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: Ping spikes?
Not so fast, but furious
: Champs dont though, and you cant buy a skin unless you OWN the champ. If you got all champs for free then this wouldn’t be a problem. Reworked skins dont go on 1 BE either, i couldnt test any of akalis new skins. BigOOF
I feel like they dedicate a lot to skins to the point when a skin gets to pbe there is little to no bug to be reported, therefore maybe is enough for the ones who already have the champion, and those who actually play with that champion to test it, probably a person who never plays Jarvan and doesn't even have Jarvan in their main account who know exactly what to look for. I believe they will fix this someday, but at this moment they are focusing lots of resources in Nexus Blitz which really needs testing remember after all pbe is a tool for them to improve league, not for us to have free skins. We all like to test skins but, it makes sense after all.. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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: Some feedbacks about Nexus Blitz
The shield is a important one
: RP Grants
It has been two, three weeks. I guess it is not a priority for them, since the items who needs testing all costs 1 ip
: MINIONS AI in Nexus Blitz
It seems like they ""think"" in the same way as normal minions but because they have so much move speed, that sometimes they glitch, separate from the wave and in some simple trades they get way easily in the middle of the conflict, you know when you are playing a mage and you go sideways to get an angle, turns out a minion with 430 of base movespeed can get there faster than you. For what I perceived so far, bruisers, tanks, assassins. have some advantage over mages bc the minions counter skillshots a lot more than what they usually do in SR I will continue to play, the jungle seems great but lane has more space for improvement


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