: Maximum number of runes reached
http://support.leagueoflegends.com/home Message their support team. They helped me out over the course of a few days and got it all straightened out.
: Thanks for the kind words about my approach to champion design. I appreciate it. I completely agree about organically letting players discover things. I don't feel that this version of Mordekaiser violates that. Morde gets bonus exp when allies are present, and deals tremendous AOE when he has another ally around. As a first read, this means "shove him in bot". However, that shouldn't be the end of your thinking as a player -- perhaps Mordekaiser can trilane, 5 man mid, double jungle, shove hard with his jungler and roam, or rush mobis and move lane to lane taking every creep on the map, etc. It's up to you, the playerbase, to figure out what the optimal strategy is for a champion. It's my responsibility as a designer to give each champion a safe home where they know the champion can be played functionally; please don't conflate that with "forcing" you to play one way.
What does this mean for Mordekaiser solo queue then? The things you depict sound interesting, but in solo queue, people need defined plans of action before, during, and after. There is no way a solo queue team in let's say silver handle complex lane switches to maximize efficiency. He's definitely an option for high elo teams, but even then you have to be careful because strong kite and cc in botlane or jungle will destroy him. Also, rushing mobis in the first place requires that you get gold. Without gold income because his early game is trash, I fail to see your vision in this champion. His clear with e is terrible, his clear with q is terrible. He relies completely on his ally _knowing_ he needs his w on him for wave clear. I loved Mordekaiser for solo queue because you had to focus on yourself and how _you _ could win the game. Now players have to worry about their team knowing what to do so he can help them. For some, focusing the target with the ultimate mark on it was too much, now you're making people realize the effectiveness of your design on his w and ultimate drag control. While I'm on the drag topic, players have to plan from the get-go their timing. If something goes amiss between the time it takes to get from lane to drag and begin attacking drag, Mordekaiser can be cc'd down and killed. After he gets drag, he has to realize his ultimate is unavailable to him for 30 seconds or until drag dies. I personally don't have much of a problem with the skill aspect, but I certainly don't like relying on a buggy dragon without a tether to do damage alongside me. Remember you were trying to make the point that Mordekaiser can move between lanes? That's one thing you'd expect with someone who has a dragon with them, but dragon has excruciatingly slow movement speed and so does Mordekaiser. To compensate, many build one good movement item. I think you overlooked dragon with a tether to keep up with mordekaiser. Even if the tether range is long and when it ports it to him it puts it at distance, it would be a much better improvement over no tether. /rant. I could go on, but please consider iceboxing these changes and bringing them back occasionally with novel additions to what we have here currently. I don't like the idea of riot forcing meta onto us players instead of leaving openness for experimentation.
: I'm going to echo the sentiment that this is total garbage. I will be refunding my Mordekaiser skin--the new King of Clubs skin that I really enjoyed--if this goes live. You're absolutely right that Mordekaiser could not be a marquee example of a healthy solo lane champion in his current live state. I imagine that's why you were tasked with working on him. Instead of actually working to fix the issues, however, you decided to 180 the champ. You want to know how you compromise Mordekaiser? **By making him dependent on other champions!** This is THE absolute WORST and I mean WORST abandonment of champion identity I have ever seen, and I've been supporting Riot since before Season 1. You took the metal-clad shade that rips people's souls out and decided he would be healthier if he worked with a buddy. What were you thinking? I don't think anyone can argue that Morde didn't need a lot of work, but honestly, even knowing you were the one responsible I'd never have even conceived of this kind of change. If you want to experiment with variations on the way the game can be played, that's a stellar undertaking and one I wholeheartedly endorse. Having different kinds of team compositions and lane setups is fresh, innovative, and a direction I'm totally willing to explore. You should design some new champs with that in mind. What you should _not _ do is take champions that have established identities and roles and **force** them into your experimental mold---a mold, might I add, that based on your admitted track record with champs like Yasuo, does not sell. The champs that end up being embraced in multiple positions are universally the ones that the community determines can go there--not the ones you assign. Tahm Kench despite being an awesome character design is a mechanical train wreck with no successful role, and Yasuo is a hard and fast solo assassin. No exceptions. He's more successful in a duo lane bot? How often is he in a duo lane bot among all games played? I'm willing to be wrong on that point. After all, if you're designing a champ you can jolly well force it into whatever role you want. Just give it abilities that are absolutely useless without another champ present. But when you shoehorn champs like that you're doing work that's better left undone. You're enforcing a meta contrary to the company's oft-stated intentions, and more importantly, in this instance, you're annihilating the trust of players who have put their faith in the company's willingness to preserve player sentiment towards its assets. Forcing Morde to be played in a duo lane (or else lose 1/5 of his kit) means that I will no longer get to play Morde in a competitive environment--even if I wanted to--because when I play with my friends I play solo top. That's absolutely the first and only time that's ever happened to me. Even with the support reworks and the changes to Lulu that made her much harder to function top (I didn't play her then anyway, so it's a moot point for me personally, but a valid one nonetheless), it was still possible to take her top without making her abilities non-functional--unlike champs like Kalista, who are designed and released from the outset to have ally dependencies in their kits. This is a long post, but this is my feedback. It is 100% unacceptable to use established champions as a way to experiment with the meta. What kind of response would you expect if someday one of your co-workers announced that because of his reliance on abilities Lucian was to be given good AP ratios, have his auto-attack functionality slashed, and expected to be played as a mage mid? --and let's face it, Lucian's a tough champ to balance; maybe that's what he needs to be healthy. or maybe someone realizes Anivia has good auto-attack range, so her damage should be cut down, her attack speed should be buffed, and she can be a marksman? Do either of those sound absurd to you? Well that's exactly what you've done to Mordekaiser. You've taken a champion and bolted mechanics on him to force him into a new role that is thematically antithetical to him and offensive to his fans. Even conceding that his solo lane potential might still exist in a heavily nerfed form, you've by design made it suboptimal. If you decided that you couldn't handle the backlash from making the necessary changes to make Mordekaiser viable to the players who already play him, you should have offered to give the project to someone who could stomach doing what needed to be done instead of taking him from us and giving him to a completely different set of players. Thanks for your time.
That was a very well articulated post and thank you for making a solid argument for us Mordekaiser players. I myself main Mordekaiser as a mid laner and truly enjoyed being able to carry. If you were behind, all you needed was to focus on yourself and what is happening around you. Get anything at all to get ahead: get wolves, get raptors, roam, take towers following kills with ult, counter jungle, etc. All of those satisfying times I have had turning games around as Mordekaiser because I put in the work will never come to light again. It'll be a thing of the past as much as Sion's super mega dive ultimate ability is now. That is the last thing I want to happen, so please for the love of God icebox this change for now.
: Summoner's rift, draft mode... that's the weird part. I just logged in today, gonna see if the problem persists
Typically people do ranked instead of draft or so I believe. it took me 20 minutes to find a ranked and an average of 6 for normals and then a never for the others and I haven't tried draft.
: [Champion Select] - Black Screen
Just had this problem. It replaced me in queue along with everyone else 4 times, but right this moment it is finally working. Riot please fix. I and most likely everyone else trusts you. :D
: [Feedback] Kassadin
MAYBE SINCE IT'S THE PBE WE TRY... FULL AD KASSADIN! 0-0 not even trolling if it's possible after a super buff on his blade
: It'll have everything from before, as well as an additional days worth of bug fixes and balance tweaks.
Any way we can find what balance tweaks you all made?
: You shouuld be able to change both of those actually. If you can't then that's a bug that we need to fix =) There is currently a bug where changing your skin after entering matchmaking will have no effect, but you should be able to change it prior to that.
You can change both, but I think what he means is when you select "ready" you cannot change your runes or masteries without becoming unready and that he'd like to be in the regular LoL where once you lock-in you can continue to change your runes/masteries/skins etc.
: When joining the game I tried to use jinx, and the mafia skin told me that it was in invalid skin. I then quit and tired again and it worked. Anyone else have this happen? {{champion:222}}
Yes that has happened to me. For me at least, it was because I didn't own the skin and was still trying to select it.
: Its great isn't it. I feel a sense of accomplishment that the developers care what we have to say. Not to mention the PBE is like a "toxic free" zone. I haven't really run into any ridiculous people yet. I guess its probably just because we actually CARE about the game =)
"toxic free zone" heheh funny. I just played a game where our Zed bot could only say a few words including: noob, bad, feed, (champion name), uninstall. He used each one progressively throughout the game and I found that this statement would have been true for my first game in the PBE, but after that... nahhhh
: [Suggestion] Implementing Trades
It is a wonderful idea! The only problem is like most great ideas, they can be exploited. I think some would use this to save themselves RP and make other accounts, get the RP, then spend it, trade it, and bam you just saved yourself maybe 400 RP (I forgot how much you get at the beginning)
: [Queue] Can't find a single game
What type of queue? Ranked? Twisted Treeline? Dominion?etc.
: Multiple buys of the Starting Runes Bundle
I did this myself. Not much of a problem though just a small matter of having more than the normal amount really.
: Team Builder wins not counting
I don't think of it as a bug. But yes I would like to have my team builder wins to count as a game. There may be some problems with coding that though because they switch between team builder (which is buggy and may end up crashing thus angering the ones that can't play) and the regular standard League of Legends format hud thinger whatever.
: Verified bug reports (Updated Jan 27)
I wouldn't call this a bug or anything, but Riot has Heimerdinger's turrets coded as minions I believe, and therefore Blitz can pull them. I think Blitz players would find it easier (when playing support against a Heimerdinger support) if it didn't do that because the Blitz pulled my turret and it killed his ADC. The fun I had, but the problems they had....
: Team Builder Bugs!
Very minor bug: looking through skins and then I said I was ready to start my match when it says skin invalid. I hadn't bought or clicked off of the skin I was looking at, so I went back to my normal one and it was all good. Only complaint really being that I hadn't even selected that skin that I didn't own I was just looking at it. Should be an easy fix. Btw I was trying to join not that I think it matters.


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