: Gnar Bug thread
: I noticed the Q returning early as well Im not sure if it's actually a bug or not though as it seems that the boomerang seems to consistently start to comeback after the first enemy hit. If it is intentional that it comes back shortly after hitting the first enemy I believe this should be relayed in the tool tip.
Looking back at the reveal explanations it says that the boomerang slows once it hits its first enemy, then begins to return. There is a lot of ambiguity in the ability, and until we know what is intended and what isn't, it'll be hard to reliably report bugs about it.
: I found this bug as well. When I died, the death timer stuck at 0. But the shop and others thing work fine as well. Maybe its nothing, but I considered it as bug. Maybe you can take a look onto this. ( Sorry for my english ) P/S: Please don't nerf Gnar. I love his mechanics. He is not too op, but still; You can build anything on him and it works fine as long as you play him right. :D {{item:3078}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3083}}
I think this happens when you die when the game crashes. If you clicked on death recap you'd probably see that you took 3 hits of "1234 damage" by 3 different sources each accounting for "25%" of the damage. Anyways, its probably from the bugs causing the game to crash and not gnar itself, though the game-crashing bugs did show up when gnar showed up so mayybee...
: The boomerang doesn't do any damage on the return. It does 50% damage to Enemies hit "Beyond" the first (The one that gets a slow applied)
It does do damage on the return if the subject wasn't hit by the throw out. Looking back at the tooltip I realize where I misread. Either way there should be some clarification there.
: Gnar Bug thread
~~Mini-gnar Q sometimes returns early before reaching max distance. It also doesn't seem to be able to deal damage twice on the same target but reading the tooltip says it should do 50% damage~~. With the tooltip change this is no longer considered a bug. There are still bugs with the boomerang interaction though, notably with the Hop (E), and sometimes I swear that the boomerang goes max distance even after hitting a pointblank minion or something, though I may have been considered to be "in front" of the minion. Sometimes when returning to mini-gnar, gnar has some fury points even though he shouldn't be stacking any fury since he's tired. Sometimes Mega-gnar E has a delayed damage, and when I flash in the middle of it the land doesn't do any damage (don't know if it's a bug) Update: Can no longer flash in Mega-Gnar E, BUT you can in Mini-gnar E (at least after bouncing). There is no icon for the ultimate when in mega-gnar form. ~~Also I need dino-gnar stat or I'm going to fall into a deep depression~~... Thanks :) (AMAZING SKIN BTW GJ) Ult-ramming an enemy against his base wall (on the outside) sent him flying into his base on the other side of the wall instead of being stunned on the one side. This only happened to me once, but I also only tried it once, so I don't know how often it happens. You can throw the boulder off the map, I don't know if that's intentional. As mini-gnar, using the hop (E) and then boomerang immediately at the end cuts the distance the boomerang throws in half. This happens only sometimes. Also you can throw the boomerang, then double bounce E and catch it before it returns. You can't throw the boulder during hop when in mega-gnar form unlike when in mini-gnar form. Either way the interactions between Gnar's Q and E are inconsistent and seem to be buggy. This is hard for me to confirm, especially since it's a difference in numbers, but I think there is issues with mini gnar with AD and lifesteal. At one point I had 10% LS from BotRK, then I bought a BT and added 20% LS, my total AD was 300, and I should've been healing for 90 HP each AA. What I got was a lot of AA where I healed only 30 HP, with some 90 HP heals spaced intermittently. The issue seemed to disappear over time, but I was no longer keeping track of it, only that I definitively healed only 30 HP when I had 30% LS. If this is hogwash just ignore it. New: Delayed damage on the ultimate sometimes. Mega-Gnar skin in dino gnar sometimes gets buggy and has a part of original mega gnar showing. Boomerang sometimes goes one way when I go another, completely missing it. Also sometimes I'd be on top of the return line and it'd pass through me. This happened only a couple times, but sometimes I'd throw out the boomerang, and when it reached it's max distance it'd disappear. ***Mini-Gnar (Dino Gnar skin) turned all blue, and then after 10 seconds turned all red, when I get a high rage, almost changing to mega gnar, (I suspect it occurs when mini-gnar begins to walk on all fours). This began happening after you inserted gnar's mini-portrait in champ select.
: Some Gnar feedback.
I can confirm the bug in which gnar has extra rage after transforming back. I don't know how to repro it either, though most of the times I notice it I'm in the jungle. More likely it has something to do with using an ability or AA right when transforming back or something like that.
: Yes, while Mini Gnar is really good to gank for, the hard CC and burst that you get from Mega Gnar just helps you capitalize on ganks much better than the slows and sustained damage from Mini Gnar.
True. But the bigger point is that the gnar player will learn how to hold off on his passive to set up a hard-to-escape gank as mega gnar. Either way, the jungler still has a good lane buddy to gank with. Mega Gnar has more cc but is slow and cannot chase with the jungler. Mini Gnar has less CC and burst, but he is extremely mobile and can chase the opponent with the jungler to secure the kill. There is no need to change around Gnar's entire kit so that it can be activated like Shyvanna's ultimate (replacing Gnar's ultimate) or make it so that it only goes off when mini gnar uses an ability.
: Its not an interesting layer, its just frustrating. Maybe the rage values just need to be adjusted, but you can barely just farm the lane without the passive going off. I watched a Teemo just force the Gnar passive out every time it was up. There is a difference between always having a transform available and a narrow window where it is available. What makes Jayce/Nidalee/Elise difficult to balance is that they can transform off of a short cooldown. Gnar has to build his up, which could be enough of a burden in the first place in some situations. but having no control on when it goes off is just a clunky and frustrating experience, not only for the Gnar player but for his teamates. You essentially cant plan on him being reliable. That may have been the goal, but it just isn't fun to not be able to plan your assault and choose when you can go ham. Imagine the jungler comes i to gank: "Gnar, got ur passive ready?" "No, it just wore off. I keep getting poked and trying to farm " "Alright, have fun, im going bot where they can control their kit" There will be times when a good Gnar player can keep his passive in check, but most of the time it will be wasted. If they can adjust the rage bar so that you have better control over the transforms, that would be fine, but I would prefer if it didnt just go off and you had to trigger it with an ability. That way the Gnar player has some control. Yhey would still have to back off if they didnt want to transform, but it couldn't just be tripped by the enemy or trying to farm.
Why wouldn't the jungler gank with a mini gnar? Mini gnar is a good ally too; sustained dps, mobility and 2 slows.
: Gnar Passive feedback
I think his passive is too strong. Eventually Gnar players will be able to bait the opponent as a low health squishy gnar all of a sudden gains 200-750 health and better resistances, not to mention insane CC. Basically its renekton and nasus ult in a passive. Also at lvl 18 mini gnar has +90% AS. Riot is going to have a hard time balancing this champion, as he will be considered incredibly OP since it will take almost as much time to learn to play against him than as him. Once people do learn, however, he will be discarded until he gets a buff months later after riot sees how people play Gnar. TBH he probably won't ever be discarded, he has too much mobility to ever take the place of cass or olaf or morde as the least played champions. Other than that I love the execution of the champion, at one moment you're playing it safe and dealing sustained damage only to have your champion be replaced by this tank (literally) which just goes ham and wrecks stuff like the monster he is.
: I don't really see the turret thing as a bug. It should have always been like that from the start. The turrets should lock on and take out the target even if they become un-targetable. As long as the target is in range, they should continue fire on that target.
It isnt like that on live. Example: Elise is an amazing towerdiver because she can "Rappel" and become untargetable to switch tower aggro to something it can attack. The bug can also be abused as a fizz or a lissandra can get a zhonya's and with an adc "tank" a turret at level 6 while being invulnerable.
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: Just type "thereisnourflevel"
I don't even get why this works. Right now riot can send out a preliminary patch where the patcher thinks the person typed in "thereisnourflevel" as a temporary solution while they figure out the bugs... or can they? I don't know, I guess one semi-adolescent mind can't fathom the labyrinth that is Rito Industries.
: Nidalee Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread!
Hey Riot, my concern with this new nidalee is that she is way TOO MUCH FUN. I won't ever get to play as her in normal or ranked because she's going to be just that popular. I'll give some feedback in that I think right now she is too strong. Don't change the hunt; the 700 range pounce alone is enough to give me a nerdgasm. Right now the spear is the major thing to set up the rest of her combo; so nerfing the damage on it doesn't hurt her follow-up combo as much, but it takes out some of her damage, balancing her out more. I also feel that nerfing her heal in order to balance her out would be a way to go. Maybe instead of nerfing the damage and heal amount you increase the mana costs, either way I feel she is too strong. Seriously though Riot, her play-style is probably my favorite, followed closely by lulu and fizz. No one would care if you gutted the Q nuke on new nidalee, don't be shy about it (and don't actually gut it because that's a lot of damage she'd be losing).
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: Thoughts and suggestions on the state of the Kha'Zix Nerfs
Kha'Zix is pretty complex to nerf. Also his nerfs seem much bigger than they may be. Killing an evolved ability isn't killing the champion because then you just evolve a different ability, so taking away the damage reduction from his evolved R is just Riot being blatant about wanting Khaz to evolve his W instead. So take this into consideration when testing the kha'zix nerfs.
: He already has high base health, damage and regen. But he will still have innate DR on top of that. How many champions in the game have build-in damage reduction? At least with a shield you can see it on the health bar. Raw damage reduction is just free health/survivability. It lacks counterplay, it lacks any kinda of visual indicator, and it throws a burden on knowledge on any opponent. Bad design, period. There seems to be this idea that Gragas is a melee brawler of some sort, and he needs to be given additional power allotment because it will harder for him to fight ranged champions or something. But look at the situation right now, Gragas dominates almost every ranged AP champion in mid lane. And that is only partially because his ratios are high, it is also because he has a low CD gap closer that does a lot of damage. So now you want to add a stun to that gap closer ON TOP OF a range movement debuff. This design will make it ever easier for Gragas to get into melee range and do a whopping amount of damage. This model would need to be tested with 40% CDR to estimate the possibility of barrel stacking. Hit one with a max slow, throw another barrel as soon as it is off cooldown. How much time does the target have to react before that are stuck by the 2nd barrel? Hoe much slow does that 2nd barrel have when it hits? Drunken Rage needs to have damage reduction removed, period. Change it to a shield if need be. If you want to stick to the theme of drunken brawler, then that shield should only block physical damage. But a shield would be visible to opponents and it needs to have a time limit before it falls off. On top of that, knocking down his shield should eliminate whatever bonus he gets to his next auto-attack. If it works that way for Skarner then it should work that way for Gragas. Adding a stun and a reposition to his body slam is ridiculous. That would put 2 repositions in his arsenal, remember that gives him the ability to interrupt any channeled abilities. He already has that with his ult (which is on a ridiculously low cooldown for it's power level) but this would allow him to do it even more often. It is also a way to breaking tempo for anybody that relies on abilities that require stacking. If the goal is to allow Gragas to peel (i.e. "be a brick wall") then it kinda makes sense to give his body slam a 0.5s root when it hits. But if that is the case, then the damage would need to be reduced from its current state. Thematically, it should root Gragas for a similar period of time. Reducing the damage on his ult is a step in the right direction, but one of the main problems right now is that it is instant, gigantic and completely impossible to dodge. Honestly? It needs an indicator on the ground where it is going to land, and the lob time needs to be a little big longer. Due to the size of the explosion it will never be possible dodge entirely (without hourglass, trollpoll or the like) but it would allow opponent to change their angle in relation to the center of the explosion and pull off clutch flashes that get them pushed away from the enemy instead of towards them. I think this would allow people to think "Oh! if I'd just flashed right there I totally could have made an awesome counterplay" instead of right now when stuff just happens and you are knocked all over the place. Gragas players might not like this idea, but I'm guessing they aren't going to like anything that gives opponents to outplay them, that is just how it goes. As a compensation, here is an idea: explosive cask marks all enemies hit by the explosion. Barrel Roll does 50% more damage to any enemy with that mark. This would make the Explosive Cast into sitting barrel even more of a killer combo.
Sometimes ultimates aren't supposed to be able to be dodged without the use of items, abilities, or summoner's (look at karthus ult or Ammumu ult). It seems extremely impractical to Ziggs-ify his ult. Also the damage reduction is a good point, but there are many abilities with armor/MR/damage reduction/damage enhancement etc. which are "invisible", making any changes to this one kind of unnecessary in my opinion.
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: [Bug-Gragas] - Passive + Recall
Confirmed, it procs on anything you have to activate: Using a health pot or mana pot will proc it too. I didn't test it on any items like Deathfire grasp, but I'm assuming it'd proc his passive as well.
: Can khazix get a new skin?
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: Kassadin PBE Rework!
Honestly though, for a champion with at most a 1.8 second CD on total re positioning and gap closing, his damage should be much less than the average assassin. With a CD like this, he would be the most mobile champion in the game, maybe even more/tied with Yasuo in a land of minions.
: Tentative 4.4 Lich Bane changes
If you think that fizz is weak at the moment then even with a .1 AP buff to his active W (which still doesn't return it to its original .35 AP ratio), will not only fail to compensate for the -.25 AP on lichbane (which is a must-have item for him), it will make him weaker than his previous "weak" state. I understand you are doing this so that if loosens the build path for certain champions, including fizz, but into mid or late game fizz will be forced to get lichbane even after its hard nerf making him weaker. I suggest (though disclaimer I main fizz so any small buffs would be great), that you bring the active W back to .35 AP or make lichbane cheaper/its nerf less pronounce. This is all under the assumption that you think fizz is a little weak right now, if you think that with lichbane fizz is too strong then doing this could balance the champions and the item out. Its just always hard to stomach a nerf this hard.
: Tentative 4.4 Lich Bane changes
I agree, very grudgingly might I add, that lichbane is very powerful (I mean, .75 AP? Friggin crazy). I main fizz and I'm not unfamiliar as to the reason why lichbane is my first item. I think it is great that you are buffing some champions (like fizz, ya know cuz I main him), but nefing lichbane while buffing only a small amount of champions makes lichbane a specific item for specific champions (3). I guess I'm wrong with the idea that riot encourages unique/non-meta item builds, because a .25 ratio AP nerf makes all of the other champions that can use lichbane, while not necessarily weaker, more strict in their build paths.
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: [Feedback] Vel'koz, an initial impression
What do you max first as him? W has the most damage potential, but in many cases it is useless except as a wave-clearer.
: Sometimes his Q explodes on himself, as if he were a target-able enemy
I had the same thing happen to me a couple of times in a game.
: this thing pierces through everything, that damage listed is refering what is done to ANY object that is in the lazer over the entire duration. Don't know if it was intended this way, but thats what it does. With that ult, nothing will save you
The funny thing is that if given the opportunity, you can get out of the ultimate by walking up to and around Vel'Koz. I played a game as Zyra and the enemy Vel'Koz ulted me and I just walked around him and waited for my cooldowns to go off then killed him. In a 1v1 fight it is not an effective ultimate unless the enemy is running away or you land the E and Q.
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: (2/11 edit) Summary of PBE leveling, IP/RP and pricing updates
While there is little need for RP to be used to unlock and test new material, IP is still iffy in terms of availability. Mostly due to the cost of runes, I think it's best to either include all of the runes in the runes bundle or change the IP pricing on runes, because getting runes that may rarely be used might be necessary in testing out a new champion or rework.
: Doran's Shield
I usually pick Doran's Shield and a health pot as renekton going top lane. I know you guys are testing nerfs to his early game (and hopefully slight buffs to his late game), and I'm wondering if you are going to change the significance of the early game nerfs to him since you are nerfing Doran's Shield as well.
: I believe it also has a much larger range than Kog Maw though.
Yeah a seriously huge range, more comparable to ultimates considered semi-global like a Ziggs ult or a Nocturne ult rather than Kog'maw's ult. One thing I don't really like are the "perfectly round balls (that don't go with the lore of uncontrollable arcane might)" animation rather than the "AOE static lightning" like his previous ultimate (and same with the current E).. Just a suggestion, at least make the round spheres more chaotic in nature-full of electrical waves and mini "sun-spot" explosions.
: Just tried to play 2 games "Hexakill", but every time it failed in loading screen and I went back to 'normal screen'
Same, after it went back to the normal screen I checked to see if I could reconnect somehow or if I was punished for "dodging" or something, but there was nothing. Like Thanatos Arrow said, it's as if the game didn't exist (cue spooky music).
: Hexakill Enabled on PBE!
There is a Bug in the 'spectate live" where nothing shows up, or only 1 team of 5 people were vs. no-one. I clicked on one of these and the game was Hexakill. I doubt you guys have any reason to adjust the spectate live to accommodate 6v6, but I'm just letting you guys know.
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: Hexakill Enabled on PBE!
Hey Riot! Just a quick question, in every other featured game-mode there was a system of banning before champion select, are you going to implement it into Hexakill as well? I'd ban Dr. Mundo 3 times if that was the case. I'm guessing you won't since its like 5v5 normals, but it's too easy to pick a tanky sustainer like Dr. Mundo to 1v2 top lane and still come out on top while forcing the enemy mid laner to 1v2 and get pushed out of lane. It might just end up turning into a 1 top 2 mid 1 jungle 2 bot thing.
: The ring is something we added for this game mode to help you distinguish yourself in team fights. As for surrender I believe it's 5-1.
Thanks! After playing the one game I can't help but think about different team comps. and team positions for 6v6... There goes my plan for a relaxing weekend.. jk I was going to play LoL anyways.
: Hexakill Enabled on PBE!
So I was able to play a game, it's really interesting for not being the most different featured game mode. It ended up being 2 top, 1 jungle, 1 mid, and 2 bot as an unspoken agreement for us. I want to play a game later and see if this changes, but with the queue issues I can't really do that now. It will be interesting to see how this develops, and also kind of ballsy of Riot to do such a simple idea of a game mode. Also I had a ring around my character, and talking to other players that played previous games, they said that they didn't have the ring in the previous games. Also what is the surrender limit? 4 to 2 or 5 to 1? Because I feel like a 4 to 2 can be exploited by duo-groups, but a 5 to 1 might be too much.
: Lunar Revel icon crediting method now on PBE!
I like to unlock icons for a couple of reasons: 1. They add to the bulk of my current icon roster. 2. Usually they look very cool and I want to use them. 3. Its an achievement, so by getting the icons you must have done something to deserve it. 4. Limited availability: that means that in a year, I can show my history with LoL by wearing one of these icons. First of all, all of these points are, to me, satisfied (to an extent) just by having multiple good-looking icons to unlock in a certain time frame. I see though, that Riot is making an effort to focus on community during the lunar revel with the icons. I feel like, however, "at least one friend" isn't that hard nor that fun. Like in twisted treeline, it is always more fun to play with 2 other friends, and it is not too much to ask for. Also, requiring 2 games of not at least 1 friend, but 4 other friends on summoner's rift and howling abyss can further engage the community, give the icons a sense of achievement, and show the bulk of the LoL community, the ones that rarely if ever have done an entire 5-premade team, the idea behind those premades and 5v5 ranked play. This may be too much to ask for, especially with lower level accounts, but there is a "looking for group" section in the chat area that few people ever go to, but would in a heartbeat if it means unlocking those icons.
: Lunar Revel icon crediting method now on PBE!
Why isn't there an icon that you can unlock only by unlocking all of the other icons? Also, how come the requirements to unlock are so easy? Only one icon deals with winning a game, the rest just deal with playing 2 games. I'm guessing that its because its a short holiday theme, but is there any other reason?
: Hey i think this is a bug because i just logged into PBE and The Year of the Horse Icon was already in my summoner icons, but i haven t played yet a match today :)
I can confirm, my last game was on January 21 on summoner's Rift as a victory, and I also have The Year of the Horse Icon. But I refuse to give it back, its my horse icon now.
: Verified bug reports (Updated Jan 27)
There's a bug with renekton's tooltips similar to Xerath's bug, where the AD ratios are displayed as 0 until a point is put into each respective ability. Also, there is no slow animation that accompanies renekton's fury-enhanched Dice move, but there is still a slow effect.
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: Nexus Exploding sound missing?
I can verify this; I played some games and noticed this happening at the end, in defeat or victory.
: Xerath rework now back on PBE
I personally love Xerath's ultimate. I love that you can see the very quickly expanded circle as an enemy Xerath enters his ultimate stance. Also I love that as Xerath, you can either launch all 3 balls in an instant, or treat the ultimate like a delicious slice of cake: taking your time as you relish the range you have, and tossing a ball every 1 second or so. It's hell to land the ultimate on enemies in your fog of war, but doing so is always rewarding. Conversely it is hilarious to juke out the xerath ultimate 3 times in the fog of war. My algorithm for juking in the fog of war: 1st ult) be running away from the xerath, then veer left or right, 2nd ult)run in the exact opposite direction after the first ult lands. 3rd ult) Literally don't move after the 2nd ult lands (because the only vision granted to Xerath is when the ult lands). *Disclaimer- the algorithm for dodging his ult is a joke but kinda of true from my previous games, its funny to be able to dodge the ult by not moving. There are times in team fights where I am in the backline, and then when I see an opportunity I seige-mode and ult the marksman. A lot of the time I take my time with landing the ult (waiting till choke points or other reasons), but sometimes in this focus I forget about my champion still being in-lane while I do this and I die to a group of enemy champions :/ That's my fault though and I laughed when this happened to me the first time. In-Lane I feel like xerath is extremely safe because now without the fear of being OOM, he can punish the enemy any times he/she tries to go in to last hit/all in. I mean, since all of xerath's abilities are skillshots, you always have the ability to outplay the xerath the entire laning phase. Fizz is still a hard counter to Xerath; his passive allowing him to more easily dodge Q's and his E allowing him to dodge Xerath's E and gap close etc. Basically I love him. He can no longer use every-single-dang-ability in the fog of war, but he still has that seige/sniping feeling perserved by his ultimate. He doesn't walk into a bar where there is no counter, and he has the ability to miss every single one of his skills in a game, or land every single ability.
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: Most bugs are found by just playing, so yeah, play all you like, just keep up a positive attitude! :D Other good ways to help are confirming bugs others found, trying to answer people's questions here, getting you ass to Public Chat 1 to help and have a good time (most actual testers are in the Public Chat. If you keep going there, people will remember you and you will remember them) by just chatting about random stuff are just a few :3
Thanks Amy, I'll be sure to get onto the Public Chat asap :)
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