal, but his kit is so perfectly optimized for close range that getting up close is actually almost always better than not. Can his E at least cap out at a certain amount of stacks?
: I've seen a few posts asking about this, but no response from Riot. Considering Sivir, for example, can EASILY debuff the entire enemy team, if really like to know why Riot feels like this is appropriate, but it wouldn't be on Morellonomicon
: Rageblade takes to long to stack up
its not meant for ranged champions
: The only way I can think to justify getting cull first, is if you know you are going to have an extremely passive lane, like with a soraka support. Otherwise you are risking very poor combat stats in comparision to Doran's.
Soraka allows you to play aggressively. She is by no means a passive support. She herself doesn't do damage or engage, but she allows her ADC to play risk free.
: Cull is actually slightly better sustain for some champions, since it's +3 hp on hit rather than just 3% lifesteal. Kog'Maw is a primary example. But yeah, Cull is currently a bit too weak to warrant purchasing. Not having any health makes it impractical for most mid- and top-lane matchups. Perhaps increase its sell-back price upon using all stacks of the gold generation effect? Would make it worth more as a high-risk, high-reward item, but might punish passive laners too much.
3% lifesteal gives you 3 health on hit. Do you think Riot just randomly chose 3% for no reason? It's universal across all ADCs. Just test it in game if you don't believe me. Even if it didn't, on Kog maw, later on he would buy AD and it would give more than Cull. Even then the difference is literally 1-2 HP on hit and wouldn't even matter much outside of passive laning.
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: > Darius now enters Bloodrage for 5 seconds whenever an enemy champion reaches max Hemorrhage or dies to Noxian Guillotine. During Bloodrage, Darius gains 40-200 bonus Attack Damage and applies max Hemorrhage to enemies hit. From here: Therefore, this would be a bug if it is true, although I haven't tried myself.
Hmm... yeah that's a bug my bad. I just tested him out and didn't really thoroughly read his new changes.
: [Morderkaiser] if Q's magic dmg kills --> no on-hit
This has been a problem with lots of auto attack enhancer spells like Fizz's Q.
: Darius ult
Bloodrage only activates if you get 5 stacks of Hemorrhage, not executing someone with Noxian Guillotine.
: Just a quick word about Mordekaiser
I think CertainlyT is trying to break the meta. He is basically a melee AP tank support ANTI-CARRY champion who takes the ghost of his lane opponent and gives his team an ADC. He also needs a partner to be effective. At least, that's how I observed the changes. I think it's interesting but I'm not sure if it's viable at all, because he needs to actually get the last hit to get solo exp and he naturally pushes the lane so he is incredibly vulnerable to ganks.
: you would need to do the math to see if it is broken because you get like 4% of max health out of combat on warmogs plus if you have spirit visage you get 150% wich makes it 6% and not 4% so if you have just that 6% of 5000 hp 300 health regen out of combat for the passive plus the 450% of the base health regen of the champ which might be around lets say 40 which is also buffed from spirit visage so it is now 60hp5 so you get a tottal of 360hp5 about
Sweet jesus run on sentences man they are really confusing to read and by the way you did the math wrong and you could easily just test it out yourself stop typing like this please
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: Q + flash on Fiora Is ether bugged or has a poor interaction that should be looked at
This is actually similar to Ahri's ultimate. The solution is to not flash and dash so quickly.
: Thanks for the feedback! Here's some relevant info: > [{quoted}](name=Euphoem,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=lTz9kOZA,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-07-22T19:48:32.495+0000) > Maybe make the angle at which the passive spawns fairer? As in, don't have it spawn completely behind the target or at an angle where Fiora has to Flash to proc it? The logic is intended to sometimes favor Fiora and sometimes favor the opponent, hoping to, on the whole, be fair. The passive will alternately spawn Vitals on either side of the map's diagonal axis [the one dividing the blue and purple sides of the map created by the river]. Thus if a Vital facing either down or to the left expires, the next one will either face up or the right, and when that one expires, the next will face down or to the left, and so on. > There have been times where an ignite + Q would finish off an opponent but the Q randomly decides to get that sweet 15 gold instead of 300. Please fix that I'll likely be tuning this forever, as it's difficult to make the ability function as expected every time :(. That said, I think we can get pretty close. I just made some changes to de-prioritize minions when there's a low HP nearby champion. Those should make it out in the next build, so hopefully that'll help!
Senpai noticed me! I have some additional questions and feedback. Based on how her Vitals function, does this mean that the player can predict where the next Vital may spawn? I can understand why her Lunge is a nightmare to code properly. When Evelynn's rework was released her Hate Spike needed a few adjustments to work properly as well, but Evelynn doesn't dash as well, so Lunge is probably more hectic I assume. I played some more Fiora, and I found another clunky issue with her. Of all the melee champion dashes I can think of Fiora is the only one with a dash that is more similar to a marksman's dash than a melee dash: Skillshot, adjustable range, no AOE/CC/doesn't move minions, body not a projectile, and has something to do with auto attacks. The problem I noticed with this is that Fiora often gets minion blocked at times because she is melee. Maybe proccing a Vital could allow her to pass through minions?
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