: Can You Guys Watch Out For Ivern
His win rate is high because more skillful players can put his immense power to use. He has great counter jungling, ganking, and other objective control. He's just a bit hard to use. I wouldn't place this on a bug so much as perhaps a bit of a stronger kit than he should have.
: Taliyah - (ULT IDEA)
See, while you're being enthusiastic, if the champions to the point of being revealed, they already have the kit designed.
: So what do you want it changed to? "works on every champ EXPECT {{champion:67}} " that seems really fair.
I'd rather that the change go to the actual proccing of the phantom hit. Maybe the phantom hit could on the third hit, instead of the second. The problem with Vayne having a phantom hit every two autos is her percent health true damage. There would literally be no counterplay. Thornmail doesn't stop it effectively. I would just like some context on why the guinsoo passive is being changed to this.
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