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: pretty sure only stuns and knockups weaken the crab {{champion:6}}
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: well iron skin and mirror shell can still be good later for when you are something like say maokai or you have a healing support {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
no, these healings arent from consumables... so it doesnt proc...
: My bad I'm new here to the PBE Server
no problem, just check this post xdxd
: New Kayne skin!
man... this forum is for feedbacks... not suggestions... you can suggest in your server forum...
: Tank players, how are you guys feeling with the new runes?
I think that as new runes for tanks so very good, especially the aftershock I think their vacillation was only the iron skin and the mirror shell, which at the end of the game are lost, since there is no space for consumables. .. could give an improvement ...
I think you're using a rune that at 10 minutes you get a boot, and, before 10 minutes you can not buy a boot ps: try putting your lol lang in the third english option...
: Loots disabled currently...
lol, i logged 1 hour ago and its online...
: Why are we back to the previous runes?
you have loot, can dismount this and get EA
: Viktor's Deathsworn splashart
i think the only problem with the splash, is the angle, its a really really bad angle ~~my facebook photos have the same problem, all the photos make me look ugly but its only the angle~~
: I'll go and continue lvl 30
mano, decide se escreve português ou inglês
: Camille is only 1 RP in shop
in PBE everything(not every, but every...) is for 1 Blue Essence
: To Brazilian Players (Para Jogadores Brasileiros)
nice, só uma pequena correçãozinha, "From" é "de" não "para", o correto seria "To" ou "For"
: I Lost my Rp
pls man, read the topics in forum b4 creating a new, after having the problem with the store, to avoid many purchases, they changed the system, now everyone will receive 5 EA and 3k of RP will say
: All gamemodes appear on " play " menu
: Bug On Store
just wait while the gods work
: level up, runes and ping
you only need to press esc...
: Problemas com a " edição do nome" doas runas / Problems with "editing the name" of the runes
this bug is only in champ select, in runes collection you can change normally
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