: 1. Have you verified your e-mail for your PBE account? Just because you did it for your live account, does not mean you did it for your PBE account. You have to verify your e-mail on PBE *in addition* to verifying one for live. If you did, you should just be able to do the Forgotten Username/Password-button while logging in. If you don't get an e-mail, you haven't verfied an e-mail address for PBE. In the case of the latter, please move forward to step 2. 2. Go to Riot Support (bottom of every League page, or just google Riot Support), log in with the live account that your PBE account is linked to. Submit a ticket/request on “Account Management” or “Technical Issues.” Do __**NOT**__ create a ticket on account recovery (you need to be logged out for this and PBE isn't a selectable region). Within the ticket, specify you're talking about a PBE account and request help in recovering your linked PBE account.
Tanks dude, I'll try step 2, I already haven been playing PBE for like a year and never had a problem, so thats the reason y think y got hack o something.
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