: Question about PBE account
You can stay inactive for the entirety of your life don't worry. :p
: Kayn balance changes
Let's consider you have 2 assists and nothing else. That means you got into almost 0 battles for 20 minutes, making your role as a jungler useless. Somehow you have the most farm on your team as jungler (so your team sucks at farming lul) but instead of farming up a storm, your role as jungler is to apply pressure to lanes and give them an advantage/boost in their conquest to win lane. 2 assists. If you played Kayn with a more aggressive outlook, rather than a useless farming one, you'd have your transformation around 10mins (as I always do). The reason you could never transform, was your lack of fighting participation, and is completely your fault, no? Also, just a word of advice, in most situations, red kayn is indisputably much more useful than blue kayn. I only go blue kayn when I'm fed for the fun of assassinating the enemy and leaving the scene in an instant, but going red kayn is very safe; you're more useful in teamfights, and you deal more damage in the long run.
: some champs needs some buffs seriouly !!!
If malphite got buffed, I'd commit suicide before ever playing top-lane again. Xerath is the skillshot champion so if you can't predict, don't play him. I don't see the need for an annie buff, and fiddlesticks is the most tilting champion I've ever seen! Me: I'm about to 1-shot you Fiddle: FEAR ME BITCH Me: Gets killed by someone else. Even with tenacity + tenacity + tenacity, fiddlesticks is the ultimate tilting champion imo
: About Valent--I mean, Nurse Akali :D
: i'm not going to go on a tangent because i really want to like you, and you insulting my intelligence is just to fly out the window because of that argument but i will put this simply i like being able to test stuff and its hard to do that with no rp.
I suppose I went a little bit too far with my retaliation, but after seeing all of the same threads over and over there simple was no way I could be nice about it. That aside, I apologize for my overexaggerated behavior and may we have a peaceful understanding of eachother's intentions going forward. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Please STOP reporting RP bug, we has several weeks reporting RP bug , riot it's working to fix it
I'm laughing that someone actually downvoted your comment. I upvoted it back up for you bb
Rioter Comments
First page. 3 results. 1The Dark Knight. Three posts that have 0 input to the game, 0 impact, 0 effect on anything. Two posts begging for RP. One post complaining about players when you can mute them. All in the PBE first page. All meaningless.
Despite the fact that there are 50 other threads on this topic, and despite the fact that I went to each one to call them out on their bs, typing 5 paragraphs on what's wrong with what they're doing, this isn't bad. This doesn't piss me off like the other posts because the other ones are simply a few- no a _lot_ of children looking for free skins impatiently. Nobody knows how long it will take to fix this issue. This is mainly because it's extremely unimportant (in my eyes). If this happened to the normal store, they would care much more because it directly affects their profit as a company. From a business prospective, they gain nothing from fixing it, therefore it's the last thing on their list. Their main focus is akali, because they update the game every two weeks, AKA they need this done in two weeks. There are a LARGE amount of players who can easily test the skins that we, as new accounts user cannot. Therefore they lose nothing. Imagine it like this. Say you run instagram as the Chief Executive Officer or something. The way you look at Instagram users is each user is a product. A product that makes you money by looking at ads on their site. If you report something to them via contact us, they couldn't give two shits because one out of billions of users is having a small issue. The only time instagram would get involved is due to a legal problem, at which point they are forced to take action. In this case, Riot has absolutely no reason to have RP Grants as a priority in any way. Other players are still able to test the store content without problems, and with PBE's population, that _should_ be enough. I'm glad that you posted this thread with the intent to help though.
: You did an amazing job on SilverFang Akali. But what about Stinger and Nurse?
I get where you're coming from, but I'll buy the nurse skin anyways because it's hotter than the old one x100.
: [Akali] Can't select infernal Akali skin in pregame lobby
I think this is a known issue. I posted this myself and got no feedback unfortunately. We should just stay low will this and they'll fix it eventually.
: I don't understand what the bug here is. That it shows you won 2v5? Or that people keep getting DC'd?
The problem is, his teammates were unable to connect at the time. Whether or not he won the match is irrelevent to the post. I'm quite sure it's fixed now though so we need not worry!
: first of all read the post well i did say is it gonna take time or how long is it gonna take ! second its easy for you to say that ...i'm a new PBE player so i dont have anything bis i can't even buy with my Blue Essence :) finally if they really care they would have fixed it by now !! imagine if this was the normal game n this happened to the store !! they would shut down the game until the problem is solved :) oooh oooh BTW it happened before :)
I'm only going to reply to this _once_, just as a special favour to you. Nobody _knows_ how long it will take. _Nobody_. Don't go using that question as an excuse to add a thread will your wish for RP grants. Thought I'm not "new" to PBE, I've only used one other PBE account, and I've never bought a single skin on it, therefore yes, it is easy for me to say that because my interest in such is lacking. I don't need to buy anything, if you want to _test_ things, you do it to the best if your ability until this problem is fixed. If this happened to the normal store, they would care much more because it directly affects their _profit_ as a company. You say if they really cared, they would have it fixed by now, but from a business prospective, why should they care? They gain nothing from fixing it, therefore it's the last thing on their list. Their main focus is akali, because they update the game every _two_ weeks, AKA they need this DONE in TWO weeks. There are a LARGE amount of players who can easily test the skins that we, as new account user cannot. Therefore they lose nothing. Lastly, imagine it like this. Say you run instagram as the Chielf Executive Officer or something. The way you look at Instagram users is each user is a product. A product that makes you money by looking at ads on their site. If you report something to them via _contact us_, they couldn't give two shits because _one_ out of _billions_ of users is having a small issue. The only time instagram would get involved is due to a _legal_ problem, at which point they are _forced_ to take action. In this case, Riot has absolutely no reason to have RP Grants as a priority in any way. If you have nothing useful to contribute to the forum as a PBE player, get off. Acting as if players of the community know when a patch will be availible it's sickening.
: and i noticed one more thing every friend in the list is the highest score in every match i played does the game automatic invite friend request for the highest score rating players every match and i dont know? xd {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
I know what you're going to think when you read this but please don't take this the wrong way, I'm not trying to say you're blind, or anything like that. Are you sure that the people you are referring you are in your _friend list_ rather than your _recently played_? There is a tab that appears under your list of friends, (unless you have no friends then the tab is under friend requests/social.) Your recently played shows a list of players you have played with and you may have mistakenly assumed this was your friend list. Again, it's just a possibility. Also, do you live with anyone who would use your account _directly_ in your home via your computer? This could be a very young clueless sibling or a trolling boyfriend/girlfriend. If not, it's almost certain your account has been hacked. If changing your password on _league of legends_ made no difference, I would suggest going a step further and changing the password to your email address. If the password to the two accounts are the same, then this is a good precaution. Good luck :p
: Just play One for All. Everyone will vote Akali. Ended up playing her there when I didn't even want to. {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
lol akali is always banned when I play one for all. Not that I really mind because I got to try her twice.
: i cant even buy a champ with my Blue Essence !!! i thought the problem is with the rp only !
: Same idea i had, but unlike OP, I'd say no ban ONLY for new champs and reworks
That's what I said.... Let me re-explain to you: I'm saying bans ARE important due to the fact that there are broken champions in One for All.
: Imagine it like this.. 1. On live server {{item:3072}} cost 3500. By my calculations of 1 AD = 35 gold, 80 AD = 2800 gold which means the passive is worth 700 gold. On the PBE server {{item:3072}} cost 3300 gold. 65 AD = 2275 gold and if the passive is 700 gold then total cost should be 2975 gold. So this is a nerf. 2. meh 3. Not only marksmen uses these items. I main master yi and i like to build crit sometimes. If they want to nerf the role then they should nerf the champs in that role. i hate building yi on hit especially now with rageblade nerfs. And yes i will play some Akali if i ever get the chance. PC old and slow.
if you're playing yi you shouldnt have to complain about ANY items nerfs lmfao...
: Champions bans on PBE are just counterproductive
I feel like you shouldn't be able to ban NEW champions, but it's meaningful to have bans. If you pick heimerdinger in one for all it's gg. Drake on spawn. if all heim's group together mid at like 10 mins, they'll have 10 turrets all around them, they'll destroy your tower while you're all dead because the alpha on your team says "they can't kill us if we all attack at once" but then you have 10 blue shots killing you on contact and it's just REALLY REALLY FUN LOL. As for wonder girl's comment.. Veigar > Merc Scim, Zed > Stopwatch/Zhonya's/GA then kill them (unless someone chose a really bad matchup)
: New Bloodthirster is a huge nerf (Also Crit Items)
Nononono you've got it all wrong. Imagine it like this.. 1. You're paying for passives 2. You can't fit enough longswords to have enough AD in order to match a bloodthirster, metal is pretty heavy stuff! You're paying for the finished item, 1 item. 1 item with the power of other items build into it. But it takes up 1 slot. 3. Nerfing an item nerfs the role. Marksmen OP so riot says "goodbye tyler1" (except he made it back to challenger again lmfao) Basically changing gold costs changes the role's ability during different stages of the game, therefore calculating costs like that is meaningless. go play some reworked akali xd
: i wish i could play new akali aginst people
yeah the way is works is.. Draft Pick = Welcome to Scam Casino Custom game = Your best bet Bot Match = god damn it someone clicks akali instantly, and now I have to play a bot match.. A BOT MATCH.. and if I dodge I get a timer yay so customs are the way to go. On the 2nd day of akali PBE release I got to play her first try draft pick though so test your luck again maybe. When you finally get her, pray someone doesn't dodge, yeah?
: Countdown timer are way too short I'm sorry.
It hasn't quite become a real problem for me yet but I can imagine how painful this would be if you have a slower computer, or you're watching something on youtube with a low internet speed/low RAM. With lag, it would skip from 15 to 0 in a lag spike. Some of my friends had this just in the regular client, that's why they don't play PBE lol.
: hey answer me this question since we are all "impatient". We are all part of the public beta community right? now tell me how do we get things to test? does it magically poof into our inventory or do we have to buy it with some currency somehow.
This is hilarious so I'll point this out to you once. I want you to know that this is a bug. They aren't intentionally not letting you buy skins, it's something that they are fixING. They are _working on it_. They are _aware of the issue_. Yes, you are impatient. Very impatient. PBE has a large enough playerbase with the ability to use the skins and features that you can't. Therefore regardless of the newly created accounts (such as you and I) not being able to buy skins, these skins will STILL be tested by other people. The REAL reason why people are crying on the forums is because they're all hungry for skins. Half of them don't even care if they come across a bug while using the skin, they just want the skin for self-pride and having an appealing in-game appearance. So yeah "oh no, this game that has the _largest_ playerbase in the world has a few players who can't test their skins oh _boohoo_!! If you WANT to test things for Riot on PBE, how about find bugs regarding just akali, or maybe the newly released aatrox? I cannot fathom the audacity of all the people who post NEW threads on the front page of this forums that have 50 more identical ones to it. Oh wait- it isn't audacity, it's selfishness.
: RP grants
Just go to another one of the 50 threads regarding RP grants, read the comments that all say the same thing, and play some matches with default skins until it's fixed. _Please_
: The problem with the RP grants is a priority
You left something out of your title. It should be.. "The problem with the RP grant is a priority- to me". Listen man I haven't been able to do anything with the shop either, but there's still the rest of the PBE playerbase to test out "said content." And as it was said by many other people.. they're working on a fix. The real reason why you're so damn impatient to get your little shop working is because you _want_ to look good in-game.
: blue essense skin bug
I'm sure the store is bugged in more than one way, so yeah have fun with default skins <3
: there was a weird thing happening i see new friends on my friend list that i didnt add
Yeah do what [Akira Anna] suggested, or check if you had anything to drink _wink wink_
: Still No RP
I guess I'll just do a copy paste: you don't need to test new skins, PBE has 9 billion people without this problem doing so already. You can buy RP boosts though probably. I'm sure the store is bugged in different ways and you'll just have to sit tight and _read the other threads on this topic_ {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
: RP Visual Bug?
I doubt it's a visual bug, just sit tight though :)
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: Shop Bug
If you're talking about BE, that's an odd one because I just bought a Master Yi with BE


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